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Mahendra-singh-dhoni-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-prediction-1Dhoni Team returned Empty Handed.  At the time of departure of Dhoni Team to England, most of the News Channels were airing the News as, “Dhoni Team will Vasool Lagaan from English Cricketers.  However, things didn’t go that way as such astrology readings of Mahendra Singh Dhoni were indicating inauspicious results.  And, as it would have been, the Dhoni Team could not make it in England and returned home carrying taint of complete failure in Cricket Tour of England. It was beyond reasonable understanding of many, when I have pointed out the forthcoming inauspicious results for Mahendra Singh Dhoni in my article dated 25 January 2011.

Astrology readings of current antardasa of Mercury in Rahu Mahadasa (September 2010 to April 2013) are not as strong; and during this period Dhoni may not be able to excel as strongly as he used to be.  During this antardasa of Mercury in Dhoni Horoscope, we may see him loosing the Captaincy and also making some grievous mistakes of his cricket career. This period is also indicating problem to his parents and they may suffer from some serious health issues.   Dhoni may not be able to continue his image of being the coolest Captain of Indian Cricket Team and may get involved in controversies and arguments.

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The England Tour of Indian Cricket Team was worst of its kind in the history of Indian Cricket.  However, currently there are no apparent threats appearing on Dhoni, but the symptoms and results of this big defeat have certainly raised reasonable doubt over the Captaincy of Dhoni.  During the whole tour of England, the commentators and Cricket Stalwarts were raising questions and doubts about the decisions taken by Dhoni.  Sunil Gavaskar has clearly mentioned that the inertness and shortage of required temperament for winning was one of the main reasons behind Dhoni losing all cricket matches during England Tour of Indian Cricket Team. Most of the times, the body language of Dhoni was not upto the mark; and he just tried to maintain a smiling face along with complete failure.  The inauspicious planetary influence has denied him of the strong support of co-players in Indian Cricket Team on the basis of which he managed to remain at the top of World Cricket.

As of now, the inauspicious Antardasa of Mercury is still operational till April 2013.  As has been stated in the above mentioned article, the chances of Dhoni losing his captaincy are quite strong.  Besides, Dhoni have already got involved in the controversies and questions are being raised on his decisions. No doubt, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will leave no stone unturned in proving himself; however, the planets are not in his favor.  The moment, the Selectors of Indian Cricket Team find some substitute for Dhoni – he is likely to be sacked from his position as Captain of Indian Cricket Team.  The correctness of astrology readings regarding Dhoni facing inauspicious planetary dasa will be more clear during the Champions League T – 20, which is starting from today dated 19 September 2011.

The England tour of India is scheduled to commence from 14 October 2011 onwards; and this may be the last chance for Mahendra Singh Dhoni to prove his Skills as a Batsman as well as a Captain.

During the England tour of Indian Cricket Team; Dhoni did not came to bat at upper positions despite being reasonbly required by the situations.  And, most of the commentators and cricket stalwards have raised doubt over such defensive attitude of Dhoni.  I do hope that Mahendra Sindh Dhoni will definitely put all his best efforts to sustain under the inauspicious planetary situations.

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