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The nature is the best guide or mentor, one can ever think of. The prime requirement is only to be in-line with the nature, which definitely requires a lot of hard-work, dedication, understanding and mentoring.  While choosing the career for oneself, most of the times (99%), we fail to see and decide its suitability with inner self.  Most of the times, the decisions are made either on the advice of other people; or done by copying and following others.  For example, around 10 years ago, there was a flow of people blindly opting for MBA.  Prior to that, it was Chartered Accountancy course and before that it was Law and judiciary sector attracting most of the youths.  Around 7 years ago, there was a strong inclination in younger generation towards IIT.  And, now there are so many, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Police Personals, MBAs and IITians facing severe issues in their professional stability and security.  The tendency of mass imitation has not only affected the younger generation; but the parents have also fallen prey for it.

A very few of the parents are actually capable of addressing the educational and professional aspects of their siblings in an appropriate way; while, most of the times the decisions (admission, nature and type of course, future planning etc.), in respect of the children, are derived through mass imitation.   And, the logical reasoning behind failure of such talents is simple to understand.  The professional success of a person is directly related to demand and supply factor.  That is, if the supply is more the demand will always be less and competition will be tough, irrespective of your expertise in the subject.

I remember, in 1988 the Vocational Study course (related to Insurance Sector) was introduced in Delhi.  The course was added in eleventh standard and during the initial stage; the course was very fruitful for all participants.  For first couple of years, it worked well for all the students opting for the course.  However, after 3 years, the competition got tougher as huge number of students started opting for the same course, which resulted into huge supply and leaving many students with professional dilemma.

The point is that while deciding for professional outlook for yourself or your child, you must consider the demand and supply factor.  By the time, general masses get to know about the fresh opportunities, the potential is already drained out. Most of the educational institutions are more inclined towards getting maximum number of admissions in place of giving fruitful and honest career guidance. Therefore, in place of imitating others, you should try to look for the hidden but potential career opportunities.  For example, now a day, a very less number of people are giving any attention to graphic animation.

Second thing to understand is related to common sense and general understanding of human life.  Professional career, finance, social status etc. are part of human life; and sacrificing the life itself for the sake of professional or financial betterment is absolute blunder.  Irrespective of one’s caste, religion, sect or belief, the hard truth of life is that no-one is entitled to choose his or her birth.  We are born in an environment/family/culture/society, which was not chosen by us.  And, the ultimate aim of life is to understand our true nature and act accordingly.

However, most of the time, we sacrifice ourselves for gaining advantage in career or finance; which always results in resentment and failure.  Every successful person has actually and literally followed his/her instincts in place of imitating others. And, that is what made him/her successful. Be it Dhirubhai Ambani, or Sachin or Steve Jobs.  Because, once you identify your inner instinct and start following it; you acquire a special advantage of making determined and continuous efforts.  The natural inclination of the sub-conscious mind, towards a specific subject or professional field, helps tremendously in achieving the mastery. This is so because you don’t feel tired or bored in doing it.  On the contrary, when we choose something, which is not in harmony with inner nature, we can’t excel and exploit our true potential no matter how hard we try.

Getting the Vedic Astrology Readings done for your horoscope is one of the ways of knowing and experiencing about it.  The horoscope is equivalent to a blue-print, required one is capable of decoding it appropriately.

Another, very important aspect to be considered is the nature and status of the society, one is living into. In India, there are comparatively much less opportunities and awareness among the masses about career and professional matters. Since past one decade, the complexities and confusions have increased tremendously.  It is the age of 14-18 years, during which one start experiencing his inclinations and interests.   And, this deficiency of any specific system for the younger generation to explore their potential in the right direction, often leads to misunderstandings and frustration.  And, most of the times, the youth is left with limited options of either going for modeling/media or speculation.

The hype and focus offered to sports, movies and entertainment industry is so much that it is becoming the dream destination for most of the youths.  While, the crude truth is that these sectors are neither productive (which adds and addresses the real issues of life) nor there is any more space left in it.  The success and strength of an economy or society is directly related to the on-ground productivity.  And, that can only be derived through skilled professionals and independent entrepreneurship like engineers, farmers, doctors and other small scale businesses.  The disturbed state of society (either due to corruption or other malice) do not give any attention or focus towards the actual need of the younger generation, which is filled with enthusiasm, energy and dedication.  And, only financially strong people (which are comparatively very small in number) can have the true advantage of technology and educational guidance.

