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narendra-modi-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-prediction-2Narendra Damodardas Modi was born on 17 September 1950 at Vadnagar, Gujrat in India when Libra sign was arising in the zodiac.  Present Chief Minister of Gujraj, India- Narendra Modi is the longest serving Chief Minister that state of Gujrat ever had in History.  Narendra Modi became Chief Minister of Gujrat on 7 October 2001 and was elected for third time in continuation on 23 December 2007. Narendra Modi is an active politician and member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh since his childhood.

Astrology readings of Narendra Modi Horoscope clearly depict the resemblance of his life with the planetary placement in his birth chart. Born in a middle class family, Narendra Modi was very much inclined towards social service and raising voice against injustice. Narendra Modi has originated from a culture, which infused him with values, clarity of thoughts, and benevolence towards the society.  In a way, Narendra Modi persona sufficiently addresses the need of an Ideal Social Icon in the society, specifically Youth. Astrology readings of his first and ninth houses speaks about his birth being in a middle class family, having strong values and character, and being strong and dominant while pursuing his thoughts.

narendra-modi-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-prediction The lagna lord Venus is united with Yogakaraka Saturn in eleventh house; which is a very auspicious Yoga for Libra Ascendant.  However, Saturn has become combust and lost most of its strength to protect and promote the significations ruled by it.  In addition to this, the malefic lord of third and sixth houses, Jupiter, is placed in fifth house and having its full aspect on first house and on union of Venus + Saturn.  Ninth house lord Mercury is exalted in twelfth house and united with Sun and Ketu in Narendra Modi Horoscope.  However, Mercury is also combust and has become weak.. Astrology readings of such placements in Narendra Modi Horoscope match reasonably with his real life scenario.

The strong influence of Jupiter, weakness of Saturn and Mercury due to combustion and operation of Saturn Mahadasa at the time of birth resulted into birth in middle class family. And, Narendra Modi had to struggle a lot in his life.  In fact, he seldom remains away from being opposed; and every time Narendra Modi succeeded in overcoming the challenges.  Some people are amazed as to how can it be possible for a person to achieve such heights with such weak planetary position of both Yogakaraka Planets in Narendra Modi Horoscope.  Well, the answer lies in generating astrology readings in accordance with established principles of vedic astrology.

narendra-modi-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-prediction-3For success in politics, sports and army; the strength of third and sixth houses are very prominent.  In politics, one has to get over his opponent to prove his point which results in victory.  In Narendra Modi Horoscope, the third and sixth lord Jupiter is favorably placed in fifth house.  Yogakaraka Saturn and Venus both are casting their auspicious aspect over Jupiter; making Jupiter extremely strong.  The sixth house is occupied by Rahu, which is also a very favorable disposition of Rahu for victory over enemies; and Mercury and Sun are having their aspect over sixth house.  Though, being combust Saturn and Mercury themselves become weak; but their nature still remains the same i.e. positive for Libra Ascendant.  And, with whatever strength they are left; both Saturn and Mercury are dispensing their auspiciousness to Jupiter and the sixth house. Therefore, it is the strength of third and sixth houses along with Jupiter which made it possible for Narendra Modi to achieve uninterrupted victories in his political career.  The second house is occupied by Mars and debilitated Moon. The significator for third and sixth houses Mars is placed in its own zodiac sign Scorpio and tenth lord Moon joins there in its debilitation sign.  Weakness of tenth lord again acted in support for Narendra Modi Horoscope; and he never remain inclined towards having a family and job.  Jupiter, as lord of third and sixth house does had its inauspicious impact over Narendra Modi Horoscope and denied him with happiness of family, progeny (children) and domestic life.  Saturn, rules over fourth and fifth houses of Narendra Modi Horoscope; and both houses are related with mother, domestic life and child; and Narendra Modi remained unattached and/or deprived of these aspects of Human life.

It was during Venus/Saturn/Rahu (Mahadasa of Venus, Antardasa of Saturn and Pratyantar dasa of Rahu) when Narendra Modi was made Chief Minister of Gujrat.  And, as it had to be – it was a very challenging task for Narendra Modi.  The economy of Gujarat was reeling under the adverse effects of several natural calamities, including a massive earthquake in January 2001. And, the strong Jupiter in Narendra Modi horoscope helped him significantly and he decided to take the bull by its horns.  Narendra Modi horoscope is one planet phenomenon i.e. Jupiter; and more opposition and rivalry will make it more strong.  One cannot win Narendra Modi by force, or argument or by opposing him till he continues to follow the traits of Jupiter. He speaks very carefully yet dominantly, he is a strong believer in cultural ethics and he is wise enough to understand the apparently hidden intentions of his political rivals.

