Sep 082011

Mahendra-singh-dhoni-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-predictionThe second One Day International match between India and England was played on 6 September 2011 at Southampton, England.  And, once again despite putting a good total on the score board, the Indian Cricket Team failed to register the much needed victory over England Cricket Team.  Frankly speaking, the Captaincy Skills of Mahendra Singh Dhoni appeared so ordinary and he looked to have lost the usual charm and strength, on the basis of which he was made Captain of the Indian Cricket Team.

Due to bad weather conditions, the match was reduced to 23 Overs. Parthiv and Rahane gave good start to Indian Innings; and almost each player of Indian Cricket Team contributed well in the scoring total of 187 Runs.  The score was quite defendable; and could be more than 200 if Dhoni would have decided to bat a little bit earlier in place of coming at number 6 position. This point was also highlighted by the commentators during the match.  Dhoni has got great batting skills; and as a Captain he should have come to bat after dismissal of Rahul Dravid during 15th Over.  At that time, Indian Cricket Team has already made 102 Runs in 14.2 Overs and more than 8 Overs were pending to be bowled.  Had Dhoni would have been there at the batting crease at that time, that would have definitely resulted into a score of 200 plus. Seems like the bad planetary period in horoscope of Mahendra Singh Dhoni has overshadowed the confidence of Dhoni.  Even during the England Innings, the body language of Dhoni was not much comfortable.  It was as if Dhoni was just watching the Cricket Match go away without taking any strong and desperate measures to give a good fight.

The bowling and fielding performance of Indian Cricket Team was also average; but this is the job of the Captain to encourage the whole Team in making contribution and strong endeavors by having a fighting spirit. However, that was not observed.  The decision of handing over the ball to Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina could not produce any results; the field setting remained defensive during most of the time; and ultimately Indian Cricket Team lost another cricket match.  The absence of experienced players like Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendular, Virendra Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Zahir Khan has left Dhoni alone to fight for pride of Indian Cricket Team in this England Tour.

The inauspicious planetary influence has not only robbed Dhoni of the support of experienced players but also not allowing him to think and act dominantly on the field.  The feeling of pain and helplessness was quite obvious on the face of Mahendra Singh Dhoni during post match presentation ceremony when he was deliberately asked disturbing questions with sarcastic smile on the face of people putting those questions.  The next ODI is scheduled for 9 September 2011; and I hope this time Dhoni will show some courage and lead the team as a Captain in place of being a helpless spectator on the ground.  The  astrology readings of Mahendra Singh Dhoni horoscope are not in his favor; and favorable results may not be there.  But at least, some positive attitude of fighting can be shown.  Winning and Losing are important; but most important is how you play and react.

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