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financial-problems-money-wealth-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-predictionMoney is not everything; but yet its importance cannot be denied mere its being secondary to many other important aspects of our life.  Financial solvency is also one of the major ways to judge success and potential of our personality.  On a broader note, there are two types of finance or wealth; one is inherited and the other is accommodated.  In both cases, one has to be very alert, careful and studious enough to maintain and/or generate required finance or money for fulfillment of basic necessities of life.  It is not just your profession or business; the financial problems do cast significant influence on your personality, health, relationships and performance.  A person, who is not being rewarded for his efforts and fails to solve financial problems, may suffer from depression, disturbed relationships and may even get addicted to vices. Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope are quite helpful in this regard.

$-Financial astrology – Managing your money-$

Managing your money is a tricky business and one has to be of very sharp intellect.  The strength and placement of Mercury in your vedic horoscope has prominent influence in managing your money. The additional factors to be counted for money management in birth chart are Moon and Ascendant lord.  In addition to above, fifth house is also helpful in managing your money.  The combined strength of these aspects of financial astrology are helpful in deciding if a person will be successful in managing money or otherwise.  Many people, who are well endowed with rich inheritance; often end up losing everything due to weakness of Mercury and fifth house.

$-Financial Astrology – Help with financial problems$

Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can provide reasonable help in financial astrology.  To get help with financial problems, the strength of third, ninth and eleventh houses is analyzed. The strength of Mars and Jupiter is also supportive in ascertaining the level of help with financial problems.  Financial problems may occur due to debts, loss of job, sudden financial loss, closure of business, sudden heavy expenses, theft, fire, cheating and accidents etc.  The strength of ninth house and Jupiter is always helpful and acts as a protective cover.  Strong Third house and Mars makes you active and alert; and you can immediately react during unfavorable circumstances.  In financial astrology, the Eleventh house helps by keeping the flow of money intact and uninterrupted. These areas of your vedic horoscope are scrutinized to check for help with financial problems In financial astrology.  And, you also have advance indications of probable future circumstances to plan and act accordingly.

$-Financial Astrology – How to Solve Financial Problems-$

The role of Financial Astrology is also important in resolving financial problems through vedic remedies. The use of suitable gemstones is specifically helpful in dealing with financial problems as such these are easily available worldwide.  The second and eleventh are primary houses related with money, wealth, status, income and finance.  If the lords of these houses are weak but not making any inauspicious relationship with malefic planets and houses; wearing of gemstones related to second or eleventh house lords is quite helpful.  Operating planetary period (Dasa/Antardasa) is also prominent in deciding the suitable gemstones. In addition to this, simple vedic remedies are also suggested in Financial Astrology to solve financial problems.  Cruel planets like Mars, Saturn and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) cause more trouble as compared to other planets.  Propitiation and appeasement of any such planet is also helpful to solve financial problems.   Astrology readings of your vedic horoscope can also help you to identify suitable sectors of professional fields (like entertainment, sports, manufacturing, banking, computer, engineering etc.) to exploit your potential and make fruitful efforts for your financial betterment.


Let us examine two example horoscopes in the light of above facts.

arngop-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-predictionIn this vedic horoscope, Jupiter is debilitated and united with exalted Mars.  Jupiter rules over fourth and seventh houses of this horoscope; and its union with exalted Mars (lord of third and eighth houses) is not desirable.  The lord of second and ninth houses is Venus and the same is exalted in seventh house.  Venus, however, is combust and united with twelfth lord Saturn.  Mercury, lord of ascendant and tenth house, has gone to sixth house and become weak.  Eleventh house lord Moon is badly placed in eighth house. Due to weakness of Mercury, the native faced problems in managing his money.  He tried to gain some money through share trading, investment in property,  and property dealing; but due to weakness of Mercury and ill placed Moon, he failed to properly manage his money  and had subsequent losses.  The affliction of Mars to Jupiter has made him pro-active; due to which he could not gather required social and professional support during unfavorable circumstances.  The exalted Venus and well placed Saturn has blessed him with good inheritance and established business.  Fifth lord Saturn is well placed, therefore, complete inauspicious influence of Mercury is not there. However, due to weakness of Moon, he often faces obstructions in his regular income and finance.


amitabh-bachchan-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-vedic-astrology-prediction-readingThis vedic horoscope belongs to famous bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachchan.  As can be seen, Mercury is exalted in eighth house but become combust due to being too close to the Sun.  Third lord Mars is also combust and badly placed in eighth house along with debilitated Venus (also combust) and the Sun. The eleventh house lord Jupiter is exalted, which is  somewhat supportive for smooth flow of finance; but being in sixth house it is not fully strong. And during Mercury Mahadasa, Amitabh Bachchan suffered on account of his failure in money management. The problems were severe during the antardasas of Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars i.e. from August 1993 to August 1999.  It was only during the antardasa/sub-period of well placed and strong Rahu (September 1999 to March 2002) that he could find some solutions for the acute problems.  And, it is also a well known fact that the gems and astrology have been quite helpful for him to deal with his financial problems.

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