narendra-modi-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-prediction-1Since August 2011, the Sun/Venus Bhukti is operational on Narendra Modi Horoscope and till July 2012 the planets are in his favor.  This is the last Antardasa in Sun Mahadasa; and is likely to be extreme strong and supportive for Narendra Modi. He will be able to curb all opposition, of any kind and remain victorious.  The next Mahadasa of Moon, which will commence from August 2012, is however not appearing much favorable in Narendra Modi Horoscope.  Right from start of Moon Mahadasa, Narendra Modi may face health issues and severe problems in his personal life.  There may be fear of losing post and reputation; and he may not be able to manage his political affairs as done in past. The reason behind this is the influence of Mars over Moon and Jupiter. Being lord of second and seventh houses; Mars is a Maraka planet for Narendra Modi, and being in its own rashi in second house, Mars has attained significant strength.  The Mahadasa lord Moon is debilitated and united with Mars in second house; and Mars also has its fourth aspect over Jupiter.  In Navamsha Chart of Narendra Modi horoscope, Mars has become debilitated and Moon has acquired the zodiac sign of Mercury.  Therefore, the astrology readings of Moon Mahadasa are not looking promising and strong enough for Narendra Modi Horoscope.  He may not only loose his position; but also face helplessness to deal with his opponents, who are just waiting for the opportunity.  The Mahadasa of Moon is also looking dangerous for his personal security; and Narendra Modi is very likely to face security threats from anti-social elements.  Narendra Modi has to be very careful in this regard right from start of Moon Mahadasa from August 2012 onwards.

Can Narendra Modi become Prime Minister of India?

The forthcoming Lok Sabha elections are scheduled in 2014; and during that time Antardasa of Rahu will be operational in Moon Mahadasa.  The Moon/Rahu Bhukti has seldom been favorable for personal, professional and social rise of a person.  In Narendra Modi Horoscope,  sixth placed Rahu is having its aspect over Mars + Moon union in second house.  The Mahadasa Lord Moon is under Maraka influence of strong Mars; and may not be able to deal independently during Rahu antardasa.  Therefore, the chances of Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister of India are almost NIL.  On the contrary, Narendra Modi may be facing strong challenges, security threats and instability in his political career during Moon Mahadasa starting from August 2012.  And, I would like to reiterate that Narendra Modi should be very careful and cautious during Moon Mahadasa for overall aspects of his life.

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  5. I tend to disagree with your analysis, NaMo shows the traits of vrichika lagna, I am sure he cannot be tula lagna. Tula lagna people are generally polite and soft. Mesha, vrischika and simha are dynamic. His acerbic tongue indicates that he is vrishchika lagna. This also means that he has neecha bhanga raja yoga due to moon. People with Mars in Lagna are fiery, indomitable. He shows all those traits.
    Also Rahu in the 5th house has deprived him family and child. He did marry because of Jupiters aspect of Venus but it didn’t fructify because of Rahu in 5th.

    His 10th lord is surya which is in 11th, this explains why he is in politics and so powerful.

    • you have every right to disagree as such the birth details of Narendra Modi are obtained through some mediator and can be wrong or incorrect.

      However, I have tried to analyze and conclude the horoscope by matching the past events and information about Shri Narendra Modi, which is very reasonably matching with Tula Lagna. As you can be sure with your understanding of vedic Astrology that Narendra Modi can not be Tula Lagna; so am I with my understanding of vedic astrology that he is definitely born in Tula Lagna.

      I am sure he cannot be tula lagna. Tula lagna people are generally polite and soft. Mesha, vrischika and simha are dynamic. His acerbic tongue indicates that he is vrishchika lagna.

      The general traits of a specific Lagna are subject to be modified with the planetary influences on first house and Lagna lord. The placement of Jupliter (lord of third and sixth houses) in fifth house of his Lagna Chart and its aspectual influence on Lagna, Lagna Lord Venus and Saturn; and the placement of Mars in its own zodiac sign in second house along with Mercury are the actual reasons for his acerbic tongue and strong expression.

      This also means that he has neecha bhanga raja yoga due to moon.

      Visit here to understand the practical applications of Neech Bhanga.

      People with Mars in Lagna are fiery, indomitable. He shows all those traits.

      This is not always correct; the influence of other planets have also to be seen in addition to Mars placement in Lagna. Concluding any horoscope, with single planetary placement, is not the proper way of applying vedic astrology principles. Besides, the traits are quite common like irrespective of a horoscope and planets, most of the people on earth don’t like to be dominated.

      Also Rahu in the 5th house has deprived him family and child. He did marry because of Jupiters aspect of Venus but it didn’t fructify because of Rahu in 5th.

      As explained above, depending upon Rahu’s placement in fifth denying someone of his family and child is not wise. Rahu’s remains in a zodiac sign for around one year; and in that way everyone who is born in Vrishchika Lagna during Rahu position in Pisces will be denied of family and children; which actually is not the case. Therefore, one need to conclude the overall planetary influences on a horoscope, before deriving a conclusion.

      His 10th lord is surya which is in 11th, this explains why he is in politics and so powerful.

      As explained above, single planetary placement can not be depended upon to conclude anything. The Sun remains in one zodiac sign for one month period. And, if this principle is to be accepted that tenth lord Sun going to eleventh house makes a person powerful in politics; then every person who was born in Vrichchika Lagna from 17 Sept 1950 to 16 October 1950 will have tenth lord Sun in eleventh house of his/her horoscope.

