Jan 162012

yuvraj-singh-prediction-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-reading-horoscope-astrologerStar Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh has not been selected in the ODI squad of Indian Cricket Team for upcoming ODI series in Australia.  Three International Cricket Teams (India, Sri Lanka and Australia) will be participating in Commonwealth Bank Series 2012, scheduled to begin from 5 February 2012.  And, the absence of Yuvraj Singh will be a massive blow for the Indian Cricket Team already struggling severely in current Test Cricket Series being played in Australia.  According to the information available, Yuvraj Singh may have to continue his medication; and may also have to face surgery for complete removal of the tumour in his left lung.

Absolute and advance vedic astrology predictions of Yuvraj Singh horoscope have already been made in this regard on 29 November 2011; wherein the indications of bad planetary influences over his horoscope were discussed in length.

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It was clearly mentioned in the astrology prediction for Yuvraj Singh horoscope that medication may not be much effective and early recovery, as has been expected, may not be possible. The chances of Yuvraj Singh coming back to the Indian cricket team in recent future were also analyzed and observed to be negative.

As it has been turned out a very correct apprehension through vedic astrology readings of his horoscope, Yuvraj Singh has been dropped for forthcoming ODI series in Australia. Besides this, the chances of Yuvraj Singh playing in IPL 5 are also very doubtful in the light of severe health issues being faced by him.  And, because the chances of Yuvraj Singh going under surgery are quite prominent, therefore, as predicted Yuvraj Singh may have to face troublesome attitude of planets in respect of his health and career. Very specifically, the period from 16 May 2012 to 3 August 2012, is likely to be quite challenging for Yuvraj Singh.

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