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Indian Cricket Team will be playing 4 Test Matches against Australia followed to 2 T-20 Cricket Matches.  As per available cricket schedule, India tour will commence from 26 December 2011 with first test match at Melbourne, Australia. The second test match ( 3 January 2012 to 7 January 2012) will be played in Sydney, third test match (13 January 2012 to 17 January 2012) in Perth and the last test match (24 January 2012 to 28 January 2012) of the series is scheduled to be played in Oval, Australia. Two T-20 (fatafat cricket) matches are scheduled for 1st and 3rd February 2012 at Sydney and Melbourne respectively in Australia.   As per available information the Indian team selected for playing in India tour of Australia are: MS Dhoni (Captain & WK), Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Virat Kohli, R Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Varun Aaron, Rohit Sharma, Pragyan Ojha, Praveen Kumar, Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha, and Zaheer Khan (subject to fitness).

mahendra-singh-dhoni-cricket-world-cup-2011-vedic-astrology-horoscope-prediction-1Being one of the top cricket teams of the world, expectations from Indian Cricket Team have always been high. Cricket is considered as a second religion in India; and every player of Indian Cricket Team enjoys a huge fan following.  This tour of Australia is no exception; and a huge crowd is desperate to see Indian Cricket Team registering another  victory.  The last tour of England was not very pleasant for Indian Cricket Team; and most of the key players were either injured or totally out of form. Indian Skipper Mahendra Singh  Dhoni also had some health issues, specifically with his fingers.  You might have noticed Dhoni’s messy glove work and heavily padded fingers during England tour. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was seen enduring the pain of sore hands and injured fingers, which negatively influenced his performance on the ground. Winning and losing is part and parcel of any game or competition; and, it is only the true spirit and dedicated efforts which are being expected by the viewers and fans.  Luck does play a significant role in ascertaining the outcome of one’s efforts; and sometimes the success is attained, even with minimum efforts.  Cricket is a team game; and it is the overall performance of each player which counts in determining the results. And, the role and performance of the Captain is Supreme, which may significantly influence the outcome. Let us analyze the horoscope of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the light of Vedic astrology.



As per vedic astrology readings, presently Mahendra Singh Dhoni is under Rahu Mahadasa and Mercury antardasa; and during the Australia Tour he will remain under pratyantar of Mars. In Dhoni birth chart, Rahu is united with Venus in eleventh house; and union with ninth lord had made Rahu a strong planet and giver of all materialistic success and prosperity. Antardasa lord Mercury is generating Bhadra Yoga in tenth house of Dhoni horoscope; but it is also united with the twelfth lord Sun.  Saturn has its aspect over the union of Sun + Mercury; and in his Navamsha Chart, Saturn has become debilitated.  Pratyantar dasa lord Mars is placed in ninth house and receiving aspect from Ketu. Being exalted in second house, the transit position of Saturn is somewhat better.  Mercury will be passing through Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn zodiac signs during the period. Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are transiting through their debilitation zodiac signs over third and ninth houses of Dhoni’s horoscope.  But, it is the bad transit of Mars on Leo zodiac sign, which may cause some sudden and unexpected problems in Dhoni’s road to victory during Australia Tour.

During cricket test match series of the India tour to Australia 2011; the planets are suggesting tremendous amount of pressure on Dhoni.  He may remain tensed and worried about his performance; and may lack the required courage to take bold decisions.  Till 3 January 2012, transit Mercury will remain very close to debilitated Rahu and Mars will be having its fourth aspect over the union.  And, from 16 January 2012 onwards, Mercury will become combust.  Therefore, Dhoni’s performance during the bilateral cricket series is not looking much strong and favorable. Dhoni may also face problems in health or injury during this foreign tour as such Mars is notorious for causing physical sufferings to Virgo Ascendant people. The performance of other key players of Indian Cricket Team like Virender Sehwag, Sachin including the newly emerged Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli will have strong say in determining the batting performance. While R Ashwin and Ishant Sharma have to prove their experience in bowling. Australian players might have already prepared themselves for dealing with bowling attack of Indian Cricket Team; and a lot will depend upon scoring runs on the board. During failure of top batting order, Indian Cricket Team has a very unusual tendency of scattering and getting chopped. Therefore, upgrading his batting order will be a good idea for Dhoni.  It may help Dhoni in reducing the pressure and he will also be able to adapt more comfortably.   At their own, the combined influences and mutual transit position of Moon, Mars, Mercury and Rahu are not looking favorable for Dhoni; and he may struggle to perform as per expectations.  As per vedic astrology readings of Mahendra Singh Dhoni horoscope; the chances of winning the test match series are only 35%; and only some exceptional individual performances of bowlers can make it better.

  35 Responses to “Dhoni Horoscope for India Tour of Australia”

  1. Dear Rajji,
    when you tell chances are strong does that mean its assures to happen?or can it be nullified using some remedies

  2. sir can u predict my future… DOB is 17-3-1989…place of birth is chennai……time of birth is 6.55 AM…….Im an engineering student(2011 passed) and looking for a good job

  3. u meant to say that india will lose this test series down under or good astrological chart of other players can also influence and help india win the series??