      Therefore, it is the cumulative planetary placement of a horoscope (including Lagna and divisional charts), which should be taken into consideration before concluding.

    • no, i also feel that narendra modi is tula lagna,as mangal along with neech chandra in second house looks right because of his speach like lawyer with low understandable words
      his rahu in fifth house give political power and victory on enemies such effects can not be seen in fourth house.
      for fifth house jupiter i can say as per pareshar sidhanta” karako bhav nashaya”,
      for mahadasha of moon and anterdasha of rahu ,shri modi will make win on his political enemies with little bitterness ,as moon is lord of tenth(rajya) house sitting in fifth of tenth and tenth house karak jupiter @ sun are in favour.
      arvind pare
      lot many points can be discussed

    • i think narendra modi can have tula lgna tula lagna people have people support soon.they are polite and social but also have dominating power and roughness. i know some tula lagna people in my friends circle. placement of planet show political power in their horscope rahu in 6th,jupter in 5th and ven in 11.
      ven and set combination under jupiter also give perfection in work in any way.

    • I agree with you….narendra modi is scorpian lagna , then he also have excellent neech bhang raaj yog in lagna/kendra of moon…there 10 year moon dasha made him PM.

    • I think ganesh said right, he is vrushchika lagna… and his neecha bhanga rajayogam worked well …

  6. Also, there is a saying in tamil “Pathil sani prathyaksha raja padhavi” – Meaning saturn in 10th assures kingship. Again for Namo. he has raja yogas because of aspect of kendra kona lords Juptier 5th lord, saturn 4th lord, venus 7th lord. Moon dasa has already started for him.

    Moon dasa will be good for him because it has attained neecha bhanga

    • Moon Dasa is about to commence within a few months; and things will be clear to you within next couple of years. Just have patience.

    • Dear Ganeshji,

      I read your Tamil Saying about Shani in being 10th. I have Saturn in 10th house.. Does it mean the same for me as well. 🙂

      This question also goes to Shekarji as well.. my email is


      • Hello Darshan

        My understanding of vedic astrology is a bit different and I don’t give value to single planetary placement to conclude results. The nature of planet, its overall strength, disposition in divisional charts, operating dasa and transit – all these have to be taken into consideration before concluding any thing.

        But, I do hope that Ganesh ji will be responding to you on this.

  7. First. Thanks for responding.

    If I consider his lagna as vrischika, Moon dasa has already started for him. He is currently running Moon Mars and will be running moon rahu during assembly elections next year and moon juptier during 2014 elections.

    I agree One planet cannot decide everything. I should have said 10th lord being in 11th “also” explains why he is sucessful in politics. It was a typo.

    You will also see that the ashtavarga is not good if he is tula lagna. If he is tula lagna then 10th lord is debilitated without cancellation. No planet is aspecting 10th house and the 10th house is empty. Again there is a saying in tamil which translates to atleast a “paapi planet should be there in 10th house” .

    Anyway lets wait and watch.

    • His time of birth is 10.10 am,I took him to Nadi astrologer in the year 2000.That was the time of his birth mentioned by him.

  8. Can you please put the time of birth as well?

  9. The analysis is seemingly correct.I too had analyzed his horoscope and I reached to a conclusion earlier 2 years back on 25th October that “The Dasas of Moon beginning from 11th October 2012 would not be a very favorable Dasa for Power.The transit of Saturn in Scorpio during Oct 2014-Oct 2016 would also not be very favorable period for Power.Too many fluctuations would be there in his fortunes.Though he may rise in Party but from the point of view of power his fortune seems to have peaked out in 2010 October.Now onwards planetary yogas do not indicate repeat of the degree of success achieved by him in Elections in Gujarat.”

  10. You may be right. But I also know some astrology. I have my own predictions. I studied Congress Party horoscope, Sonia Gandhi horoscope as well as of Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh time will be over in couple of months. Congress golden period started in new century (after 2002) and is going to end very soon. It is in its last stages. Rahul has no strong Raaj Yoga in his horoscope. So, his chances of becoming PM of India are very bleak. Sonia will not become PM as she announced in 2004. Now, BJP is the only other national party which has pan India presence. I have also studied the horoscope of Nitin Gadkari, the president of BJP. Nitin will shine in 2013 onwards as well as his party. Modi or Sushma or any other it doesn’t matter. One thing is sure BJP will win the next general elections with thumbing majority. And, according to me Modi will be at the top position.

    • Regarding Rahu Gandhi – you may like to read wherein, I have already made my views quite clear.

      Regarding Narendra Modi – I have my clear views in this article.

      I don’t have the details of Nitin Gadkari – so, if you can share those; may be I can try to analyze.

    • Modi horoscope shows his lagna is vrichika ,the lordship mars is in its own sign along with 9th lord moon – neecha bhanga raja yoga along with lagna lord mars. so he is bold and brave and face any difficulty and demolish and silence his enemies. Moon is in the constellation of saturn star the lord of 3rd and 4th – very bold and leaves his name in the mind of mass due to saturn power. Lagna lord mars is in the constellation of jupiter the lord of 2nd and 5th -thinking power and good orator who knows what to talk and what not to talk and where to talk at right time.

