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virender-sehwag-horoscope-birth-chart-kundali-vedic-astrologer-astrology-readings-cricketInternationally acclaimed Indian Cricketer Virender Sehwag was born on 20 October 1978 in Delhi.  The absolute information about his birth time is not available; however, some internet resources and one of the keen visitors of this blog has provided his birth time as 8.00 AM, which generates Libra Ascendant.  During thorough analysis of Virender Sehwag Horoscope based upon 8.00 AM, the matching of past life events and information was not much satisfactory. And, as per vedic astrology readings, Sehwag Lagna (Ascendant) should be Virgo (Kanya Lagna), which has exalted Jupiter in eleventh house and the union of Mercury with Sun, Mars and Venus in second house. The relevancy and applicability of Virgo Ascendant in Virender Sehwag Horoscope is explained below for the favor of information and exchange of views. And, I hope this may be correct Horoscope of Virender Sehwag.

The Nawab of Najafgarh Virender Sehwag aka Viru is very attacking right-handed opening cricket batsman; and is capable of destroying any bowling attack. Virender Sehwag was honored twice as the Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World for his performance in 2008 and 2009.  He had strong interest in cricket since his early childhood and had persuaded his parents to let him play cricket. Virender Sehwag made his debut in Indian Cricket ODI Team in April 1999 against Pakistan. Career in Sports is primarily determined by Mars, Mercury, Rahu and lords of third and sixth Bhavas.  In Virender Sehwag horoscope, the Lagna lord Mercury (combust) is united with Mars (third house lord) in second house.  The debilitated Sun and Venus (lord of second and ninth houses) are also placed therein. And, besides this, the sixth lord Saturn (badly placed in twelfth house) is also having its aspect on this union.  Rahu is placed in first house of his Lagna Chart; and exalted Jupiter placed in eleventh house is having its aspect on third house.

virender-sehwag-horoscope-birth-chart-kundali-vedic-astrologer-astrology-readings-prediction-cricketTherefore, the union of Mercury with Mars and Venus; wherein being ninth house lord Venus is capable of diluting the in-auspiciousness of Mars (being lord of eighth house) and debilitated Sun (lord of twelfth house) to some extent.  While the presence of Rahu in first house, aspect of Moon, Jupiter and Ketu over third house; and Saturn’s aspect on its own zodiac sign in sixth house is capable of blessing the native (Virender Sehwag) with extra-ordinary courage and skill in cricket.  And, this is what Sehwag is known for!  His very aggressive batting style with abundant physical strength makes him one of the most dangerous cricket batsmen of the world.  The union of Mercury (as lord of first and tenth houses) with Venus (lord of second and ninth houses) also generates a first grade Rajyoga and a strong Dhana Yoga too.  However, the involvement of Mars and debilitated Sun is not much desirable; and this involvement of cruel and malefic planets in second house of his horoscope has also caused some significant problems to Virender Sehwag from time to time.

During his debut in Indian ODI Cricket Team; Sehwag was under Rahu/Mercury period.  The very start of his cricket career in Indian Cricket Team was not much fruitful; and Virender Sehwag could only score one run against Pakistan. Mercury is combust in second house of his Natal Birth Chart and also suffers from affliction of debilitated Sun and Mars; besides this, the transit Mercury was also unfavorably disposed in Aquarius zodiac sign on the day. After his unsatisfactory performance, Sehwag was dropped from Indian Cricket Team. It took around 20 months for Sehwag to make a comeback in December 2000; and, that too after commencement of Rahu/Ketu Bhukti.  As can be seen in his Lagna Chart, Ketu is having aspect on third house and is itself under aspect from its dispositor (exalted Jupiter); which blessed Virender Sehwag with another good chance to prove him.  The inauspicious influences of Mars and Sun in second house of Virender Sehwag horoscope are also responsible for other severe problems in his life.  During Rahu/Mars period (January 2007 to January 2008); Sehwag struggled a lot in his batting; as well as, the birth of his son was immediately followed by death of his father Shri Krishan during October 2007.  The presence of malefic planets in second house of Lagna Chart has often observed to be resulting in problems with every addition in the family like marriage and/or progeny.  In addition to this, it also poses threat in the stability and security of family, status and wealth.  On one side, the positive influences of Mercury and Venus over Mars has resulted into strong and fruitful results of third house; on the other side, the eighth house (also ruled by Mars) has also played a significant role in obstructing and destroying most of the positive aspects of Virender Sehwag life including denying him of consistency and stability in his cricket career.

Sehwag got married in April 2004, when he was under Rahu/Venus bhukti (operational from August 2001 to August 2004).  Venus is in old age; however, it is also retrograde and has occupied its own zodiac sign in second house.  Being lord of second and ninth houses, the Rahu/Venus period was quite good and fruitful for Sehwag.   His performance was reasonably good and consistent; and he became permanent opening batsman for Indian Cricket Team.

Due to weakness and affliction on the part of Mercury; bad placement of Saturn (sixth house lord) and aspect of Mars and Saturn over exalted Moon; the health also played a big role in obstructing him to exploit his full potential in Cricket.  During Rahu/Moon and Jupiter/Saturn; Sehwag career suffered due to injuries and surgery.  Presently, Jupiter/Saturn Dasa is operational in Vedic horoscope of Virender Sehwag, which will be followed by Jupiter/Mercury from October 2012 onwards.  The transit position of Mars, Jupiter and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) is also running inauspicious since past one year; and will remain troublesome for current year too.  The transit change of Jupiter into Taurus zodiac sign (from 17 May 2012 onwards) may provide some temporary support; however, during its Antardasa – the badly placed Saturn may not much helpful in countering the negative transit of Mars and Nodes.  There were problems between Sehwag and Dhoni in recent past (around February 2012); which were later reported to be sorted out.  However, the planetary position in Virender Sehwag Horoscope, operating Dasa and transit are not looking much supportive to provide him any good opportunity to prove himself.  There is already some news that Virender Sehwag may be dropped from Asia Cup Squad; and it may happen that During Jupiter/Mercury period (October 2012 to December 2014) – Sehwag may find it difficult to continue his cricket career.  The chances of physical injuries, difference of opinion with team-mates/selectors, and some other problems in continuing Cricket are quite prominent during forthcoming 2-3 years.  The period till mid January 2013 is comparatively more troublesome; and Sehwag should exercise good caution and patience in respect to his health and expressions.


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  1. it was sad to see him not playing against aussies..but he played quite well with pakistan..i hope he will be taken in further matches…

  2. Its getting difficult for him lets see if he will get selected for series against south africa.

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