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abhinav-bindra-london-olympics-2012-birth-chart-horoscope-prediction-astrology-readingsAbhinav Bindra was born on 28 September 1982 when Gemini Ascendant was rising in his vedic horoscope.  He did his schooling from St. Stephen’s School Chandigarh. Manjit Singh Bindra, father of Abhinav Bindra, was having an indoor shooting range installed at their home in Patiala, Punjab for facilitating shooting practice for Abhinav Bindra. He was the youngest participant (only 15 years of age) in Commonwealth Games held in 1998 and also the youngest Indian participant in 2000 Olympic Games.  Abhinav Bindra is proud recipient of Arjuna Award (2000) and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award( 2001).  The golden moment came during August 2008, when Abhinav become the first Indian to win the Olympic Gold medal in individual event (Shooting).

Abhinav-bindra-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-mercuryIn Vedic horoscope of Abhinav Bindra; ascendant lord Mercury is exalted in fourth house and generating Bhadra Yoga.  Mercury is united with Sun, Venus and Saturn of which Venus is debilitated.  As per vedic astrology readings, the Mercury and Venus are also combust in his horoscope and, therefore, become weak to some extent.  It is actually the strength of the Sun, as lord of third house, and influence of positive planets (Mercury, Venus and Saturn) over the Sun, which make Abhinav Bindra horoscope quite strong and prominent.  Jupiter is well placed in fifth house; while Mars is in its own zodiac sign in sixth house and having its aspect over Rahu placed in first house of Abhinav Bindra Lagna Chart.  For success in sports, the strength of planets related to third and sixth houses is of prime importance besides strong and favorable placement of Mercury and Mars.  In Abhinav Bindra horoscope, Mars is reasonably strong as lord of sixth house; while the Sun is exceptionally strong as lord of third house.  The lagna lord Mercury is generating Bhadra Yoga and is having its auspicious influence over third lord Sun. The involvement of other favorable planets viz. Venus and Saturn enhances the positive attributes of the Sun and third house.  The combustion of Mercury is not good and decreases the strength; however, in the light of overall positive attributes some above average positivity can be expected through Mercury.  In Navamsha Chart of Abhinav Bindra, Mercury occupies its own zodiac sign (Gemini) while the Sun is exalted.  Operation of Rahu Mahadasa, which is placed in first house of Abhinav Bindra horoscope also added to the positive attributes of planets for giving strong results.  While, the weakness on the part of Mercury and Venus did pose certain problems to Abhinav Bindra in pursuing his dreams. Due to health issues related to back injury, Abhinav Bindra could not participate in 2006 Asian Games held during December 2006 in Doha; and some other times during unfavorable transit position, the efforts could not yield results despite best efforts made by Abhinav Bindra.  The magic moment of winning the Olympic Gold Medal came in 2008; when Abhinav Bindra won the gold for Men’s 10 meter Air Rifle Final .  At that time Mercury antardasa was operational in Abhivnav Bindra horoscope.

Vedic Astrology Readings for Abhinav Bindra during London Olympics 2012:

During London Olympics, Rahu/Venus Bhukti will be operational on Abhinav Bindra Horoscope.   Both, Venus and Mercury are combust in his horoscope; however, Mercury is much stronger than Venus,  which is  debilitated in his lagna chart.  The transit position of planets during the whole event is also not looking very promising.  The good placement of Venus may give some support; but overall, expecting any significant outcome of the efforts is not looking much possible.  There are some chances of facing sudden and unexpected health issues by Abhinav Bindra during the event.  The transit of Jupiter, Venus, and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) is specifically inauspicious during the initial days of the competition; therefore, Abhinav Bindra may have to struggle very hard and some inauspicious surprises may take place.  The chances of technical problems with equipments, unsatisfactory attitude of authorities and health issues are looking possible. Period from 1 August 2012 is somewhat better, as such Venus will be transiting through Gemini over first house of his Lagna; though, even then the inauspicious planetary transit and weak antardasa of Venus may not bless Abhinav Bindra with expected results.

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  1. he has also an exalted rahu & ketu! Being a makara mars and exalted budha are his yogakaraka! his exceptional luck is bestowed by rabi in 9″th! rahu”s in the 6″th of makara will defeat tis ememy(hora)! you can”t right him off! he can spring surprise for all!

  2. you did it again !! Sir, what a prediction

  3. Hope venus transit will help him now.

  4. Dear Rajji,
    Hello sir..once again your predictions have come true..sad for india…but may be in next olympics he will again make us proud…long time sir write some article please…

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