      2nd and 5th lord jupiter is in 4th sign positioned in 12th from 5th- so he has no child. but this jupiter in 4th house will make him give good honest person and free from any bad habits and god fearing person. 7th lord venus along with sun, 10th lord and saturn 3rd and 4th lord – all these three planets are located in his 10th sign at simha – all the three planets are in the CONSTELLATION OF SUN STAR – 10th sign is his profession/ job/career – sun denotes political as politician . Saturn, the planet of mass people, venus the attraction towards him ,sun the ruler of planet all in his 10th sign of profession in the star of sun ( all the three planets together in the sun star ) that too being aspected by jupiter from 4th sign will make him very successful politician . Mercury the lord of 8th and 11th is exalted along with ketu in 11th sign – mercury the power of orator and speech is exalted ( uttcha ) in its own sign kanya 11th the house of gain – power by speech . since Rahu and ketu are in his 5th ( rahu at 5th ) and ketu at 11th makes him struggle hard for every efforts of him since rahu in the star of saturn and ketu in the star of mars – two opposite polarities.

      In june 2014, in gochara jupiter moves to 9th the sign cancer and gets exalted – this is most beneficial for modi and saturn second round transit of 7.5 years right now( second round saturn is called as “ponngu sani ” which means ” golden period “or very good period ” flourishing period in his life during the second round of 7.5 years transit.

      So with the moon dasa the lord of 9th house bhagiya sthana – house of luck – in its neecha bhanga raja yoga and jupiter bhukthi starts in june 2014 with the support of gochara favourable jupiter transit to 9th sign cancer and second round of saturn transit under gochara is the golden period for modi.

      i am 100% sure that he will be the P M by june/july 2014 and moon dasa is over by 2020 and mars dasa lagnathipathi – lord of lagna mars up to 2027 is the good period for him to be in the power and bring every prosperity to india and build the temple of lord Rama during this period.

  11. The Maha Dasha of Moon will prove very favorable. Between Jan 2013 and May 2014, he could be occupying the top chair.


    • As per the birth details used by me for Narendra Modi, the Moon mahadasa is about to commence in August 2012; and let’s see what comes out of it. As far as, my opinion is concerned, I have made it very clear in the article itself.

  12. God will cancel His Moon Mahadasha for better faith of this country!

  13. Modi will be the P.M. of india. Because even the moon is neecha,there is neechabhanga chakravarthy yoga
    too.more over there is shashi mangala yoga and gajakesari yoga also happen’s by moon.And sure it is depend on who the other candidate too.

  14. In my post some months back I said Modi will be undergoing moon/rahu during assembly elections. I did not realize that elections were to be held in december. I thought it was in March. He will be running Moon Mars during elections. I consider him to be Vrischika Lagna

    • I agree with Ganesha that Modi has Vrishchika lagna (time of birth as gathered from the internet is 12:22 pm IST). An important ashtakvarga rule for great success in life is that in a birth chart the 11th house should have more benefic points than the 10th house and also more than the 12th house, but the 12th house should have less points than the Lagna; further lagna and the 10th house should have at least 28 points each (all this as per the 337-point system). The Tula lagna horoscope does not have such a distribution of benefic points while the Vrishchika lagna chart does.

      Further, it is difficult to explain from Tula lagna the fact that Modi enjoyed great power during the dasha of the Sun which would be in the 12th house if he had Tula lagna (also exaltation of Mercury would not be good as an exalted planet in the 12th, 6th or 8th house gives bad results.) One the other hand, if Modi has Vrishchkia lagna, Sun would be in the 11th house — perhaps the best place for Sun in any birth chart — and would explain why he had such a good Sun dasha. Mercury’s exaltation is not good in Vrishchika lagan as and exalted eighth lord is destructive. Modi was running Ven/Mer/Mars when Gujarat riots took place. This was followed by Ven/Mer/Rahu till October 1, 2002, a very turbulent time for Modi.

      A good yoga in his chart besides those mentioned by Ganesha is Venus in Simha or Dhanu aspected by Jupiter gives a powerful Raj Yoga. However, I don’t agree with Ganesha that Saturn and Venus form raj yogas because of their being kendra lords (his May 10, 2012 post). Only Mars, Jupiter and Moon are capable of forming such raj yogas for Vrishchika lagna as they are functional benefics. Further, Saturn does give powerful raj yoga if it is in the 10th house but such a Saturn is known to be treacherous as it corrupts conduct and causes a humiliating fall. (Retrograde Jupiter can’t help here.)

      Having said all this, I think the assembly elections in Gujarat are not being held in the best of times for Modi. Moon is debilitated and in my experience, cancellation of debility is never total. Modi is running Chandra/Mangala with Mangala as the sixth lord aspecting the eighth house. Jupiter could have given protection with his 5th aspect on the eighth house but it is retrograde and suffers double affliction due to aspects of Saturn and Mars.

