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steve-jobs-vedic-astrology-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-readingsCo founder of Apple Inc,  the great visionary and American Entrepreneur Steven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs) died of Cancer on 5th October 2011. The irreplaceable Icon- Steve jobs was a great visionary and will always be remembered for his indispensable contribution to Computer Industry.  Steve Jobs was suffering from pancreatic cancer; and the great soul logged off after an enervating battle of seven years with the dreaded disease.  American President gave his tribute to the Gizmo-God by calling Steve Jobs “among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world and talented enough to do it”  And, how absolute it is with reference to Steve Jobs, who started his career from a Garage and then the sky was the only limit for him.  Steve Jobs had his interest in electronics since child hood. He was a college drop out and landed a job at Atari in 1974.  Steve jobs was spiritually practical, and had the capability of turning dreams into reality. In pursuit of his quest for Spirituality, Steven Jobs also visited India; however, his experience in India was a bit disappointing.  But there was still something good for Steve Jobs as the trip to India was actually a turning point of his life.  In his own words, Steven Jobs described his Indian journey helpful to understand that “Thomas Edison did a lot more to improve the world than Karl Marx and Neem Karoli Baba put together“.    Astrology Readings of Steve Jobs vedic horoscope go well along with his journey from rags to riches.

steve-jobs-vedic-astrology-horoscope-astrologer-birthchart-readingsSteve Jobs was born 24 February 1955 in San Francisco, America.  He was born out of wedlock and was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs, the family where from he got his surname. Look at the position of second house lord Mercury in Steve Jobs horoscope.  Mercury is ill placed in sixth house and devoid of any beneficial influence over it.  In his Navamsha Chart also, the Mercury has gone to eighth house along with Rahu (North Node). These planetary placement in Steve Jobs Vedic Horoscope caused separation from his biological parents in the very childhood. Besides, the second house being death inflicting house in vedic horoscope, Mercury also caused severe health issues in Steve Jobs Horoscope. At the time of his birth, Steve Jobs was under Saturn Mahadasa, which is exalted in third house and having its aspect over lords of fourth and tenth houses namely Mars and Venus respectively.

steve-jobs-vedic-astrology-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-readingWhat made Steve Jobs so brilliant in his ideas? Leo Ascendant is being aspected by its lord Sun, which in turn is under aspect of Ketu and Jupiter from eleventh house.  The aspect of Ketu over the Sun is not very desirable;  but Jupiter’s aspect is auspicious for The fifth house of Steve Jobs Vedic Horoscope is occupied by Venus (lord of third and tenth houses) along with Rahu (North Node).  Fifth Lord Jupiter is in eleventh house along with Ketu (South Node); and both Jupiter and Venus are having mutual aspect relationship.  Mars is strong in ninth house and having mutual aspect relationship with exalted Saturn. These strong planetary placement in Steve Jobs Vedic Horoscope made him a great visionary and also successful.

In was in 1976, during Ketu/Venus Bhukti – when the big brake came in the life of Steve Jobs.  The Apple Inc was founded by Steve Jobs along with Wozniac and Ronald; and by the time Steve Jobs was 25 (1980), the value of Apple grown to 100 millions. In September 1985  Steve resigned from Apple and  co-founded NeXT.  He also bought The Graphics Group which was later renamed Pixar Animation Studios. Steve become Disney partner for distribution of Pixar’s movies and under his leadership, Pixar won 20 Academy awards.  In 1997, Steve was invited back in Apple as interim CEO and in 2000 he was made permanent CEO of Apple Inc.

In July 2004, Steve Jobs was successfuly operated for pancreatic cancer.  During the period, Steve Jobs was under Sun/Jupiter Bhukti.  But, from the onstart of Moon Mahadasa from March 2008 onwards, Steve’s health issues increased significantly.  Astrology readings of the Moon are not auspicious in Steve Jobs Horoscope as the same is badly placed in eighth house of Steve’s Natal Birth Chart.  The Moon has further become debilitated  in Navamsha Division.  During 2008-09, Steve Jobs suffered from harmonal imbalance and his physical appearance changed due to substantial weight loss. Ultimately, the week and badly placed Moon in Steve Jobs Vedic Horoscope took its toll  and, on 5 October 2011, the soul left for his heavenly abode.  Though Steve Jobs did laid the ground work for Apple to flourish after his death; but his absence will always be felt worldwide.  In Steve Jobs words, ” No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there.  Yet death is the destination we all share. Death is very likely the single biggest invention of life.  It’s life’s change agency. It clears out the old to make way for the new“. May his Soul rest in peace.