Therefore, it becomes quite important and crucial for the common man to think and manage his professional career in a way that it does not generate any serious issues with his overall life.   This is also the reason, why most of the people only rely upon faith and hope, in place of making strong and fruitful efforts towards suitable career.  A child can be strong inclined and dedicated towards arts, or commerce; but just to make up with his parent’s desire or to compete with the society, he has to opt for the course being adopted by maximum number of students known in his community.

Though, vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can not do much about it; but at least make you aware of the fruitfulness of your potential in specific direction.  And, with proper mentoring and understanding; you can safeguard yourself from sacrificing your life just for the sake of money.  I have seen many people crying and repenting on their decisions made for financial betterment; as such they had to sacrifice their real life, family relationships and suffering with total lack of job satisfaction.

The nature and life, in itself, can be reasonably strong and competent mentors for anyone’s life. Like, no animal raises his off-springs to expect any benefits or support from them.  You have rarely seen any animal taking care of his parents. The animals take care of their children to make them strong enough to lead their own life; and the mere behavior of their parents teaches the off-springs to learn.  On the contrary, this is not so true with human being, specifically in India.  Why we want to fulfill our dreams through children.  Why don’t we let them identify their true potential and help them to go on in accordance?  Why we force children to think like us?  The child can be strong in some other subject or thing; but our ego or sometimes, feeling of insecurity, don’t let ourselves to think properly about the children.

The child learns from our behavior not by our words and voice to keep telling them about being dedicated and honest.  The God has blessed us with strong and active mind as well as good communication power, which would have resulted in better development of our children.  While, the reality is totally different.   Many parents are either start saving money in place of addressing the real issues of their children; Or they will keep their focus only on the resources like education, books, tuition etc. The balance is missing; as a result, the younger generation is finding it hard to have a rational meaning of their life.

In the rat-race of earning more, some misguided youth adopt inappropriate methods of earning; which significantly destroys their personal life.  What will be the use of money, when one cannot have any peace of mind?  And, it is an absolute myth that one cannot survive and upgrade his social life with honesty. This is very much possible and those who dared to think rationally (in place of following others) have proved it time and again.  It is not possible that every child can be on top of the world; but the possibility of every child being at the top of his actual potential is very much possible. The requirement is just to understand our responsibility as parents; and provide a healthy atmosphere to our children in place of filling his bag with resources and promises.

How vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can help in choosing a suitable career.

Vedic Astrology Readings of first, third and fifth houses are specifically useful to identify the strength and nature of potential inherited in the horoscope.  A strong and well placed first lord; and auspicious influences over the first house blesses the native with self-evaluative capabilities of identify his strength and weaknesses.  On the contrary, the weak and disturbed state of first house and/or its lord may hamper this process; and in that case, the role of parents becomes more important to address this issue as early as possible.

Vedic Astrology Readings of first and third houses in altogether will indicate the level of potential in his professional endeavors.  Sometimes, the weakness or disturbed state of third house won’t allow the person to choose suitable career.  Besides, this may also cause him to adopt immoral and illegal ways of earning money.  The malefic influences generated by lords of sixth and/or twelfth houses; and the negative influences of Mars, and Rahu may also intimidate a person towards criminal activity. And, under current social scenario, this is the most threatening situation for the parents.

Vedic Astrology Readings of first and fifth houses are primarily helpful in identifying the area/sector of success.  Besides this, the Karaka (active) planets in the horoscope also supplies ample hints in this regard.  The role of operating dasa and transit is also very important while doing the vedic astrology readings of a horoscope in this respect.  But, with time and patience, it is quite possible to make good guess about the most suitable education and career through in-depth analysis of horoscope.

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  1. Respected Rajji,
    superb article…loved it….

  2. sir…Ur article has two parts here… First half is too much inspiring and second half is as good as others..

  3. Hello Sir

    Nice article with in depth insights & concerns about the current scenario as well as the herd mentality of general public. Some recent movies & TV shows are also based on the message about following one’s own interest,instinct & intuition rather than copying others.
    I hope a result oriented scientific research would be done on Vedic Astrology to aware people about their inner-self as well as their career path.
    By the way, I’m also confused currently about my career path. Hopefully I’ll get some help from your side in this issue 🙂

  4. Excellent article! I wish I could get a reading on which set of careers to select from. I know very little about sidereal astrology. Thank you for a great article.

  5. Birth-time: 07.30 a.m., Birth-date:23-09-1997,Place :Mumbai
    Please suggest education & carrier for me

  6. Respected Sir. I am Anil Shinde. date of birth. 1/12/1972. Place : Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.
    Please suggest me business wich will give me stability and prosperity.

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