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The role and importance of family is well known to all of us and need no introduction.  Family is the basic foundation unit of our society, which plays very important role in building up the overall life of a person.  In vedic astrology horoscope, the second, fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth houses deal with main pillars of our family.  Inter alia other things, the second house of vedic birth chart is related to family.  And strength of second house and its lord is of paramount importance in deciding the happiness on account of family and status in life.  In addition to this, the fourth and tenth houses of vedic horoscope are related with mother and father respectively.  The ninth house of vedic horoscope rules over luck and fortune, hence, weakness and affliction on the part of ninth house is also not auspicious for well being of parents, specifically father.

The nature of problems or comforts on the part of family are judged through these four houses of your vedic birth chart.  Additionally,  the strength of Sun, Moon and Jupiter is also of paramount importance while judging the support to/from family in the vedic horoscope of a person.  The marital happiness is judged through combined analysis of second, fourth, seventh and ninth houses; however, in this article the focus is kept on the social, financial and personal aspects of the parents.

If all relevant houses and planets are well placed and strong in a horoscope, the native concerned is born in rich and reputed family; and enjoys all materialistic comforts in his/her life.  During contrary situation, the negative results prevails in the life.  The nature and amount of problems is analyzed on the basis of level of weakness and affliction in the vedic horoscope.  But in all cases, the role and importance of second house is of paramount importance.  That is, if second house is severely disturbed – then the role other relevant houses becomes very limited in protecting and promoting the significations related to family.

Let us examine some of the horoscopes in the light of above mentioned concepts of vedic astrology.

Vedic Horoscope of Ben Affleck

In Vedic Birth Chart of Ben Affleck, the Sun, Ketu and Mercury are placed in second house.  Lord of second house is Moon, which is well placed in fifth house of ascendant chart.  Lord of ninth house Saturn has gone to twelfth house; and malefic Mars has its inauspicious aspect over ninth and tenth houses.  The inauspicious influences are there; however, the lord of second house is well placed.  During his childhood, the parents of Ben Affleck were separated, when he was under mahadasa of Rahu, which is placed in eighth house.

Vedic Horoscope of Rajinikanth


In Vedic Birth Chart of Rajinikanth second house is occupied by Ketu and Saturn.  Being lord of sixth and seventh houses, the placement of Saturn is not desirable for matters related to family and parents.  Saturn also has its aspect over the Sun, placed in fourth house of his horoscope.  The lord of second house Moon is also ill placed in sixth house, however, the union of Moon with exalted Mars is auspicious and supportive.  Due to these inauspicious influences, Rajinikanth lost his mother during his childhood.

Vedic Horoscope of Elvis Presley


In Vedic Birth Chart of Elvis Presley, the second house is occupied by the Sun and Mercury.  The placement of Sun is auspicious, while the involvement of Mercury is not clean.  As lord of eleventh house, the union of Sun + Mercury is good; while being eighth lord, the Mercury will also have malice in giving the results pertaining to second house i.e. family.  The lord of second house Jupiter has gone to twelfth house.  Ninth lord Moon is conjunct with malefic Saturn in fourth house.  These planetary placements resulted into very troublesome life of parents.   Elvis Presley was born and brought up in somewhat humble circumstances and the family often relied upon help from the govt. and/or neighbors. In 1938, the family lost their home and Elvis father Vernon was jailed for eight months.

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