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  1. I’m not an expert when it comes to this. Didn’t even know this was possible. Useful read, appreciate your posting this.

  2. You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

  3. when will i get the job..my birth day is 1992-nov-07..and how my coming days passes?

  4. sir
    iam good follower of you. some times ur predictions are damn right but sometimes they are not.
    my birth time is 1:04 pm in the afternoon on march 31st 1991 in kurnool district in kurnool town .
    In my vedic chart jupiter,ketu in cancer in 1st house which creates hamsa yoga. and sat,rahu in 7th house in capricorn creates sasa yoga. in 10 th house mercury and venus in aries. mars in gemini in 12 th house. as 12 th lord and 10 th lords are exchanging that creates the parivarthan raj yoga. i have seen that in ur readings if jupiter strong and devoid of any other planets in cardinal houses makes the person famous. but in my vedic chart sat,rah are in conjunction does they have postive or negative? and my zeal is to become great artist or a good business man and social worker . till now i did not get job . sun is in 9th house which is in pisces . but my father is not prominent not rich in society plz reply soon.

    • plz send me the person details who is famous having similarity with my birth chart. waiting eagerly for u r reply . urs follower.

      • I have replied to your query yesterday; however, the birth time provided was different in your email against this message. As suggested; you may take paid consultancy for clarifications and comments on your issues.

  5. dear sir, i am Sandip from Bhubaneswar/Odisha/India,
    my dob-01/02/1989
    time- 00:30 AM(midnight)
    location Bhubaneswar after b.tech degree i am jobless from may-2011. Please give me some suggestion about my
    future and career.I have been select in campus interview and many Interview but everything Go wrong last minute.seriously waiting for reply.Plz reply soon

  6. Moon is not just in the 8th House (death house) but it’s ruling the 12 house (grief producing)! Moon is clearly is worst planet, and death would naturally be associated with moon.

    • @Fausto : While I see the link of Moon’s ownership (12th) and placement (8th) and it is mentioned by Raj sir that Moon it debilitated in Navamsa …… these factors don’t alway make the respective planets dasha an indication of the time of death. This prediction is easy to make and to concur with in hind sight, i.e. once the incidence has occurred. I have been inquisitive in vedic astrology for many years now but have not seen a conclusive, irrefutable factor determining the planet in who’s dasha death will occur.

      Please, my query is in general and not raised specifically to you. Would really appreciate if Raj sir or you or someone can comment on this.

      • Yes, you are right in your observation; these factors don’t always make the respective planet’s period/dasa responsible to cause death. But, these are still the primary factors. Although, some of the other important factors to be considered in this regard are related to:

        The strength of first house – if the first house is strong, it helps in diluting/countering the intensity of negative planetary influences on a nativity. Weak or afflicted or disturbed first house/lord may lack in exerting its full potential in favor of the native.

        The strength of eighth house- primary determinant for assessing overall longevity – short/average/good.

        The strength of ninth house – indicating support of luck and fortune.

        Time (Age) when such Mahadasa commence: Like, if the Mahadasa of the Moon has commenced earlier; say for example around the age of 40, the impact would not have been so grave to cause death as such the overall longevity in Steve Jobs horoscope is not short.

        Influence of Maraka planets (lords of second and seventh houses) on the nativity; and, their individual disposition.

        Transit influences during the time.

        Plus, there are some other factors related to the divisional charts which are not possible to be elaborated here.

        Besides, this (identifying the time of death) is a dark side; and, not a healthy matter to be discussed openly. In personal consultations too, I avoid being too much specific or clear in such matters; and, I think, the same would have been with other astrologers due to which you might not have seen or found a conclusive and irrefutable factor determining the time of death. Discussing such matters is like killing the person in advance; and, should be avoided (in my opinion).


  7. Notice how Mars is the Raja Yoga in this Leo ascendant by virtue of ruling the 9th house, plus mars is in it’s own sign, in the ninth house. An phenomenally well place Mars!!!

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