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Identifying setbacks in Career is very important task to do with vedic astrology readings.  Sometimes, even strong horoscopes fall prey to severe setbacks in career. However, the overall strength of the horoscope does helps and it becomes much easy to overcome if lagna and/or ninth house are strong in horoscope. The role of Mars, Ketu, Saturn and lord of eighth house is very important while ascertaining the probability of setbacks in career. When these planets are having inauspicious relationships with malefic houses of a vedic horoscope – the unexpected takes place. And one remain clueless about the rational or logic behind it.  Quite often, it always gets noticed after happening; while prior to it, one may not be interested in even thinking about it.

Besides professional and financial troubles,  a career setback  generates many additional problems.  The relationships turn sour, the health starts to deteriorate and sometimes weak people may even start having suicidal tendencies. In this article, I would try to throw some light on career setbacks and also some possible measures to deal with it.

Defining Career Setback: There are different opinions and attitude adopted by people about Career Setback.  Sometimes a person, who has just completed his/her education and is not getting any responses during initial period of his struggle, may take it as a career setback. And, this can be due to his requirement of job in the light of his personal responsibilities.  Career Setback, when fully operational in a vedic horoscope, comes in frequent phases; thereby weakening the personal and financial strength of the person in continuous cycles.  Career setbacks should actually be analyzed in respect of specific period of time; as against one or two events.  If you are experiencing a continuous phase of time, when most of your endeavors being made for professional and financial betterment are either cease to take place or get obstructed in between or failed to give any fruitful results; you better be alarmed as it may be the very initial phase of career setback. The vedic astrology birth chart or horoscope  of a person does have the capacity to give reasonable and advance indications in this regard.  For better understanding of the matter, some horoscopes are analyzed below in the light of vedic astrology.


Example Horoscope – 1

example-1-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-predictionIn this vedic horoscope, the Mars is conjunct with Sun in seventh house; and also having its aspect over tenth, first and second houses of lagna chart.  Exalted Jupiter in second house is also under influence of Mars.  Ketu occupies ninth house and ninth lord Saturn is united with Rahu in third house.  The native approached for astrology guidance on career and marriage during last phase of Jupiter/Venus bhukti.  In the light of forthcoming antardasa of the Sun, he was advised to be very careful in his professional matters and also advised to postpone his marriage till completion of Sun antardasa.  Notice that both Jupiter and Sun are under malefic influence of Mars, which is significantly inauspicious planet for Gemini Ascendant people. However, the native could not make up his mind in accordance and went for marriage and kept making strong endeavors for professional betterment.  Unfortunately, soon after start of Jupiter/Sun period,  the inauspicious impact of Mars started showing its results; first, his father expired just a month before his marriage – and spoiling the overall charm of the marriage.  Thereafter, a continuous series of professional problems started surfacing in his life and ended up with loss of job within a very short notice of two months.

Example Horoscope -2

ajay-jadeja-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-predictionThis is vedic horoscope of former Indian Cricketer, Ajay Jadeja.  During Saturn antardasa in mahadasa of the Sun; the flourishing career of Ajay Jadeja was destroyed by a five year ban for alleged charges of match fixing.  The ban was quashed by the court in January 2003; however,  by that time, it had already caused the damage.  Notice that Saturn is debilitated in twelfth house and united with third house lord Moon.  The lagna lord Venus is united with Mercury; however, the union is in eighth house.  Malefic lord of eighth house Jupiter is conjunct with Mars in seventh house;  and both these planets are having aspect over lagna.  In his Navamsha Chart, Saturn is conjunct with Mars and Rahu in eighth house.  The antardasa of badly placed and debilitated Saturn not only proved fatal for the professional career; but the great player has to undergo a lot of humiliation and severe other problems in his life during the operation of inauspicious planetary dasa.

Example Horoscope -3

example-2-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-predictionIn this vedic horoscope, the first and eighth houses are ruled by Mars, which is debilitated in fourth house.  The fourth house lord Moon is debilitated in eighth house.  Exalted Sun is occupying the lagna, which provides some strength; though the union of Mercury with Sun is not desirable.   Tenth lord Saturn is strong in its own zodiac sign; but weak ninth lord Jupiter (debilitated) joins Saturn in tenth house.  Ketu occupied eleventh house and is under aspect of debilitated Mars from fourth house.  The deterioration started in Mercury/Saturn bhukti; and by the end of this period, the native become bankrupt.  His relationships, within and outside family, suffered very severely and it took the whole Mahadasa of Ketu for the native to overcome the financial and other losses happened during Mercury/Saturn Bhukti.

