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Wealth and finance have always been the focal point of human life, nevertheless, since past few decades the need has increased significantly.  In earlier times, specifically in India, people didn’t require to struggle too much to ensure mere survival.  Though, there were financial issues to the people, but yet things were not so much difficult as compared to current time. Today, we rarely find a day when no-one is died or collapsed due to financial constraints.  And, the role of planets and houses in vedic astrology needs to be properly judged and adjusted accordingly so that one can address the specific financial aspects of a horoscope; and give meaningful guidance ( in place of feeding with useless junk comprising the information about how many Raj Yogas are present in the horoscope).  It makes me feel sad and painful, when I see people struggling and suffering from financial issues. And despite vedic astrology being a very effective art/tool, the astrologers are not capable of addressing the issues effectively.  In fact, it has become some kind of fashion of every one just jumping into Astrology without doing the proper homework and claiming their understanding of the Vedic scriptures.  Some times, the presentation generated through money supersedes the correct knowledge. Some have even devised self-proclaimed systems and approaches by setting aside the absolute vedic principles given by Ancient Indian Sages including Maharishi Parashar.  Being unable to understand the correct meaning of the vedic astrology principles, they have copied some quick tips from Parashara and Phaladeepika and presented as their own work and research.     Quite often, people approach me with so many doubts, confusions and contradiction about non-functioning of the so-called systems, and ineffectiveness of Raj Yogas and Dhana Yogas present in their respective horoscope.  The lack of proper system in our society and culture has also allowed the invasion of fraudulent activities in the name of astrology.  A person suffering from financial issues feels very happy and secured; when he is told about so many Raj Yogas present in his/her horoscope.  And in return for the fake hope supplied, he willingly part away with his hard earned money to such fake astrologers. This may give temporary hope but with strong possibility of causing permanent damage to the person.  Like, very recently, one person approached for astrological analysis of his horoscope, whereby I informed him that the planetary period is not favorable and he should be careful. However, as told by some astrologers, he was under plethora of the promising Dhana Yogas and Raj Yogas present in his horoscope. Though, in reality none of the so called yoga was found applicable on grounds. But, despite the warnings, he could not accept the inauspicious planetary influences and ended up in huge loans and now still struggling.  While, he did offered his gratitude and thanks to me for being clear and honest; but yet the mischievous observations made by amateur astrologers has caused him severe financial losses; leaving a very little space for the improvement.

One of the primary reasons, behind ineffectiveness of astrology, is that most of us are not aware of its practical implications.  Just like any other system or tool of pre-identifying things, your horoscope is a blue print of your life containing the circumstantial information of your surroundings, birth, resources and nature etc.  And, it basically depends upon how you use the information.  Not to mention, the role of astrologer decoding the horoscope is also important as such nothing fruitful can be achieved via faulty astrological analysis and information. But, if one understands or at least try to understand the pros and cons of his vedic horoscope, there are definitely very reasonable chances of finding the appropriate solutions to most of the problems in life.  Please, note the emphasis made on the word, ‘appropriate’; because it ain’t necessary that what you wish should also be appropriate in the given circumstances.  Like, if a vedic horoscope is not indicating success in business activities (primarily due to weakness on the part of third and/or first house lord); one has to accept the limitations and try working on something which is in accordance with the planetary placement.  Therefore, under such circumstances, if fifth house, Jupiter and Moon are strong; the person can try having something in between job and business like being independent professional providing services; or in the absence of any such support in his/her vedic horoscope – he should maintain the area of effort within job.  However, the problem is the acceptance of the reality.  And, the responsibility lies on both i.e. the person seeking guidance as well as on the astrologer.  Due to hugely crowded commercialization of astrology, people are really finding it difficult to approach genuine astrologers; and their bad experience makes them lose faith and hope on ancient wisdom of Indian Sages.  The art is to find the way on its merit in place of claiming to be God like some astrologers do i.e. “We can change your destiny” or some fake Kavacha will bring the planets under control in your favor. This is simply ridiculous, I mean how can you change the fate of someone else, when you still are fighting for your own survival.  Anyway, the point is that the information derived via your horoscope need to be processed in the light of current circumstances; so that some relief and/or solution can be worked out on practical grounds.