      Further, till December 18, 2012, Modi’s natal moon and lagna are hemmed between Saturn and Mars with Rahu in the lagna and on natal moon. Saturn in transit is in the first third of his Sadhesati but what is important here is that Saturn has fallen from 36 points in the 11th (from the moon) to 17 points in the 12th. Such a steep fall during sadhesati can be disastrous. As it comes after the high of Saturn in the eleventh house, the 12th house from the Moon is the most painful part of anyone’s Sadhesati unless the dasha is very strong and the fall of Saturn is not as steep as it is in Modi’s horoscope.

      For these reasons, I don’t think Modi has any chance of becoming the chief minister of Gujarat again. I am very keen to know what Ganesha thinks of this.

      P.S.: On a different note, I agree with Investment Management that this blog has “nice color choice…. It is really easy on the eyes.” Thanks Mr Raj Shekhar Sharma. Regards.

  15. Here, the issue is not whether Mr. Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister or not ? Right now, it is more importent that whether he will become chief Minister again or not ?

  16. Today’s election victory has confirmed that Narendra Modi ascendant is Vrishchika and Not Thula.

    As I have mentioned earlier, if he was Thula Lagna, his 10th lord would have been moon which is debilitated.

    The victory is not resounding because of debilitated Moon, but Mars COnjunct Moon is helping him win this
    election as he is currently running Moon Dasa Mars Bhukthi.

    • On the contrary, the Gujarat CM Election results are going along with Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna). Since commencement of Moon’s Mahadasa, Shri Narendra Modi is facing challenges in his personal as well as in political and social life. And, the creation of GPP is very clear evidence in this connection.

      Since, the Astrological conclusions have to be based upon Desh, Kaal and Patra concept; and, no strong or effective opposition was observed in Gujarat Politics – therefore, No views or comments were offered regarding the Gujarat CM Elections. While, for the PM selection – there are many strong contenders and during that period, the weakness of his horoscope will also be comparatively grievous to cause decline in his political career. That is why, the chances of his being able to become PM of India in 2014 are observed to be almost Nil.

      And, when you say that debilitated Moon in Vrishchika Lagna is having the Neecha Bhanga – then the victory should have been strong in place of decline in seats, specifically when he is under Dasa/Bhukti of planets (Moon/Mars) which are generating Neech Bhanga (as per your observation).

      It actually matches reasonably with Tula Lagna, wherein the commencement of weak tenth house lord (Moon) dasa has started generating weakness in his political career and by the time, he reaches towards the middle part of Moon’s Mahadasa, most of the weak results would have taken place.

    • Sharma Ji,

      My assertion is based on the rule that a person cannot become a leader with 10th lord debilitated and no planets in the 10th house and no planet aspecting 10th house.

      If he is Tula Lagna the 10th lord moon is in second house with no debilitation cancellation, no planet aspecting 10th house and no planet in 10th house.

      If he is vrishcika lagna

      5th lord is aspecting 4th and 7th lord who area conjunct in 10th house.

      This is what is helping him sustain even during the dasa of Moon.

      His horoscope is similar to Obama’s in the sense that both have a asc lord and debilitated planet in the lagna.

      In Obama’s case the lagna lord is aspecting 10th house .

      I agree with you that he has zero chance of becoming PM because he will be running Rahu Bukthi which is very unfavorable to him.

      Yedyurappa lost his CMs post during debilitated moon dasa. What helps Modi is the mars conjunct Moon.

      Chandra Mangala Yoga.

      • Dear Ganesh

        No doubt, the weakness/strength of 10th house lord is important to be considered for Raj Yoga; but, there are other aspects too, which are to be analysed and concluded. Like, the union of Lagna lord Venus with Yogakaraka Saturn is generating a Raj Yoga. Besides this, the strength of Jupiter (lord of third and sixth houses) is also very prominent. And, like I stated in the article, the political sectors significantly require winning/suppression of enemies. The strength of Jupiter is the primary factor working in favor of Shri Narendra Modi in achieving political success and rest of the aspects of life are not equally supportive. Like, he usually remain under one or another controversy.

        Mere absence of any planet from 10th house can not be considered to be applied as universal rule to judge the horoscope for political career. As far as, debilitation of 10th lord is concerned, there are many charts, wherein 10th house lord is debilitated and the person has been reasonably successful in his profession. The quantum of success may be different like one may me MLA or MP only; but still, there are people who have been able to register their space in politics even with debilitated 10h lord. Due to certain reasons; I can not disclose the names. But, I will surely try to find out some common horoscope, whose details are open to everyone, having debilitated 10th lord but enjoying reasonable success in politics. As of now, I can recall the horoscopes of Shri L. K. Advani. I am not very sure about the absolute correctness of his birth details (8 Nov 1927 time 9.20 AM Hyderabad, Pakistan) but as per these birth details, he is Vrishchika Lagna and tenth lord Sun is not only debilitated; but badly disposed in twelfth house. And, he is considered as one of the great political leaders of this country. Again, I can not claim to be hundred percent sure of birth details, but as per available horoscope, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee is Tula Lagna; and Moon is debilitated in second house of his Lagna Chart.