How to deal with Career Setback

First and foremost thing is to try maintaining your posture during unfavorable circumstances.  I know, it is really difficult to exercise; but this is the most required and also the most vulnerable aspect of human being.  Any severe setback makes us having doubt over our abilities and intelligence; and usually, most people try to give advice in place lending an helping hand. A minor weakness on your mental strength will allow others to manipulate, exploit and sometimes even humiliate, which may cause further damage to already problematic situation.

Second thing is to analyze the situation in the current circumstances.  Find out what better can be done now; in place of wasting your time in the past, which cannot be undone now.  If you are able to work out any deliberate fault of yours, which caused the damage; accept it openly before anyone else try to target you for that.

Third thing is to start working at your own, with whatever little resources are available.  Under such circumstances, it would be very difficult for you to find and persuade others for help.  And, that may eat a lot of time too.

Fourth and another very important thing is to keep observing the situations, attitude of other people and any co-incidences (whether positive or negative) that are taking place.  You need to use your intuition and try catching the feeling of things becoming normal.  The moment you are able to get the feeling; you can have some good assurance that things will start improving.

How Astrology can help in dealing with setbacks in career

Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can help you to identify if any such indications are there in recent future for which you need to be careful about.  And, simultaneously you may plan and decide in accordance with planetary period.  The successful people, if you carefully observe, do have their share of problems.  However, during unfavorable circumstances and inauspicious planetary period, they always control their reactions, delay or postpone their important projects/matters and wait for the auspicious phase of time.  Vedic astrology readings are also very helpful when you are already suffering through career setback.  Astrology readings can help you by giving you an idea about the length of unfortunate period.  In addition to this, the  astrology readings of your horoscope are also helpful in diluting the inauspicious impact of planets by simple remedies and gemstone therapy.

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  1. Dear sir
    I am very much impressed with your article. pl guide me what is the reason of setback in my job.after successful 16year of job i am facing trouble fromdec2010 .after 3 month gap i had joined a company. Again in sep2012 jobless after8 month gap may2013 i had got job.again jobless from march2014.
    I want to do business .pl guide me
    My date of birth21-8-1963
    Time 21-36
    Place nawada(bihar)

  2. Dear sir
    My husband date of birth21-8-1963 place -nawada (bihar)
    time 21-36
    After15year of job he was faces setback in job from dec2010. He is jobless from march2014. Now he wants to do business when he will get the job back pl guide .

  3. Dear Raj sir,
    Happy new year to you. Since Sep-14 till date I am job less. I lost job due to bad politics in company. Now I ma in search of new job. My details are as below. DOB: 22-Oct-1978 Birth Time: 2.15 am, Birth Place: Kolhapur ( Maharashtra). Can you giude me whaht is the reason behind this setback when can i get new job?

  4. Dear Raj Sir,
    In the example no.3 , which you have given for career setback does not satisfy me, don’t mind please.

    First of all it is a thumb rule of astrology that the planets give their bad or good effect in their dashas and antardashas.
    you said in this example no. 3 , that every thing started going down for the native in Mercury Mahadasha and saturn antardasha. I am unable to understand ..why!! because, Mercury is the lord of second house and fifth house( both auspicious houses) and saturn is the lord of tenth and eleventh house( good for finance).
    secondly Mercury and saturn are friends…so bad effects should not be there.
    Moreover you said that Jupitor ( lord of ninth is in tenth, which creates Raj yog, even if it is debliated, it creates neech bhang rajyog as saturn owner of tenth is sitting with Jupitor)….hence in Mercury Mahadasha and saturn bhukti..this should not have happened…forget about ..Mars having its debilitated effect on ketu in eleventh.

    but yes,… you could be right that in ketu mahadasha he could undergo losses as it is having aspect of Mars ( debilitated) but not at all under Mercury Mahadasha and saturn antardasha.

    Moreover, the horoscope is so strong that he must have regrown his career.

    Howz that !!! : -))))

  5. I have suffered numerous job losses occurring every 11/2 – 2 years in time interval. They come all of a sudden without any explicable reason, especially after I have received bonuses and good performance reviews. I can fully relate to the above article and it has also been told to me by an astrologer that that my birth chart indicates that I will always have these type of job losses. Hence, I do not really have a career, I have a job from time to time.

    Can you possibly shed some more thoughts on this? Is there anything I can do about it?

  6. sir,
    I want to know that whether there is any dosha called ardha kaal sharpa yoga and if it affects career anyway. I think the first example displayed here is ardh kaal sarp dosha. Please enlighten us on kaal sarpa dasha and ardha kaal sarpa dasha and their consequences.
    Thank you

  7. I really appreciate the way you clear all the concepts and logics behind the predictions.
    Can you plz brief us about how to find out malefic and benefic planets of a horoscope.

  8. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all your thoughts you said in your article, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, your post is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

  9. Keep up the amazing work!! I love how you wrote this and I also like the colors here on this site. Very good opinions expressed here 🙂

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