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Anna Hazare suspended his fast suddenly on the second day of his hunger protest against Congress government.  Not only this, Anna Hazare has also called off his pre-decided agitation, “Jail Bharo Andolan” which was scheduled to be commenced from 30 December 2011 for three days. And, this is happening when more than 1,25,000 people signed the online petition for supporting Anna’s Jail Bharo Campaign.  The sudden back-stepping of Anna Hazare from his fast, immediately after the Congress Party managed to get the Lokpal Bill passed in the Parliament, is not representing the healthy picture of the whole Anna Andolan against Corruption.  And, the fact that despite their best efforts, Team Anna was not able to gather expected crowd in Mumbai and Delhi; which was heavily boasted by Anna Hazare and many members of his team including Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Manish Sisodia and Kumar Vishwas.  This sudden shocking decision of Anna Hazare may generate doubt in the mind of common man; who was blindly supporting Anna Hazare in his movement against Corruption; which is now looking more like a movement against the government.  I may be wrong; but still having some serious doubts now on the authenticity of the campaign.

First and foremost, I simply fail to understand any rational reason behind Anna Hazare suddenly suspending his fast as well as Jail Bharo Campaign.  If the health of Anna Hazare was the prime reason; then he should have called off only his fast.  Why not other members, who were also fasting along with Anna Hazare, continued their fast?

Second, if the fast needed to be broken in the light of health issues being faced by Anna Hazare, why the whole movement was called off.  Anna Hazare could have continued to protest as such nothing changed after his fast.

Third, why the Jail Bharo Campaign was also called off.  Is it not betraying the faith of millions of people who were giving their unconditional support just in the hope of having some relief from the wide-spread corruption in the country?

Fourth, the fast and Jail Bharo Campaign was started under the protest of bringing a strong Lok Pal Bill in the country.  The Lokpal Bill produced by the UPA government was severely discarded by all members of Anna Hazare Team; and the same bill got passed in the Parliament.  Therefore, rationally and logically, this is the high time when the protest should have been started against the weak Lokpal Bill passed by the UPA government.  While, on the contrary, Anna Hazare is calling of his protest, when it is actually most needed.  This generates very serious doubt about the direction of the whole movement being anti-government in place of anti-corruption.

The Lokpal bill of Uttrakhand government is being perceived as strong and model Lokpal bill by Anna Hazare and his team members; while the very bill suffers from more weaknesses than in the current Lokpal Bill passed by the government.  And, never Anna Hazare or any of his team members ever  spoke about it.  This also generates a doubt of the campaign being against the government and not against corruption.

Off and on, Anna Hazare and his Team Members are directly criticizing Congress, despite the very fact known by all nationals of this country that Congress is not having majority and the government is being run with the aid of alliance parties. They have been campaigning against Congress, without knowing and offering, whom to vote if not Congress.  It is just like I am telling you something to be wrong, without having any clue about what is right, which should be done by me.

Most of the times, when Anna Hazare was questioned on the technical issues of his movement like the points on which Anna is having disagreement with government approach – the response either came through Arvind Kejriwal or some other member, who were clearly seen telling Anna Hazare what to say in response.  Like today dated 28 December 2011 in Mumbai, when Anna Hazare was being interviewed/questioned by the journalists – again, Arvind Kejriwal was telling Anna Hazare what to say in response to the query raised about the number of people/supporters being very less. There are many other such instances, which might have been noticed by many people.  If the movement is started by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal and other members are supporters of Anna Hazare, why is he (Anna Hazare) not allowed to explain things at his own?  Why is that every time someone had to tell and/or guide Anna Hazare in his response?  This also generates a doubt that if the movement is actually being controlled by Anna Hazare!

One more thing, which should be brought into the public information is that Anna Hazare and his organisation – India against Corruption is being included into World Factbook as a political pressure group in India, joining the league of RSS.   And, this is something to be taken in due consideration while thinking of joining the Anna Hazare movement against corruption.  Every Indian citizen has the right to protest; but this must be kept in mind that in the name of any movement, we can not and we must not put aside our responsibilities as citizen of this great nation India.