    • Nope, I didn’t mean to say that India will lose; and the importance of other players performance will definitely influence the overall outcome of the game. I only analysed Dhoni horoscope as a Captain; which is not looking strong enough to register the victory.

  4. This was based on the charts of Dhoni… I would like to know what charts of the Australian captain Micheal Clark has to say.
    I am pretty excited for the coming series and think this is India’s best chance to win a series down under. But Dhoni’s chart says something else. Could you do some puja so that we can win the match?

    • Dhoni’s horoscope is definitely looking weak during the event; however, if other players of Indian Cricket Team could perform exceptionally good – chances of victory are still there. And, also it should be comparative analysis of all the players to conclude precisely; but, I am not having the birth details of any cricket player of Australian Cricket Team.

  5. Looks like the weak planets in Dhoni’s horoscope started exerting the negative influences. Dhoni could not win first test.

    • Dear Rajji,
      you are right negative influence of planets have already started executing…..hope so next test result will be in our favor….


  6. sir can u tell my future. My D.O.B 23 jan 1982, time 1:06 pm, P.O.B Amritsar. I done and looking for a job. Sir tell me i will get a job or not, in which field.

  7. Dear Sir,

    You are spot on at least after 1st test. I hope your prediction will be wrong but doesn’t seems like. Hats of to you. Whatever you predicted for Dhoni is absolutely right. He seems to be under a great pressure and also took some bad decisions during the MCG match.

    • well, it has never been intended to give biased readings or comments on Dhoni or other persons whose birth charts have been discussed. However, when I spot something like that OR when I think that I can spot something like that – I like to share it on rational basis. As of now, most of the people would agree that Dhoni’s performance as Captain, Wicket Keeper and Batsman is not upto that mark for which he is being admired. The primary reason behind, which I feel and think, is the inauspicious planetary transit and dasa. Even in SCG, his body language on the field is being criticized by many cricket Stalwarts. I do hope and pray that Dhoni makes a strong come-back in Australia.

  8. Dear Sir,

    We are 2-0 down, and MSD’s role is being seriously questioned. I think we will loose 3-0. And there is a strong likelihood that dhoni may also loose his test captaincy. I think Duncan fletcther and Eric Simmons will also loose their jobs. My instincts tell me that Gautam Gambhir or V Sehwag will become the captain.


    SK Anand

  9. Sir,
    my DOB is 24-02-1987,time:21.55hrs at Berhmapur(Ganjam)Orissa.
    When will I get Married?

  10. hi sir u have predicted test series and what abt odi series pls predict………..

  11. pls tell about my future. my dob is 19th march 1984, 8:25 am, bangalore

  12. Dear Sir,

    Birth Details of Sehwag:20 Oct, 1978, Birth Time: 12:00:00, Birth Place: DELHI

    Gambhir:14 Oct, 1981, Birth Time: 12:00:00,Birth Place: DELHI

    Who will be the next captain?

    • Hello Harish
      thanks for your efforts and sharing. However, these birth details are not correct. Having correct and complete birth details of celebrities is a very tough job; and most of the times the widely available birth details are fictitious.
      Best wishes

  13. When will sachin reach his mile stone??? i.e 100th 100

  14. wow may i say that u just predicted the series almost perfectly,and also of dhoni’s,the first time i saw visited ur websites i was having reservation bcoz ur reading was against indian team but today i again visited to say that u r spot on…can u plz give prediction of ODI series as well as how indian team will fare in this year..i guess bcoz of ur correct prediction many have already started visiting ur websites..hope to see more such unbiased prediction in future..thanks

    • hello bikash,
      you are absolutely rite…rajji always gives correct predictions and aslo most importantly UNBIASED …m big fan of his…@ Raj sir your fan following is increasing day by day…


  15. naamskar
    i know some basic astrology.i see dhoni horoscope
    1)rahu with venus .why venus is not combust.
    2)rahu also has aspect on 7th house and 7th lord is in 6th rashi means in neech rashi
    then why it doesnot effect his marriage life

    • namaskar Vipul
      combustion of a planet is related to its distance from the Sun and Rahu has nothing to do with combustion. I may suggest you to go through again the whole article as well as some basic books on astrology to have some more clarity. The article is not supposed to touch his relationships and married life; thus no such comments are offered.

  16. ok sir i will not talk about his maariage
    but ketu which in 5th house destroy education but it also has effect on 9th house which is for luck
    but his luck is so strong.
    2)also ketu aspects lagna where chandra shani making vish yoga making lagna weak
    3)lord of wealth house i.e 2nd house venus sit with rahu then how he is very rich
    i dont have any doubt on ur horoscope ability. i am only want to solve query

  17. Sir i want to know why dhoni performance is not gud especially in 2012.He is undr the rahu mahadasha and budha andardasha and also aftr sept guru pratyantar dasha .can u xplain something in that

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