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General Secretary of All India Congress Committee and Member of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi was born on 19 June 1970 when Gemini zodiac was rising in his Ascendant.Rahul Gandhi is son of former Prime Minister late Shri Rajiv Gandhi and grand Son of former Prime Minister late Smt. Indira Gandhi.  Rahul Gandhi is a young and dynamic political leader, who has seem his entire family struggling and sacrificing lives for India. His father Late Shri. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by LTTE on 21 May 1991 and grandmother Late. Smt. Indira Gandhi was assassinated  in October 1984. Late Shri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the great grand father of Rahul Gandhi, was the first Prime Minister of India and had sacrificed a lot during the freedom movement of India against the British. Smt. Sonia Gandhi, mother of Rahul Gandhi, is president of Indian National Congress and chairperson of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) since 2004.

In Rahul Gandhi horoscope, third lord Sun is united with Mars in first house and the ascendant lord Mercury has gone to twelfth house. Mars has become combust and the union (Sun + Mars) is under third aspect of Saturn placed in eleventh house. Second house lord Moon is debilitated in sixth house of his Lagna Chart and has mutual aspect relationship with lagna lord Mercury.  These planetary placement in Rahul Gandhi horoscope are responsible his straight forward and somewhat plain attitude in life.  These planets also make him courageous to express  his opinion and having inclination towards social work and politics.  Though being debilitated in sixth house, the Moon does not promise much in terms of timely settlement in life like marriage and stable political career.  Placement of Venus in second house and Jupiter in fifth house is supportive for having birth in a well reputed family.  Saturn, as lord of eighth and ninth houses, is debilitated in eleventh house of Rahul Gandhi Horoscope; and also suffers from malefic aspect of Ketu from third house.  In Navamsha Chart of Rahul Gandhi Venus has become debilitated; and therefore, the positive attributes of Venus have been significantly compromised.  It was during Venus mahadasa and Sun antardasa, when Smt. Indira Gandhi (Grand mother of Rahul Gandhi) was assassinated. And during Venus/Rahu Bhukti (21 May 1991) father of Rahul Gandhi (Shri Rajiv Gandhi) was assassinated by LTTE.


Can Rahul Gandhi become PM of India?

Rahul Gandhi started his political career in May 2004 from Amethi Constituency and brought glorious win to Congress Party.  Since long, Rahul Gandhi is seen as strong contender for future Prime Minister of India.  Let us see what planets are indicating in this regard.  At present, Rahul Gandhi is running under mahadasa of Moon in his vedic horoscope.  The antardasa of Saturn will be operational till 27 February 2012; and thereafter, the Moon/Mercury Bhukti will operate till July 2014.  Mahadasa lord Moon is debilitated in sixth house of his Lagna Chart; and in Navamsha Chart, Moon is conjunct with Mars. Current  Antardasa lord Saturn is also debilitated in Lagna Chart of Rahul Gandhi.  In Navamsha Chart, Saturn is conjunct with the Sun; and the union of Sun + Saturn is not considered friendly.  Forthcoming Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to be held in 2014; when Moon/Mercury Bhukti will be operational.  The placement of Mercury is also not promising enough to bless Rahul Gandhi with top-most political post of India.  Transit Saturn will remain in its exaltation sign til 2 November 2014; and Jupiter will be transiting from first house (Gemini zodiac) of Rahul Gandhi horoscope. The transit of Jupiter and Saturn is auspicious but not looking strong enough to overcome natal weakness on the part of Moon, Mercury and Saturn. Therefore, the chances of Rahul Gandhi becoming Prime Minister of India are not strong during next Lok Sabha elections; though, with transit support of planets, he will surely be able to make distinguished presence in Indian Politics.

