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Hrithik Roshan Horoscope Prediction

Cine Star Hrithik Roshan is under going medical treatment in Beach Candy Hospital of Mumbai, India. Hrithik Roshan suffered from back injury during middle of October 2011, while he was shooting for an action sequence for his upcoming movie, “Agneepath”.  A few days ago before this accident, Hrithik Roshan had a major sunstroke on the sets of Agneepath.  Probability of Hrithik Roshan being injured and  hospitalized during current antardasa of Ketu have been recently identified and published in my article dated 28 September 2011;  and the same are quoted below for reference.  Click here for complete article on Hrithik Roshan horoscope predictions



Before end of April 2012, he may suffer from severe health problems, sudden injury or legal disputes.  The chances of undergoing surgery and being hospitalized are quite prominent in Hrithik Roshan horoscope.

Unfortunately, the inauspicious influence of Ketu has shown its dark colors; and Hrithik Roshan is struggling to recover from frequent health issues.  In Hrithik Roshan horoscope, the current Ketu antardasa is operational till April 2012; and may continue to pose problems on health front, besides making him vulnerable to arguments and disputes.  Hrithik Roshan should remain very careful and alert for his health and social relationship as such the upcoming transit change of Saturn is also not looking very favorable; and problems may increase. Suitable remedies for Saturn and Ketu are likely to be helpful for Hrithik Roshan in diluting the inauspicious influence of current planetary dasa and transit.  I hope, the great star do give preference to his health so that no further inauspicious events take place.

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  1. so very accurate prediction raj ji….hope so hrithik gets well soon…..

  2. Dear Rajji,
    again hrithik roshan has suffered knee injury while shooting for kites sequel………….is dis trend of getting injured gonna b like dis till april 2012?

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