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Kiran Bedi Horoscope | Vedic Astrology | Birth Chart Readings Internationally acclaimed Kiran Bedi is the first and highest ranking woman IPS Officer of India and currently working as social activist. She was working as Director General in Bureau of Police Research and Development at the time of her voluntary retirement from Govt. Service in December 2007. Kiran Bedi was born on 9 June 1949 in Amritsar, India with Virgo zodiac rising in her natal birth chart.  Astrology Readings of Kiran Bedi horoscope are amply suggesting the remarkable rise of her career and social life. The highlight of Kiran Bedi horoscope is exchange between ninth and tenth houses lords.  Venus, as lord of second and ninth houses, has generated first grade Raj Yoga by exchanging house with Mercury, which rules over first and tenth houses. In addition to this, Venus has acquired the strongest house (tenth) of her Lagna Chart and is also favorably placed in her Navamsha.

Kiran Bedi Horoscope | Vedic Astrology | Birth Chart Readings This exchange of Venus and Mercury has not only blessed Kiran Bedi with high position in her carer; but also made her strong and firm.  Kiran Bedi did Master’s degree in Political Science from Punjab University  in 1970; and later on successfully completed her Ph D in Social Sciences in 1993.  Besides educational accomplishments, Kiran Bedi had been quite active in sports and won the Junior National Lawn Tennis Championship in 1966 followed by Asian Lawn Tennis championship in 1972 and All-India Interstate Women’s Lawn Tennis Championship in 1976. In vedic horoscope of Kiran Bedi, the ascendant lord Mercury joins Mars and Sun in ninth house.  Being too close to the Sun, Mercury has become combust; however, due to the RajYoga generated by Venus; the general traits of Mars and Mercury are still able to manifest in Kiran Bedi personality. She takes things very sportingly and is highly inclined towards social service and spirituality.  During her tenure as  Inspector General of Police in Tihar Jail, Delhi-India (1193-95), Kiran Bedi instituted number of reforms for the prisoners and was also awarded with Ramon Magsaysay Award.

Debilitated Moon in third house of Kiran Bedi horoscope did created problems in her endeavors towards overall matters of her life. And, debilitation of Jupiter as lord of fourth and seventh houses has generated problems in her personal and domestic life. As per vedic horoscope of Kiran Bedi, Venus Mahadasa remained operational from August 1990 to August 2010 and during the last phase of Venus Mahadasa, Kiran Bedi took voluntary retirement from govt. service.  Kiran Bedi is prominent member of India Against Corruption and is actively supporting Anna Hazare movement for bringing Jan Lokpal Bill in India.  Recently, she has been in controversies about alleged misappropriation of concessional airfare. At present, the antardasa of Rahu in Sun Mahadasa is operational in Kiran Bedi vedic horoscope.  It started from 25 September 2011 and will be operational till mid August 2012.  Being placed in eighth house of her vedic horoscope, the Rahu antardasa in Sun Mahadasa may not be much supportive for Kiran Bedi’s social life. The upcoming transit change of Saturn into Libra is looking to provide some temporary relief; however, overall the Rahu antardasa is not looking auspicious for Kiran Bedi, and she may suffer badly due to lack of support. Being placed in Mars zodiac, Rahu is capable to generate health issues and loss of reputation in Kiran Bedi horoscope.

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  1. Lord of 7th house is jupiter , Jupiter is in neech rashi in 5th house i.e. makar rashi.
    1) Lord of 5th house is 8th from 7th
    2) Lord of 5th is saturn which is in it’s enemy rashi Simha rashi, lord is Sun.
    None of the good planet is looking to 7th house.
    She never had a good family life, rumors of divorce with her husband as well.

  2. Hello Raj ji,
    your predictions have already started come true..kiran maam`s reputation has already been started doubting upon….its sad..hope she comes from all this …i really like her a lott….


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