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  1. i agree with your analysis

    • Rahul will not become P.M in 2013-2014
      bcz- Amatyakaraka saturn debilitated in 11th from lagna and Kingly planets Sun and Mars are posited in 8th from Atmakaraka Moon.[Debilitated also]
      Present Sagittarus chara das is not yeild anygood resulte up to 2018

  2. Yes…No chances for Him as P.M

  3. Iam making this analysis based on the date provided:
    when the lagna lord is 12 th house, without benefic aspect, a person cannot do any activity independently and even if he does, it will be a failure. Since rahul gandhi lagna is mithun(gemini), he will have good understanding of the system(political) and mercury is tourus..means strongly determined person, but other planets are not in favourable position to cooperate. Malefic planets in lagna (sun and Mars) will cause danger to body. Jupitor will not do much favour to Rahul gandhi , and due to the aspect of saturn on jupitor(seventh house lord) and aspect of mars and sun on seventh house, his marriage is not taken place…three malefic planets are spoiled the 7th house. But if marrage takes place, he will get most beautiful and well learned girl as wife and his chances of succes in politics will increase, but comatability will be not be good as jupitor and mercury are arch rivals and 6 – 8 relation from each other.

    But india requires a young and dynamic Prime Minister in coming years. If Rahul gandhi can ful fill this it will be well and good..and hope he will certainly do some good …All the best Dear Rahul Gandhi

    • Moreover this we want to include that whenever he gets marry with a girls. It would be definitely love marriage as the lord of 7th house is in 5th house. She will be good in politics if she try to have interest in it as Jupiter has aspect from Saturn.

  4. I agree with your analysis of natal chart. I want to add a comment about the slow speed of Jupiter. Slow moving planets are powerful, and Ju is moving slowly in his chart, 6-7 days away from being stationary. And Ju is in the career lord, in the house of politics. That is good, but I’m not sure how strong an influence it is to counter other weaknesses in his chart.

  5. Sir i want to ask a question .JU is aspectinng surya which is for father also .We also know that ju’s aspects dcrease the negatibve influence .THEN WHY HIS FATHER DIED AT A VRY EARLY AGE.

    • Lagna lord Mercury is in twelfth house.
      Ninth lord Saturn is debilitated and receiving aspect from Ketu
      Second house lord Moon is debilitated and badly placed.
      Sun is also suffering from the union of Mars as such Mars is having lordship over sixth house of her Lagna Chart.

  6. Thank u sir

    It means we have to see the 2nd house,9th house also for father.Also guru also cant save the surya even with its aspects.
    Actually i have seen that whenevr there is surya grahan or pap katri on surya yog it decreases the age of the father ,is it true ???I have this grahan dosha in sagittarous lagna with pap katri yog also.

    • Hello Vipul

      for detailed analysis about your father’s horoscope; you may take up paid consultancy, wherein I can comment after looking on the whole horoscope.

      As regard to parents; we should consider all relevant houses and planets under consideration; and check what type of influences are more – good or bad. If positive influences are prominent; the chances of having severe issues get reduced. The operational Dasa and transit also have a significant say as such during operation of strong and auspicious planets, the malefic influences of over planets remains limited.

  7. Hmm, if he does good karma he has chance, if he does bad even then he has better chance

  8. I want to consult you. How do i go about that….

  9. I think U are very good in astrology so I want to ask one thing why d9 so important becoz if U see Rahul Gandhi or dhirubhai ambani and other great personality they have very poor strength of planets but if U see their d4 d5 d10 d11 they are generally very strong so should we analyse strenght of planet only from d9 or there is some others way plz guide

  10. Rahul Gandhi born at 12-10 Hrs; Lagna rise at Virgo 01 deg 48″; He have shared Virgo with PVN Rao and Rajiv Gandhi. UP TO 27th June 2014 Mars dahsa Rahu bhukti will run, Mars lord of 3rd and 8th with the Sun at 10th formed vipareeta Rajayoga and Mars dasha stated from 12th January 2013 resulted in his Vice-president of Congress on 19th January 2013. Mars in the 10th will bestow kingship and aspect by Jupiter is nothing but blessings , moreover Bhukti lord Rahu too receives the aspect of Jupiter will surely bestow Prime Minister post before 27th January 2014 which cannot be ruled out.
    Amrit Sagar

  11. Dear Friends/Sir,
    I am Ajith, was active in my career with the Indian High Commission , London. unfortunately things are all went wrong. Please have a look at my Kundi.
    DOB 8/01/1980
    Time 4.44 am
    at Thodupuzha an urban city in Kerala, South India
    Please predict …can i get my career back in a powerful place????????????????

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