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World Famous Martial Artist, Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, USA on 27 November 1940 when Libra zodiac was rising in his Ascendant.  He was the fourth child born to Mr. Lee Hoi Chuen and Mrs. Grace Ho. Bruce Lee was a multi-talented personality and even after 38 years of his death (20 July 1973), he is still considered to be a Cultural Icon.  Bruce Lee was into acting, writing, directing and even producing the movies. He was a great philosopher and founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts movement. At the age of 13, Bruce Lee started learning martial arts from his teacher Master Yip Man and  within a short span of five years Lee become quite proficient and strong in martial arts. Besides martial arts, Bruce Lee also had good command over other skills like dancing and acting; and in 1958 he won the Hong Kong Cha Cha Championship.

In April 1959, when Bruce Lee was around 18 years of age, he came to the United States to claim his U.S. citizenship and pursue higher education.It was during that period when Bruce Lee started teaching martial arts. Within short span of time Bruce Lee marked his presence into movies and television.    Bruce Lee style had sparked a major surge of interest for Chinese martial arts in the West. The direction and tone of Bruce Lee movies had significantly influenced martial arts and he elevated the traditional Hong Kong martial arts movies to a new level of popularity and acclaim.  Bruce Lee is noted for his indispensable performance in The Big Boss (1971), Fist of Fury (1972), Way of the Dragon (1972), Enter the Dragon (1973),  and The Game of Death (1978), directed by Robert Clouse. Bruce Lee became a legend and icon throughout the world, particularly among the Chinese, as he portrayed Chinese nationalism in his films. Vedic astrology readings of Bruce Lee horoscope very clearly depicts and resembles with the charismatic persona carried by the Legend.

bruce-lee-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-predictionIn vedic horoscope of Bruce Lee, first house is occupied by Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus of which Venus is generating Malavya Yoga.  The union of Venus with Moon and Mercury is very auspicious and involvement of Mars (as lord of second house) is also good for wealth and social status.  However, as lord of seventh and second houses Mars is also a Maraka planet and not very auspicious for longevity.  The seventh house is occupied by debilitated Saturn and Jupiter; and both these planets (Saturn + Jupiter) are having mutual aspect relationship with the union of Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus taking place in the first house.  The debilitation of Saturn and influence of Jupiter over the houses/planets involved is not desirable.  Though, as third and sixth house lords, Jupiter is become exceptionally strong in the zodiac sign of Mars and has blessed Bruce Lee with tremendous courage and enthusiasm. Beside this, Jupiter and its mutual relationship with other planets is also responsible for well known moody and dominant behavior. Bruce Lee was excessively enthusiastic towards ab training; and presence of Ketu in sixth plus strong placement of Jupiter in Leo zodiac sign in his Navamsha Chart are the primary reasons behind it. The mutual relationship between Mars with Mercury and Jupiter had blessed Bruce Lee with exceptional success in sports (martial arts).

bruce-lee-horoscope-astrology-vedic-astrology-reading-birth-chart-predictionAnd, the mutual relationship between Saturn, Venus and Moon credited him with huge success in his acting career and also in directing/producing movies.  The presence of most of the auspicious planets in first house of Bruce Lee Horoscope made him multi-talented personality in different aspects of life. Debilitation of Saturn (significator for longevity) in seventh (Maraka) house; and influence of Mars and Jupiter over Saturn and Venus resulted into short life of Bruce Lee.  Occupation of second house by Sun (which is under malefic aspect of Ketu from sixth house) in zodiac sign of Mars is additional factor resulting in short life span of Bruce Lee.  He died at a very young age of 32 years in Hong Kong. The death of Bruce Lee is said to be due to reaction of a medicinal tablet, which contained both aspirin and the muscle relaxant meprobamate. At that time, antardasa (sub-period) of Mars was operational under mahadasa (main-period) of Saturn in vedic horoscope of Bruce Lee.  Vedic astrology readings of cruel and/malefic planets related to seventh and second houses have always been observed to be death inflicting.  In Bruce Lee horoscope, the Saturn is debilitated in seventh house and also suffers from affliction of Jupiter, which rules over third and sixth houses.  The union of Jupiter + Saturn is further influenced by aspect of Maraka (death inflicting planet) Mars, which is the lord of second and seventh houses of Bruce Lee horoscope.  Strong and well placed Jupiter, lord of third and sixth houses, confered strong physique and victory over enemies; though, the negative attributes acquired by Jupiter did converted Mars into strong Maraka planet. Bruce was survived by his wife Linda Emery and two children (Brandon Lee and Shannon Lee). And, it wasn’t until after his death that the world actually discovered the genuis of Bruce Lee. His most successful movie, “Enter the Dragon” including some other movies were released after the sad demise of the Legend named Bruce Lee.  Even today, the name of Bruce Lee holds a distinguished place in the world of martial arts.

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  1. Mie father vilas bobde from nagpur,india is 8 degree dan in jkd style (martial arts)
    they were trained by bruce lees 12 student
    Athem Ali from jorden who came to study at V.N.I.T at nagpur for six years
    he told mie father that BRUCE LEE died not because of tablet but real fact was that due to chi energy someone touched bruce lee and transfered that energy and then in meditation by concentrating from far away increased the tempreature of bruce body so high that he died
    and its a FACT
    you can join m on face book by name

  2. i think bruce lee is born in vrishik lagna, sun in lagna where is successful in any place and the rapid raise of brucelee is because of the present of vipareetha raja yoga in his horscope Venus, mercury, and mars made him wht he is. presence of guru and saturn has left him with great strugle in life and early death.

  3. Bruce supposedly was haunted by personal demons. He had premonitions that he would die at half his father’s age of 64 (which he did at 32).
    I dont have much information on this.. Various sites give different versions of curse.. Does his chart reveal anything?
    His son Brandon Bruce Lee died at an early age..

  4. Brandon Bruce Lee (February 1, 1965 – March 31, 1993)
    Some say there is a curse behind Bruce Lee’s death.. Is it true?

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