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Dhoni laments bad luck: Is it really bad luck, which has started chasing Dhoni or something else, which resulted into such poor performance and severe failure on the part of Indian Cricket Team?  Well, I believe it to be the bad luck or misfortune.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the guy who made India proud just a few months ago; the coolest Captain and strong hitter of the ball is now failing to get hold of things without any logical reasons. The performance of the whole Indian Cricket Team (well almost whole team) started going down, players getting injured in the middle of the matches, wrong Umpiring decisions causing great setbacks and almost everything including the Weather God appears to be against Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Well, it was almost exactly indicated in my article dated 25 January 2011 that the period from September 2010 to April 2013 belongs to Mercury Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa and is not strong. .  During this Antardasa of Mercury in Dhoni Horoscope, we may see him loosing the Captaincy and also making some grievous mistakes of his cricket career. This period is also indicating problem to his parents and they may suffer from some serious health issues.   Dhoni may not be able to continue his image of being the coolest Captain of Indian Cricket Team and may get involved in controversies and arguments.  Read the complete article.

Dhoni did manage to continue his charm for few months; however, the performance  started to suffer as against his past performances before September 2010.

Test Match Performance of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mat Runs HS Bat Av 100 Ct St
year 2005 3 149 51* 37.25 0 5 1
year 2006 12 557 148 29.31 1 36 8
year 2007 8 468 92 52.00 0 14 3
year 2008 12 633 92 35.16 0 26 5
year 2009 5 369 110 92.25 2 21 1
year 2010 13 749 132* 41.61 1 41 7
year 2011 8 317 77 24.38 0 30 0


ODI Performance of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mat Runs HS Bat Av 100 Ct St
year 2004 3 19 12 9.50 0 4 2
year 2005 27 895 183* 49.72 2 19 6
year 2006 29 821 96 41.05 0 33 3
year 2007 37 1103 139* 44.12 1 31 18
year 2008 29 1097 109* 57.73 1 38 11
year 2009 29 1198 124 70.47 2 26 11
year 2010 18 600 101* 46.15 1 19 4
year 2011 15 349 91* 31.72 0 11 5


mahendra-singh-dhoni-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-1And, it can be easily understood that the graph of Dhoni’s performance declined significantly during this year 2011.  The recent loss of Test Series against England by Clean Sweep is one of the biggest defeats that Indian Cricket Team has had in past four decades.  The recent ODI cricket match against England was held on 3rd September 2011, and Indian Cricket Team did put a challenging score for the England Cricket Team. The Indian Bowlers also managed to get two quick wickets, and there were great chances of India winning the ODI.  And, suddenly the misfortune strike again in the shape of bad weather. And, when the England Cricket Team was struggling after losing two quick wickets at 27 runs in 7.2 Overs, the cricket match was canceled due to rain.

I mean, what a person can do under such unfavorable circumstances. He is the same Dhoni who gave nightmares to many bowlers and Cricket Captains; and now he has to listen words like, “Donkey” for his team mates.  Winning and losing is part and parcel of any sports; but with Dhoni – this is a complete contrast.  A few months ago, Dhoni was at the top; and now being held responsible for the third biggest defeat of Indian Cricket Team.  What else than the Destiny, which can be understood of being playing its cruel game with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It is as if the intuitions stopped working in favor of Dhoni, and people have started questioning his decisions. The upcoming transit changes of Mars (from 9 September 2011 onwards) and Venus (from 10 September 2011 onwards)  are appearing to add into the already problematic conditions in horoscope of Dhoni. Let’s hope, Dhoni keep his moral high during unfavorable planetary period and put his best efforts for coming cricket matches.