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Ra-one-movie-box-office-prediction-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-reading-1Ra.One starring Shahrukh Khan is scheduled to be released on 26 October 2011. The Movie, Ra.One is Home Production of Shahrukh Khan, “Red Chilles Entertainment”, and it was earlier scheduled to be released in June 2011.  However, due to extensive work in post-production of Ra.One – Shahrukh Khan has now decided to release the movie on Diwali. Vedic Astrology Readings of Shahrukh Khan Horoscope are quite strong and favorable for him during current Antardasa of Mercury in Saturn Mahadasa.  The Saturn/Mercury period started from May 2011 and will remain operational till December 2013; and during this period, Shahrukh Khan is likely to achieve great heights in his profession career of acting as well as other financial matters. The horoscope of Shahrukh Khan has already been analyzed in his regard and vedic astrology readings were given for the success of Ra.One.

Ra-one-movie-box-office-prediction-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-reading-shahrukh-khanMercury is placed in fourth house of Shahrukh Khan horoscope. Yogakaraka Mars and exalted Ketu have joined Mercury, which generated a very good and auspicious combination of planets in Shahrukh Khan horoscope.  The cardinal placement of Mars in its own zodiac sign generates Ruchak Yoga; and the involvement of second and eleventh house lord Mercury makes it highly auspicious and supportive for overall aspects of life.  Mahadasa lord Saturn is also in its own zodiac sign and generating Shasha Yoga.  Saturn is placed in seventh house and having mutual aspect relationship with Mars; and both Saturn and Mars are having their influences over Mercury, whose antardasa is under operation in Shahrukh Khan Horoscope.

Shahrukh-khan-Ra-one-movie-box-office-prediction-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-readingVedic astrology readings of Shahrukh Khan indicate that at the time of Ra.One release, he will be under pratyantardasa (sub-sub-period) of exalted Ketu.  And, it appears that the release date of the movie has been specifically chosen to suit with the most favorable planetary period in Shahrukh Khan horoscope.  Astrology readings During the release of Ra.One, are very auspicious and the Movie, “Ra.One” is very likely to be a Block Buster.

Ra.One is a Science Fiction and at present most expensive Indian movie ever produced in India. As per Sharukh Khan, Ra.One is the new age technical version of Indian mythological character called “Raavan”; and Sharukh Khan will be playing the role of G.One, “Jeevan” in hindi which means life.  The role of Ra.One or Raavan is being played by Arjun Rampal. The music of the movie, “Ra.One” is appearing very cool and the song, “Chammak Chhalo”  has already became a hit.

Analysis of the Moon Chart on the day of release of a movie, has been observed to be quite useful in accessing the success of the Movie. The Moon Chart for Ra.One release i.e. on 26 October 2011 is placed below:


The Moon will be changing its zodiac sign to Libra at around 11.30 AM on the day of Ra.One release.  The combust Moon, debilitated Sun, Mars and nodes; and placement of Saturn in twelfth house from the Moon are in accordance with the genre of Ra.One.  Twelfth house is related to sleep and imagination; and occupation of Saturn is likely to make the movie more effective.  The debilitation of the Sun and Mars taken with combustion of the Moon are supportive for action and violence.  Ra.One is based upon mythological character Raavan; which again goes well with the release date of the movie.  Hence, there are sufficient chances of the exemplary success of Ra.One, which may add another chapter in acting career of Shahrukh Khan.

:Successful Box Office Predictions:

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey –  Advance prediction about the box office perfomance of the movie were made, which went inline with the astrology readings.

As such Abhishek Bachchan is not undergoing a favorable period in his birth chart; despite the best efforts being put by Ashutosh Gowariker, as a director; I really am doubtful over the success of the movie and/or the acceptance of the audience for the performance of Abhishek Bachchan. Planets do have a big say in everybody’s life and many times when the planets are not in favor, even the best endeavors yield no result. 

Box Office Prediction for the movie, “Dhobi Ghat” :  The movie was released on 21 January 2011.  And, the prediction was made on 16 January 2011 that the movie is not likely to do well.  As predicted,  “Dhobi Ghat” remained just average, and box office collection was 14 crores only.

Box Office Prediction for the movie, “No Problem”: The prediction regarding the movie, “No Problem”  was made on 4 December 2011 i.e. around one week before the release of the movie on 10 December 2011.  As predicted, the movie could not do well and rated as flop.  The box office collection was only 28.25 Crores, while the budget was 35 crores.

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  1. Sir ji…i want to try my luck in acting field..
    is there any scope for me in bollywood..?
    my dob is 27-01-1991
    time of birth is 00:15 am. at night…
    Place- jaora, m.p., india..
    some astrologers say u hv gud chance..nd some say no…
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  2. jammy singh

    Respected Shri Raj Ji
    I am trying my luck in mumbai to get some start in movies. Can u please tell me if I will be able to earn my livelihodd in movies. 29 oct1989, time-morning around 6 am, place-lucknow. Plz do reply me. Charan Sparsh. jagmohan singh

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    yes, boss ne likha hai to jaroor hogi. i am a big fan of raj boss, he predict sooooooo accurate. tell me how to consult u sir. regards

  4. Suhel Shafaat

    RA 1 is already going to be mega blockbuster. It will break all the records of previous films.

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