Nov 292011

yuvraj-singh-cricket-world-cup-2011-vedic-astrology-horoscope-prediction-birth-chart-1Star Cricketer Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with cancer in his lungs. Yuvraj Singh’s mother has disclosed to media in the recent past about his coughing and vomiting problems during Cricket World Cup 2011 held in India. During initial phase of problems, Yuvraj Singh did not give much attention and took it as some sort of stress factor. However, when the problems continued, Yuvraj Singh decided to seek medical advise. During the Cricket World Cup 2011,  nobody could have ever imagined any such thing happening to Yuvraj.   The left lung of Yuvraj Singh is carrying one golf-ball size lump. The tumour is non-malignant and reported to be non-threatening which can be treated with proper medication. Due to this health issue, Yuvraj Singh will not be playing in upcoming one-day cricket series against Weat Indies and the Test Cricket Series in Australia. No doubt, all die hard fans of Yuvraj will be missing his presence on the crease.

Vedic Astrology Readings of Yuvraj Singh horoscope are a bit inauspicious to expect easy and early recovery. Although, Yuvraj Singh will leave no stone unturned to get well soon and make a strong come back; but, the planets are not showing the favor required at this time. Saturn change to Libra zodiac has caused him to take medical support for his health issues, however, the other aspects of his vedic horoscope are not very supportive. The union of Moon + Rahu in Gemini zodiac is having strong influence of Mars + Saturn in Virgo sign; and both Gemini and Virgo are being ruled by Mercury. Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are also transiting through their debilitation zodiac sign. In the light of current and upcoming planetary dasa; there are no significant chances of strong and early recovery. Problems initiated during unfavorable planetary dasa and transit usually take quite a long time to get resolved. And, vedic astrology readings of Yuvraj Singh horoscope are suggesting that the problems may get out of control and the medication may not be much effective. The upcoming period from 16 May 2012 to 3 August 2012 is looking very challenging for Yuvraj Singh. During this period, the Saturn will be retrograde and transiting back in Virgo zodiac. This may generate delay and obstructions in his recovery from health issues. The union of Moon with Rahu in Gemini will have strong say as it makes a person hyper-sensitive in nature. It may also happen that Yuvraj Singh may decide to retire from Cricket within next couple of years.

Therefore, Yuvi needs to be strong and confident to deal with inauspicious planetary influences over his horoscope. I wish him early recovery and hope that we will be seeing the great Cricketer in action.

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