        Therefore, these are two different aspects; one is the quantum of success (whether one reaches at the highest level or remains somewhere at mediocre level) and the other is being able to remain active with reasonable success. If one can not become the PM and only remains limited to CM, or MP or MLA level that does not mean the horoscope is absolute weak and denying the political success.

        I try to give more value to the cumulative planetary disposition, in place of sticking to one or two points/rules. The planetary placement in the chart determines the potential of a specific horoscope, and the Dasa helps in identifying the timing of the events. When the Dasa of strong/favorable planets is operational, the positive attributes of the horoscope becomes prominent to give concrete results. And, in that very horoscope, the dasa of weak/disturbed planet give bad results.

        As regard to aspect on 10th house, with Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna), Rahu placed in sixth house is having its aspect on 10th house of his Lagna Chart.

        I hope, I am able to clear my point. We may agree or may not agree with each other; however, all such differences of opinion does provide a good platform to discuss, understand and refine our astrological skills. And, that is more important against who is correct or who is wrong.

    • My prediction has been proved wrong as Narendra Modi has won the assembly elections in Gujarat. Yet I feel his lagna is Vrishchika though I cannot figure out the astrological reasons for his win.

      • Don’t worry about the prediction; if you think you are able to identify, understand and feel his horoscope; that is more important.

        As regard to Lagna of Shri Narendra Modi, my opinion is clear that he is Libra Ascendant (Tula lagna). You may have different opinion and despite being in disagreement, I do have due regards for your opinion.

  17. Neusman,

    Conjunction of Kendra Lords or Kona Lords or Kendra and Kona Lords contribute raja yogam.

    This is the reason why i said saturn and venus in 10th is a rajayoga. Also, they are conjunct in the 10th house.

    If you take a careful look you will see that he became chief minister at the end of Venus Dasa and Saturn Bhukthi.

    As soon as the mercury Bhukthi commenced he faced problems due to riots and that is because of Mercury being conjunct with Ketu.

    • For Scorpio Ascendant (Vrishchika Lagna), Saturn becomes the lord of third and fourth houses; and Venus becomes the lord of seventh and twelfth houses. Therefore, none of these planets (Saturn and Venus) will be ruling over Trikona Bhava to generate Rajyoga due to union of Kendra and Kona (Trikona) lords.

      At very best, this union of Saturn + Venus can be considered union between two Kendra lords. But at the same time, Venus becomes the Maraka planet for Vrichchika Lagna besides being the lord of twelfth house; and Saturn is also papi due to its lordship over third house.

      And, if you do the comparison with Tula Lagna; the union of Saturn + Venus is clearly looking to be significantly auspicious and comparatively much better for Tula Lagna (wherein both planets are having auspicious lordships, Venus being the Lagna lord and Saturn being the Yogakaraka).

    • Ganesha,
      What time do you take as the time of birth of Narendra Modi? I have been using 12-22 pm. It seems I made an error in dasha/antardasha calculation because, if Modi’s time of birth is 12-22 pm, he was already running Moon/Rahu during the elections and not Moon/Mars as I had thought. Hence, the 12-22 pm birth time doesn’t look correct. I am sorry for the error.
      You have been using 11:10 am as Modi’s birth time. Am I right?
      Regards. Neusmann

      • Neusman,

        I based it on two defining moments in his life

        1. Becoming Chief Minister for the First Time in October 2001

        2. Godhra Carnage and Riots that Followed it.

        I adjusted the time in the software and came to the conclusion that he would have been born between 11:00 and 11:05 (The difference in the time could be due to the preferences that I use to calculate)

        At the time of becoming chief minister he should have been running venus-saturn-jupiter

        and should have been running hostile sub period during feb-march 2002

        Mercury is 8th lord and 11th lord, he is expected to give mixed results but he is conjunct with kethu and sun. I therefore thought that he might be running venus-mercury-mercury venus-mercury-kethu

        • Ganesh, many thanks for explaining how you arrived at Narendra Modi’s correct birth time. Sorry for the delay in replying.

  18. Very good article and great discussion..
    I found that India’s prominent astrologer Shri. K. N. Rao use these birth details of Narendra Modi –
    DOB – 17/09/1950
    Time – 12.59 hrs
    Place – Vadnagar (Gujarat)
    I would like to request sharmaji, Ganeshji and all other astrologers to please look into Narendra Modi’s chart once again with these details and give their prediction about the future of him.
    I know very astrology, When I look at charts made by these details then he has vrischika lagna and Moon-Rahu Dasha is from 22/08/2011 to 20/02/2013…so it is ending in few months and after that Jupiter antardasha will start. From all the discussion, I concluded that Moon-Rahu period was not good for him and I think it is correct because he got only 115 seats but considering his popularity, his development and his hardwork, He should have got more than 140-150 seats, But as his dasha was not favourable so he got much less seats.
    I would like to know what future holds him if we consider the above time of birth.

