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stephen-crane-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-vedic-astrologyNoted American writer and journalist, Stephen Crane was born on 1 November 1871 in New Jersey, USA when the Libra zodiac sign was rising in his Ascendant.  Stephen had a very short life and died of tuberculosis on 5 June 1900.  At that time, he was just above 28 years of age.  Stephen Crane was quite matured since his childhood; and started writing around 4 years of age.  And, by the age of 16 years, Stephen Crane had published several articles.  At the age of 20 years, Stephen left the college and started working as a reporter.  His first novel, “Maggie” was published in 1893; and, he won international acclaim for his second novel, “The Red Badge of Courage”- which was based upon American Civil War.  Surprisingly enough, Stephen Crane wrote the novel without having experience about the Battle.  The vedic astrology horoscope of Stephen Crane is filled with numerous vivid planetary combinations perfectly matching with a very short, but quite  energetic life which brought great innovations to modern fiction.


The Ascendant lord Venus has gone to twelfth house and is debilitated too.  The ascendant is occupied by debilitated Sun and combust Mercury.  The malefic influence of debilitated Sun in first house of Stephen Crane horoscope caused him to suffer on frequent health issues right from his childhood.  Stephen was quite often sickly and afflicted by constant colds.  The ill placement and debilitation of the ascendant lord Venus further added to the negative influence caused by debilitated Sun in his first house.  Venus, not only rules over first house; but also has lordship over the eighth house – prime house for the longevity.  At the time of his death, Stephen Crane was under main period of Jupiter sub-period of weak Venus.

The tenth house of Stephen Crane horoscope is occupied by exalted Jupiter, which rules over third and sixth houses of his birth chart.  As per the lordship, Jupiter is a malefic planet for Libra Ascendant people; and its strong placement in tenth house is not very auspicious for parents ( specifically father), health, longevity, stability in profession and finance.  The tenth house lord Moon is conjunct with Rahu in ninth house and also having aspects of Mars and Saturn.  Stephen lost his father around 8 years of age; and within next couple of years – his mother also died.

The second lord Mars is conjunct with malefic Ketu and Yogakaraka Saturn in the third house of Stephen Crane horoscope.  Saturn rules over fourth and fifth houses of his birth chart; and its placement in third house is the key reason behind his being an author.  The strong Jupiter (as lord of third house) and placement of Mercury in the ascendant (however weak due to combustion) added to it; and blessed Stephen Crane with excellent writing skills.   Stephen Crane is considered to be one of the most innovative writers of his era.

Despite being reasonably successful in his professional career as a writer; Stephen Crane continuously suffered on account of money crunches and remained debt ridden during most of his life. In the birth chart of Stephen Crane, the following planetary placement did never let him enjoy the financial solvency

  • – the debilitation of eleventh lord (financial gains) Sun in the ascendant
  • – weak ascendant lord Venus placed in twelfth house,
  • – and the malefic aspect of Jupiter (sixth house lord denoting debts) over the second house (wealth).

At the time of his death, Stephen Crane had become a notable figure in the American literature and now resting in the family plot at the Evergreen Cemetery in New Jersey, USA.

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