India Horoscope |Vedic Astrology Prediction

During the next week ( 5 September 2011 to 11 September 2011); three prominent transit changes will be taking place. The transit Mercury will be entering Leo zodiac on 5 September 2011.  And, the transit Mars and Venus will enter their debilitation zodiac signs on 9th and 10th of September 2011 respectively. The  Mars rules over seventh and twelfth houses; while Venus is the lord of first and sixth houses in Vedic Birth Chart of India.



At present, the Antardasa of Rahu is operational under Sun Mahadasa over Vedic Horoscope of India; and Rahu (North Node) is also transiting in its debilitation zodiac sign Scorpio.  From 9 September 2011 onwards, the Pratyantardasa of Mars will commence in Sun/Rahu Bhukti; and on that very day, Mars will be entering into its debilitation zodiac sign in transit. The transit Mars will remain in Cancer zodiac sign till 30 October 2011.   This is actually generating negative planetary impact over vedic birth chart of India.There are five planets in third house of the natal birth chart of India namely the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Being lord of seventh and twelfth houses; the Mars is not an auspicious planet; and its general nature is  also cruel, aggressive, violent and dominating.

The combined influence of planetary position in Indian Horoscope, Dasa and transit position of Mars and Rahu is not healthy for peace and tranquility of the nation. The astrology readings are suggesting that there are strong chances of increase in social problems during next couple of months, specifically after 9 September 2011.  The general attitude of the masses will remain strongly aggressive and violent.  There will be increase in anti-social activities as well as the crime rate will also rise rapidly.  The general public may suffer on account of strong and violent reaction of the authorities; and there are also possibilities of severe natural disasters.  Political and Economic stability is likely to remain threatened; which may have bad impact on the overall growth of the nation. The inauspicious impact is likely to be more in geographical locations in East, North-East and North side of the India.  Therefore, caution is required by all while operating at public places during next couple of months, specifically till 30 October 2011.