    • Nilesh: Two of K N Rao Saheb’s students had written on Narendra Modi’s horoscope before the 2007 assembly elections (on the Journal of Astrology website). They had studied the Vrishchika lagna chart — the birth time being provided by one S. Hegde — and had predicted that Modi would win the 2007 polls but would not complete his third term as chief minister. The first part of the prediction came correct as Modi won the 2007 elections, but not the second part. Modi began his fourth term as CM after he won the elections in December 2012. However, we have no idea what Rao Saheb himself thinks about Modi’s future in politics. Has he written anything on Modi’s future anywhere?

  19. Raj Ji,

    Would you be able to provide your analysis on Jayalalithaa’s horoscope. DOB 24th Feb 1948 , Mysore, 14:34 Hrs.

    I really think her party’s sweep in TN and Pondicherry will decide who will form the next government at the centre.

    If She manages to win 30-35 seats It won’t be a congress Govt at the centre .

    She is currently running Guru Dasa Guru Bhukthi , Guru Will be in 11th House From Rasi, Saturn in 3rd House From Rasi at the time of 2014 Lok Sabha Election.

    Guru Happens to be her 10th lord, Exalted Venus in the 10th House indicates power rajayoga.

    Waiting for your analysis

    • Yes, as far as, the disposition of Jupiter and Venus is concerned; both planets are suitably placed and capable of promoting the horoscope for political success. The only issue, which I feel, is the aspect of Rahu (become debilitated in her Navamsha) on Jupiter and the combust Mercury facing affliction from Mars (also aspected by Rahu). And, the timing of elections is likely to have a strong say in the results as well as the horoscopes of her political opponents. If the elections are held between Sept 2013 to Feb 2014; some good chances of success are there. Clean sweep by Jayalalitha ji is looking a bit doubtful though due to the transit union of Rahu with Saturn.

  20. Nice Analysis What will be the political situation In the country as rahul & modi dont have capability for Pm Post which Allies may come to Power ?

  21. It is very interesting reading of Mr.Narendra Modi astro analysis, i just read today i am also novice in this study when i analyzed i have seen certain more information and wish to share. First of all fiery nature of Mr.Modi is not just in Lagna alone i feel lagna is correct but but we must notice Lagna and Mars(kuja share same star only pada is different means it has big effect on personality traits.
    secondly with all the respect i beg to differ some reading of Moon dasa predictions NOW since 07-08-2012 Moon mahadasa started and every body now know what is going on including Mr.Advani’s desparate overtures to stop Mr.Modi and failure because Mr. MODI IS UNDER NEECHA BANGA RAJAYOGA and that too under most fiery planet Mars gift, added to this from 5th of janaury 2014 Rahu bukti starts who is in 6th house will just ensure Mr.MODI becoming PRIME MINISTER of INDIA.
    Already distruction of Congress Government in all fields specially started with FINANCE what ever taal claims and standings of Manmohan singh, Chidambaram, Montek singh ahluwalia all of them are running to cover themselves but they all will have grand death because of weak Astro position of the Congress candidate Mr.Rahul Gandhi. India birth chart also favours this because of kala chakra effect.

  22. How the Moon sign could be scorpio Is his star is Vsaga or Anusha or Jeysta what is his star. How it could be KALASARBA DOOSHA when Sturn and Venus are lying in outer area. Deep study and naltical Amsa study are poor. Check it by occupying stars of every Planet. Dont be in a haste to predict false things.

  23. Modi is the fittest candidate for the Prime Minister of India.whatever may be the prediction,the gathering of
    of people in his meeting tells this.

  24. You are an idiot in astrology. Narendra Modi is going to be the next Prime minister of India. Stop fooling people with your incomplete knowledge.

    • Very well Mr Vijay. Usually I avoid publishing such gross comments; but, will definitely be publishing yours. I completely disagree with your opinion and am not worried at all. This was an honest analysis, which unfortunately went wrong. And, there are somany successful predictions in my lap to be happy and confident about my knowledge. Anyway, the sting of your adjective will always keep me motivated to improve and perform better in future.

      • Mr Raj, your predictions were correct as per the data you used. unfortunately what went wrong is the time of birth you had assumed. Appreciating your courage for not deleting the article when predictions went wrong..which will help others to have a comparative study from both lagna’s based on the known results…

    • Mr. Raj Shekhar Sharma seems to be a brave man, he has not changed his pages when modi became PM. we need great people like him for conducting research in Astrology
      —CA. Sethu S Money

  25. Modi is Vrichika Lagna that explains his victory.

  26. If you read a wrong book you will go wrong. It is vrishchika lagan with moon giving Neech bhanga Rajyog.

  27. You have made astrology your business.Shame on you and your prediction.Narendra Modi’s ascendant is Scorpio and not Libra.It is clear now as Yoga Karaka and Bhagyesh Moon with Neechabhanga Rajayoga has elevated his position and there is no question of any danger to his health as Moon is not in the second house but in the Ascendant.

