Anxiety disorder in Vedic Astrology

Anxiety Disorder is spreading rapidly now a day.  In order to ensure survival, everyone has to deal with some amount of mental and physical stress. General anxiety or stress is a normal feeling and helps us to remain cautious and alert.  However, some times the level of stress becomes so high that it becomes impossible for the affected person to handle it effectively. Or, the person becomes comparatively weak to handle even normal amount of stress. Astrology readings of Vedic horoscope can easily identify both the situations well in advance; and accordingly one can take advance precautions in this regard.

Primarily, it is the relationship among first house, eighth house, and the planets Moon and Saturn which may generate anxiety problems.  The first house of your Vedic horoscope signifies your physique, nature and strength in general.  If the lord of first house or Moon is  weak and having relationships with eighth house; or eighth house lord is placed in first house; or Ascendant lord, Moon and Saturn are having a relationship either by conjunction or aspect in vedic horoscope of a person; it may have negative influence on the personality and the person concerned will become vulnerable to Anxiety Disorder.  Under such circumstances, if the planets Moon and/or Saturn are weak- the chances of suffering from anxiety disorder will be grave.

The level of negative influence will depend upon the relationship of Moon and Saturn with first and eighth houses.  Like, if Saturn becomes the lord of eighth house (Gemini or Cancer ascendant) and makes relationship with ascendant lord or Moon – the chances of anxiety disorder will be quite prominent and grave too. The strength of Ascendant lord, Moon and sixth and ninth houses will act as a protective cover.  Like, the person may be able to deal with anxiety disorder through medication or other remedies; but he will surely be suffering from it to some extent. For balanced astrology readings in this regard, the Divisional charts should also be given due consideration.  Operation of malefic planetary periods in the vedic horoscope will act as a trigger to generate significant negative influence.   In nutshell, astrology readings of first and eighth houses, and the planets Moon and Saturn will indicate if the person may suffer from anxiety disorder or not; and the operating planetary period is the key to identity the timing of these inauspicious results taking place in the vedic horoscope.  For better understanding, the astrology readings of following example horoscopes will be helpful.

anxiety-disorder-vedic-astrology-horoscope-astrologer-allen-woody-birth-chartThis vedic horoscope belongs to famous American Celebrity -Allen Woody.  The union of Saturn + Moon in seventh house of his Vedic Horoscope has caused Allen Woody to suffer from anxiety problems including many phobias.  Ascendant lord Sun is united with eighth lord Jupiter and Mercury in fourth house of his vedic horoscope; and Saturn is also having its aspect over the union.  As lord of sixth and twelfth houses respectively, Saturn and Moon are quite capable of influencing Allen Woody horoscope to generate health issue related with anxiety.  The good placement of ascendant lord Sun and exalted Mars in sixth house helped Allen Woody to understand and deal with these inauspicious influences over his horoscope.

horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-predictionIn this vedic horoscope, Saturn rules over fourth and fifth houses and is a Yogakaraka planet for Libra Ascendant.  Saturn has gone to eighth house and the Moon is positioned in fifth house and also having aspect of badly placed Saturn.  The ascendant lord Venus is united with Mars, which rules over second and seventh houses of the horoscope.  As per vedic astrology readings, second and seventh houses are Maraka Bhavas; therefore, the union of Mars with Venus is not completely clean.  The native was having hidden traits of anxiety issues right from adolescence;  but were under control.  However, during Saturn/Jupiter Bhukti, the inauspicious influence was significantly grave; and native suffered from many health issues including anxiety disorder.  During antardasa of malefic sixth lord Jupiter, the badly placed Saturn, which is having relationship with Moon, did generated anxiety problems for the native despite being a Yogakaraka Planet for Libra Ascendant.

How Vedic Astrology Readings can help in Anxiety issues: Well, first of all – one may  have advance information if there are any such inauspicious influences in his/her vedic horoscope or otherwise.  Sometimes, even strong people fall prey to anxiety disorder and suffer.  Having advance information in this regard may help the concerned person to remain alert in this regard and approach proper medical treatment even with minor indications.  Quite often, people do not give due attention to minor symptoms of anxiety disorder; and it allows the problem to become grave.   The use of suitable gemstones is another way of having some relief in anxiety disorder.  Gemstones of planets, which are favorable and strong enough to act against the problem causing planets, can be expected to have good amount of control.  Taking appropriate decisions in accordance with planetary placement is also helpful.  Like, if indications of anxiety disorder are present in the vedic horoscope, one may take important decisions of his life in accordance.

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  1. Hello sir,
    I am a person of Brissik lagna and brissik rasi. so Moon is in 1st, Sun-Mercury-Ketu in 4th, Venus in 6th, Rahu-Mars-Jupiter in 10th, Saturn in 11th…… I have been suffering anxiety disorder for many years… Pls suggest.. My DOB is 9th March 1980… at 12:26 am.. Place of birth Barpeta district, Assam..

  2. My DOB is 8July 1984, time is 7:45 pm, place- jabalpur. From past 1 year I am feeling quite fearful and restless. Does my kundli shows any anxiety issues?

  3. My DOB-10/10/1992 I’m meena lagna and meena rasi Jupiter and sun in 7th house. Kethu and mars in 4th house. saturn(R) in 11th house.For the past two i suffer from anxiety and health problems.i am totally depressed.taken all treatment but not recovered from this anxiety.It makes me more fear.

  4. I’m kumbh lagna.and moon in 7th house. Sat aspect my 7th house.. is tht the reason I have anxiety problem.not always but whenever I’m full of ideas..or may be during stress too.

  5. Hi

    I am pisces ascendant and for past two year i am suffering from anxiety.Please suggest me for any remedies.

  6. My name is karan kakkar
    Dob-6th March 1990
    Place of birth-New delhi
    I am suffering from social anxiety disorder from my childhood.its affecting my life.please help me

  7. sujan sengupta

    my name is Sujan Sengupta
    DOB: 15/01/1981 3:50 pm
    place of birth: Umrongso Near Haflong Assam
    I suffer Anxity disorder from 2003. kindly suggest.

  8. sandipan sengupta

    my date of birth is 27/08/1979, night 9:15 ,
    state West Bengal
    city – Howrah.

    i suffer for anxiety from 2001.

    please tel me remedy

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