The Mumbai High Court recently rejected Team Anna’s petition seeking the court’s intervention in the tussle over land allotment for three day’s fast in Mumbai.  Not only this, the Hon’ble court has made strong comments on the movement

Under which law are you (petitioner) asking for exemption? It might be satyagraha for you, but for some other factions it might be a nuisance, Read more at:


When questioned about this, Anna Hazare said that he was unaware of his supporters approaching the court in this matter. Earlier, it was on Prashant Bhusan’s statement regarding Kashmir on which Anna Hazare was not supportive and gave clarification.  Raju Parulekar, the blogger of Anna Hazare, is also not in very amicable relationships with Anna and his Team.  Some very important members also left the team.  I mean, if there is no co-ordination and co-operation within the core team itself, how come they claim to set things right for the nation. Alike, Anna Hazare and other members of the Team – everyone else (including MP’s and politicians) can have their own point of view and a legitimate right to express it. Anna Hazare and his team members may find the lokpal bill weak; but the very fact that it is passed in the Parliament cannot be set aside; specifically, when the majority of elected Parliamentarians have agreed on it. And, those hon’ble members of the Parliament were elected through a proper mechanism of our esteemed Constitution.    When Sharad Pawar was man-handled and the journalist sought the comments of Anna Hazare, his reply was shocking; though later on Anna Hazare was giving clarifications on his statement.

In brief, the decision of Anna Hazare has greatly disappointed me.  And, may be, many other citizens of India, who were looking to get a reasonable relief from the corruption, are also disappointed.

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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I respect your views. However what disappointing to me is the attitude and tolerance of Indian. We should be supporting all who stand against corruption in public and lead the movement, without looking at his past. How does it dilute the issue of corruption if one of the congess leader or leader of any commuinity, party or cast stands to support against corruption. Going that logic 75 % of the Indian will not be qualified to talk or support against corruption. Remember most of the Indian are corrupt by force. Given a chance, none of us like to give a penny as bribe.

    If you do not want Anna team fine, but first stand your self in public and look arround for alternate image with clean past, who undertands the Indain politics well and who can take the movement ahead w/o getting influence by Govt tactics. It is good to have somthing then nothing.

    So my dear friends, Mogul and english could establish in India due to our tolerance. Multiple name of India is also a gift of tolerance and compramise. Remember that english also ahd a rule and regulation which was to be followed by people of India. Had our great leader accepted their rule, we would have not got the independence. While give respect to the parliament always doubt who runs it.

    • Dear Jitender
      My point was and is that no one should be allowed to exploit the situation with ulterior motives. If one is raising his voice against corruption that it has to be focused towards corruption and other bad things prevailing in the society.

      However what disappointing to me is the attitude and tolerance of Indian.

      And, I am in respectful disagreement on above submission of yours regarding the attitude and tolerance of Indian. People of India are still having a great stamina for tolerance; but when someone tries to poke and instigate them, they tend to react strongly under sympathy. That is why, the people of India gave due respect to the age of Anna Hazare and behind him the other members of his team were observed to secure their points.

      Since past few months, the Anna Team appeared more focused to remain against Congress in place of continuing on their primary objective of working against corruption. This is so, because, even they were not expecting to have such mass support when Anna Hazare first sit on hunger strike in April 2011. Had it not been the tolerance of Indian People, Anna would have faced strong opposition of the people on his many controversial comments like the one regarding beating the person who consume alcohol.

      And, as you have correctly pointed out, corruption is a social disease which should be attended by social engineering. The people, who have survived without getting corrupt has to come forward, to set an example which people can follow. While most of the members of Anna Team are not looking as clean as they are pretending to be. And, that will provide the opportunity for another gang of corrupt people to gain some power. We are already suffering from severe corruption; and there is no point in adding to such bad-practices.

      Very recently, Shanti Bhushan, former Law Minister and a frontliner in the India Against Corruption campaign, has been found guilty of evading taxes worth Rs. 1.3 crore. He will also be fined Rs. 27 lakhs. Other members like Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas, are also facing similar situations. Very recently, I have received a forwarded email message containing very serious allegations against Kumar Viswas; which I do not want to disclose over here. And, even then the People of India were giving their full support to Anna Hazare. But, when he just back off without any rational and legitimate reasons – the doubt is very genuine and must be attended.

  2. Dear Shri Raj Shekar –

    Wonder if you have had a chance to comment on the astrological aspects of this movement.


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