    • This is another disgruntled soul looking to quench their thirst of making personal comments. And, this is really an irony that in our society such people are wandering without any leash. Am I the only astrologer whose prediction went wrong? There were many others ( I don’t want to name) who were not convinced about the possibility of Narendra Modi becoming PM of India. It happens with almost every astrologer; we make our best and, sometimes, it didn’t work out. But does that allow anyone of you to make such gross comments.

      Several of my predictions came true but I haven’t seen these persons making any positive comments or uttering any word of appreciation. Very recent example is of Kejriwal’s horoscope analysis; and, there are a very few comments on that post. Anyway, you keep doing your sick job and I will continue with mine.

  28. Sharmaji, Its sad to read your clarification. Mrinal has not written anything wrong to judge her sick job. If you make 50% correct & 50% incorrect prediction, then you have to learn lot more in the deep ocean of astrology. Mrinal’s explanation is quite acceptable if we understand bit astrology

    • Yes, this is sad for me too to observe some people acting like judge without being asked for. You don’t find anything wrong – your selective choice. I found it absolutely undesirable to make personal comments like, “shame on you”. What is to be ashamed about; I simply made an analysis which didn’t work like so many other astrologers would have experienced. If you are really so matured, keep your comments focussed to the analysis like, other matured persons are doing over here (discussing it rationally) And, besides I haven’t seen you making any comment in any of the other posts; one prediction went wrong and you find a good opportunity to jump in. Well done Mr Neel Astrology.

  29. As I have mentioned in my previous posts a person with 10th lord debilitated with no benefic aspect on the 10th house and 10th house unoccupied can never occupy such powerful positions. This was the reason why I felt thula lagna was incorrect.

    Also Modi is a very energetic personality typical of people who have mars/sun/juptier/mercury (in descending order) in their ascendants.

    If Modi is Vrischika lagna there is very powerful gaja kesari yogam and various raja yogas.

    5th house lord in 4th house, rahu in 5th house and malefic aspects on 5th house lord indicates loss /no kids

    7th house lord with saturn indicates troubled married life / no marriage.

    Mercury in the 11th (swakshtra) with 10th lord lord indicates gains through communication and position.

    This is very interesting. Modi used his communication skills with his position/track record as gujarat CM to attain higher office.

    The only aspect that I was concerned was the rahu bhukthi. Looks like in his case the powerful lagna did the the trick.

    That is what Sage agastiya said astrology can never be 100% accurate.

  30. “Therefore, the chances of Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister of India are almost NIL.” – In 2014 I can smile at the above comment. Suns & planets cannot micro manage our lives.

  31. Well your prediction proves to be wrong Mr astrologer. Modi is the prime minister

  32. I have had the opportunity to get astrological guidance from Raj Shekarji.He has a sound knowledge in vedic astrology.One should understand that astrology is a deep understanding of all the shastras One has to be a student throughout in order to grasp its intensity.No astrologer in the world has predicted everything that has turned out to be 100%correct.What is important is to search and research as to what went wrong in the prediction.that is the quality of a good astrologer,and that quality is in him.To say things which is disrespectful and harmful to a person is not the way one should communicate.

  33. sir delete this article because results are already out

  34. Your prediction is wrong…might u have not analyse the power of Neech bhang raj yoga of moon.

  35. Sir, I really respect your views, I really like the stand you have taken. Though I am not THAT big knowledgeable person in astrology, your analysis has pretty clearly mentioned that NaMo always takes people by surprise. I am really glad that you have not taken down this article despite the results being opposite of what you had predicted. This shows your honesty and dedication towards your work. Do not entertain your critics and keep working in your domain (that’s the rule that NaMo follows) and keep writing more. Please write some astrology predictions whether Indo-Sino relations and Indo-Pak relations will get bitter in coming days? Will our Modi government find solutions to these issues? Regional conflicts, communal divide, increasing numbers of crimes; will these ever controlled or is the worse yet to come?

  36. The horoscope I have come across of Namo shows vruschik lagna and time of birth as 11am at Mehsana.

  37. Dear Sir,
    Mr. Modi has scorpio Lagna.
    Please correct and that explains evreything

    • Narendra Modi’s own brother showed the horoscope of him where the ascendant was Libra and the birth time was 10 A.M. leaving no room for any confusion.The photocopy of that horoscope was also published in a magazine.

  38. Dob-20/04/1986,Time- 18:00PM,place -porsa
    ,I have neechbhanga rajyoga in my kundli ,I want to confirm it ,can u tell me about it thank you

  39. You are wrong about narendrs modi. He won and pm of india.

  40. Sir was just reading this post of yours. Any comments now on Mr. Modi becoming PM, when you said his probability of becoming PM is nil.

  41. U r wrong because due 2 neech bhang rajyog Namo became PM & continue

  42. what are your present comments, where did you go wrong, .. how can you over look, you did the same think what Astrologer kapil do.. tall claims, but thers a difference had the guts to keep this page .. kapil just delete it… by the way no leader give his chart to anybody… he only gives his chart to his very cose astrologer..

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