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With success of Ra.One, Shahrukh Khan is celebrating his 46th birthday. Ra.One has set a box office record by generating historical earnings in the opening weekend.  And, Shahrukh Khan is enjoying the legendary road to success in Indian Cinema.  The recent events clubbed with the success of Ra One has genuinely added one more feather in the cap of Shahrukh Khan.  Astrological prediction of his great fortunes during Mercury antardasa were made in 2010 over here. Despite all odds being against the success of Ra.One, it has been able to register its success at box office.  Some of the viewers find the movie below expectations, which I think is correct to some extent. However, it was the magic of Shahrukh persona which made the success possible.  And, this is how favorable planets work in our life.  That is, even if the efforts are not perfect, some success is still there. The astrology prediction of Ra.One being successful was posted on this blog on 20 September 2011 and the same is reproduced below:

there are sufficient chances of the exemplary success of Ra.One, which may add another chapter in acting career of Shahrukh Khan

don-2-shahrukh-khan-vedic-astrology-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-online-predictionThe expectations of the viewers were reasonably high with Ra.One; besides, there was negative publicity of the movie as many critics labeled the movie below average. Even some Bollywood celebrities including Shirish Kunder were not confident about the success of Ra One.  Shirish Kunder, husband of Farah Khan, made fun of the movie Ra One and said, “The super hero in Ra One has all the powers in the world, but to entertain.” This happen rarely in Bollywood that despite being so many people, including media, had negative views against Ra One; and the legend Shahrukh Khan proved them wrong at his own.  Had this been done to any other movie, the producers would be crying for mercy.  While Shahrukh Khan maintained his stature and the success of Ra One is a sufficient response to all critics.  The technology used in Ra One has brought the level of Indian Cinema at par with Hollywood.  At present, Saturn/Mercury Bhukti is operational in Vedic horoscope of Shahrukh Khan.  And, astrology readings of Mercury antardasa are very favorable for Shahrukh Khan. During release of Don 2 in December 2011, Shahrukh Khan will be experiencing the favorable transit position of Sun, Saturn and Jupiter.  The chances of Don 2 being flop are almost NIL; and if the discrepancies occurred in Ra One are attended, Don 2 is very likely to be a very successful movie for Shahrukh Khan. The favorable planetary position in Shahrukh Khan horoscope has already indicated the level of strength; and it is now just a matter of attending things rationally to give another hit movie.


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  1. Respected Rajji,
    How are you??hope you doing well….rajji why all of sudden shahrukh khan has come to limelight for all negative reasons….


    • This was just a temporary influence due to Saturn shifting back to Virgo in retrograde motion; and transiting over second house of Shahrukh Khan horoscope. However, nothing negative is expected; as such, even with this apparently negative publicity, Shahrukh has gained lot of public attention. The team owned by Shahrukh in IPL 5 has also won the cup; and, never in the history of IPL such celebration is done. Looks like Shahrukh has gained a lot more than the team, which actually performed on the field. Again, My best wishes for the Badshaah!


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