Now, coming back to the primary idea of this article, –  the role of resources has increased predominantly since past few decades.  There is an old saying in hindi, “Lakshmi aur Saraswati ka ek saath hona mushkil hai” which means the knowledge and wealth hardly stays together.  And, in some way, this appears to be true.  Many of the intellectually genius people couldn’t enjoy the luxury and wealth which they deserved; and sometimes, only after their death, the society could identify their contribution. The second and eleventh houses of the natal Birth Chart and their respective lords are the prime constituents to be considered for judging if the person concerned is expected to enjoy the wealth and luxury or otherwise.  Besides this, the strength of Navamsha and operating dasa should also be analyzed for judging the support to the prime constituents. The role of fifth and ninth lords becomes very limited in upgrading the financial status of the person, unless there is a direct and strong relationship between second/eleventh house and fifth and/or ninth house.  The placement of second/eleventh house lord in sixth house is the worst condition to expect betterment in financial matters through self efforts; and if there are afflictions and weakness involved in the placement, it becomes very difficult for the person to have stable financial condition.  The placement of second/eleventh house lord in twelfth house is also bad but comparatively better than sixth house; while the impact of second/eleventh lord going to eighth house is conditional; but still cannot be considered good.  The relationship of twelfth house lord with second lord or sixth house lord with eleventh lord are also considered as wide leakage for financial matters.

Karl_Marx_Vedic_Astrology_Horoscope_Birth_Chart_Readings_PredictionThere may be multiple reasons behind financial scarcity; however, in the horoscopes of genius people- it is mostly to do with weak/disturbed second/eleventh house and/or its lord; while the fifth or ninth houses and their lords may be reasonably strong and supportive. For example, take a look at vedic astrology birth chart of world renowned philosopher and economist, Karl Marx who was born on 5th May 1818. The lord of eleventh house Mars is badly placed in sixth house and suffers from malefic aspect of Jupiter, which is the lord of twelfth and third houses of his Lagna Chart.   The second house is occupied by Saturn in its own zodiac sign.  There is a very auspicious union of Yogakaraka Venus with Mercury; but still unable to improve the financial prospects of Karl Marx horoscope.  As you may be aware that financially Karl Marx was not much fortunate and had to depend upon loans and debts from time to time, which is quite evident from the weak placement of eleventh house lord Mars in sixth house of debts and also under inauspicious aspect of twelfth lord Jupiter.  Saturn, though strong, but is devoid of any auspicious planetary influence. As per vedic astrology readings of Karl Marx horoscope, he remained under main periods of Moon, Mars, Rahu and Jupiter since the age of 16 years; and therefore, whatever strength is generated by Saturn, placed in second house, could not come into existence.  The severity of affliction over eleventh lord Mars is so gross, that even the Raj Yoga generated by Venus + Mercury in fifth house could not levitate him from financial crises during most of his life time. The genius died during last part of Jupiter/Rahu bhukti on 14 March 1883.

Sri_Aurobindo_Vedic_Astrology_Horoscope_Birth_Chart_Readings_PredictionAnother good example will be vedic astrology horoscope of Shri Aurobindo who was born on 15 August 1872, when Cancer zodiac was rising in his Vedic astrology birth chart.  Sri Aurobindo was a renowned philosopher as well as a freedom fighter whose works also include commentary on the Vedas and Upanishads. Around 1890, due to limited financial resource, Sri Aurobindo was required to get the scholarship for passing the ICS exam; which he did successfully.  However, Sri Aurobindo decided not to serve the British; and deliberately absented himself at the horse riding examination and got him disqualified for the service. Therefore, sometimes, it becomes a matter of choice rather than mere destiny.  The lord of second house Sun is placed in its own zodiac sign in second house itself. Besides, this the eleventh house lord Venus is also conjunct with the Sun generating a good Dhana Yoga.  However, Mercury as lord of third (endeavors) and twelfth (expenses) is also involved in the union.  And, the two most auspicious planets for Cancer Ascendant viz. the Mars and Jupiter, which are united in first house of his Lagna Chart are not having any direct or indirect relationship with the Sun or Venus.  Therefore, despite being highly intellectual, wealth and finance never remained any priority for Sri Aurobindo.

In short, for expecting smooth and strong results in terms of wealth and finance, the strong and favorable disposition of second and eleventh houses  and their respective lords is must.  The role of fifth and ninth lords of your vedic horoscope came into focus only when these houses and their lords are making direct and strong relationship with second/eleventh houses; and (not to forget) are also having reasonable support of Dasa and Division.

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  1. birth details 15/07/1986, 15.03pm, Colombo,Sri Lanka
    my second lord is jupiter and 11th lord is mercury. 11th lord mercury is placed in 9th house cancer, 2nd house lord jupiter placed in 4th house. 5th house lord jupiter aspects 9th house lord moon by its 9th aspect. how does this combination help?


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