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As per vedic astrology readings, currently the Mahadasa of the Sun is operational on India Horoscope. The antardasa of Jupiter in Sun’s Mahadasa will remain effective till 10 July 2012; and, thereafter, Sun/Saturn bhukti will commence from 11 July 2012 to 22 June 2013.  There will be two prominent transit changes taking place in 2012; first Saturn entering Virgo in retrograde motion and then coming back in Libra, second, Jupiter changing its transit zodiac sign to Taurus.  The transit of Mars is also looking quite prominent as during the first half of 2012, the transit Mars will remain in Leo zodiac sign.  On the basis of planetary placement, dasa and transit; Vedic astrology predictions for India Horoscope are not very positive for overall aspects including politics, administration, general masses, climate, nature and economy.

Presently, the country is facing strong challenges with respect to social, political and economical stability. And, it is with the start of antardasa of badly placed Jupiter in Mahadasa of Sun (lord of fourth house), that severe inauspicious influences have increased significantly.  During Sun/Jupiter Bhukti i.e. till 10 July 2012, no significant improvement is seen.  People may remain agitated and there may remain strong lack of confidence and satisfaction among general masses.  There may be some sudden surge of political and social problem in India; and the most vulnerable area is central and western states of India.  The current ruling party (UPA) may face serious issues and confrontations from the opposition parties.  Even the general masses and some allies of UPA may express lack of confidence.   Criminal and anti-social activities may increase; and probability of natural disaster is also looking possible. The economic situation is also not looking very promising.  The vedic astrology readings about the share-market movement remaining downside from November 2011 onwards have already been posted over here. And, as indicated by the planets, after taking a short term upside movement during October 2011, Stock market has retained its downside movement. It will be only after completion of Sun/Jupiter Bhukti i.e. from 11 July 2012 onwards that some stability is expected in share market and economic condition of India.

Period from 27 January 2012 to 12 February 2012 is looking specifically problematic.  The negative influences related to social, political and economical aspects of India will be more pronounced during this period. Vedic astrology readings of India horoscope are indicating chances of death of some notable personality.   Matters related to foreign countries and economy are also not looking strong.  There may be some serious problems in foreign relations of India with other countries, tension at border and issues related to foreign policy.  There may also remain fear of disease in the masses, Army or Police may disobey the orders and anti-social elements may cause serious problems. Fear of Riot is also seen during this period.

During the month of April 2012, there may be attempts of controlling the situation via power; and the government may take some very strong steps for keeping things under control.  However, the chances of success are not looking very strong. Period from mid April 2012 to mid May 2012 may generate riots and strong protest by the masses. Bad people of the society and anti-social elements may become successful in their evil motives.

Overall, the period till 10 July 2012 (Sun/Jupiter Bhukti) is not looking much auspicious for the country.  From 11 July 2012 onwards, the Saturn antardasa of around one year will start. Saturn rules over ninth and tenth houses of Indian Horoscope and comparatively more auspicious than Jupiter. In Navamsha Chart of India, Saturn has obtained its own zodiac sign, which is also supportive for positive attributes of Saturn.  However, Saturn is combust which has diluted its strength to some extent. During the second half of 2012 (i.e. from 11 July 2012 onwards); things may start improving for India.  Though, the pace of improvement will be slow and gradual. The first and foremost positive influence of Saturn will be on economic and administrative condition of India; while political and social situation may remain disturbed to some extent. The months of September and October 2012 are likely to be very fruitful and auspicious in maintaining peace and tranquility in the nation.  There are very strong chances of significant improvement in Stock Market during these two months (September and October 2012).

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  1. Dear Rajji,
    period from jan 27th to feb 12 which you have mentioned and the possibilities of problems that can occur are they due to mars retrograde which has took place on 23rd jan 2012 in vrgo??and how did you prepare a chart of country ..i mean you took the date of independence or sumthing else??

    Humble regards,

    • Hello Vinita

      Yes, this is based upon India Country Horoscope for 15th August 1947. And, the period belongs to pratyantardasa of Ketu.

      Best Wishes

      • How can you take Independence day for Horosocope? It means India doesnt have existed till 1947 or what? Before that also so many Significant Rulers and saints have traversed in our Mother India.Just for name sake how we can consider a Date and predict for whole Country?
        Can you justify this?

        • Hello Jency
          It may be your understanding of Astrology and deriving conclusions. And, what makes you think that I owe you an explanation that too with such rude attitude. If you want to learn, be polite. I don’t need to justify – the success of predictions are sufficient for this.

  2. Mars turned retrograde last week to little effect. Your 27/1 and 12/2 band is showing no signs of distress thus far. Let’s see what the next 7 days have in store :).

    • Hope things would have been clear now. There was a bomb blast in Delhi on 13th Feb 2012. And, one day grace for the period can be given rationally as such with a few seconds difference the Ketu pratyantar moves to 15 Feb 2012 which was being observed for generating the significant issues. More over, there was also rapid increase in crime rate, dis-obedience and confrontation by Police/Army persons during the period specified.

  3. sir is there any 13th sigh ophiucus discovered by park kunkle.because when i consider his reshuffling of zodaic periods.i strongly believe that he is right.i am born on 28th nov 1994 and i have so much qualities of scorpio that sagittarian qualities are absent in me.

  4. Dear sir,
    Army General is going against govt!! When this issue is going to resolve??

    • Hello Naveen
      As expressed in the article, during current dasa of Sun/Jupiter (till 11 July 2012); the chances of strong improvements in political, social and economical scenario of the country are not much strong. And, the upcoming period is also not looking much promising. We all should try to maintain our posture and help the govt. I don’t know what other people think of our political leaders; but I am still very sure that everyone of them is trying hard to make things better. It is always easy to point fingers; which is not good under current situation. As such, it is the faith and support of the masses which can things better.

  5. Hi Raj, with lots of political uncertainty and lack of confidence, can you please spend some time to predict on following items:
    1) Possibility of mid-term poll
    2) Fate of lokpal bill
    3) None of the political leaders involved in corruption till date have been proved to be guilty or punished. Is this going to continue or will they ever be punished?

    • Hello Ashish

      You may like to visit here for fresh overview of the current situation in India.

      Regarding Lokpal Bill, I am really not much interested as such I don’t think that any bill can address the actual problem of corruption. This is a social disease which has to be handled through social engineering. The bills or acts or laws do not grab the hand of a person, who is determined to be dishonest in his personal and social life.

      For ascertaining the chances of guilty people being punished, I need the birth details of the person concerned to analyze their respective horoscopes in this regard. Overall, the planetary situation for India is not looking much supportive.


  6. Dear Sir,

    Now the army and Government are on loggerheads on various issues although recently some articles about revolts within the ranks have been brushed aside – do you see any parallel with the situation as of 1962 when the then Defense Minister / Prime Minster did not take corrective action based on recommendation from then Army Chief- that resulted in a bloody war which India lost badly to China? Will China attack India this time also during the current period?

    • Nope, I don’t see any such situation of expecting war with China. The primary issues are related with internal matters of India,. which may affect the international image of India.

  7. See the economic situation worsening everything is getting down take anything from property, metals, sharemarket even Rs.against dollar. what do u think when the posittion in India will improve and india will again on the path of Glory.

  8. Dear Sir,
    Looking at the present scenario of India and Andhra Pradesh. What is happening sir? AP one of the largest state is suffering with political, corruption and others like state separation problems. Similarly with other states of the country also.When will India heading for good direction with growth , spirituality and corruption less states and people? Thank you sir in advance so much concern about the present situation.

    • Dear Rajesh
      Economical growth is looking possible in next few years. However, the chances of corruption less India with matured and civilized society are not looking possible till next decade.

  9. sir i am from bareilly ( u.p ) and here the conditions are very bad the city is on curfew from 22 july and todaythere is curfew in allahbad also due to hindu muslim riots, there also problem started in assam when there will be peace

  10. date of birth is 18-11-1980 2. time of birth-11:46p.m(tuesday) of birth-jaipur(rajasthan) Question-please let me know about my carrier and economic condition? thanks a lot. pls reply as soon as possible. from-anita sharma

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