Jul 142011

In the cut throat competition of the current Era, the survival has become a little bit more difficult than earlier times.  The values and moral ethics have almost eloped from the society, and the youth is trying to get rich by either means.  But still there are people who value moral conduct and are law abiding citizens of India.  And, they are most vulnerable to be cheated or threatened by anti-social elements. The harm is more significant and torturous, when one becomes a victim of cheating in business and personal relationships.  Like, after getting into the partnership with someone, you get to know that the other person is manipulating the affairs causing a lot tensions and financial loss; or it is only after getting married or engaged you came to know that the person is already married or having criminal tendencies.  Vedic Astrology readings of a horoscope can not only indicate the vulnerability on your part to get cheated by others; but it can also guide you by analyzing the birth chart of the other person concerned.  Though, such vedic astrology readings are provided under full confidentiality and are subject to financial charges.Identifying criminal tendencies in a vedic astrology horoscope usually depends upon the following factors:

  • The placement of Mars in Natal and divisional charts.
  • The relationship of Moon with cruel and malefic planets.
  • The relationship of third and sixth houses with Mars, Moon and ascendant lord.

Given below are some vedic astrology horoscopes having ample explanation about criminal tendencies.

The Ascendant is occupied by Mars, which rules over sixth and eleventh houses; and a strong negative planet for Gemini Ascendant people.  Mars is having aspect of debilitated Saturn placed in eleventh house.  The ascendant lord Mercury is combust and ill placed in twelfth house along with third lord Sun and exalted Rahu.  Moon, however, is conjunct with Jupiter in fourth house and exalted Venus is placed in tenth house of this vedic astrology horoscope.


This birth chart belongs to Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatama Gandhi on 30th January 1948.  At that time, Nathuram Godse was under main period (Mahadasa) of Jupiter and sub period (Antardasa of debilitated Saturn).  The Jupiter is under malefic aspect of Mars while the Saturn is debilitated in Mars zodiac sign.  In his Navamsha Chart, the third house is occupied by Mars and Moon; while the Saturn is placed in sixth house.  The weakness and ill placement of lagna lord Mercury; influence of malefic Mars over Lagna and tenth lord Jupiter and the operation of debilitated Saturn antardasa in tenth lord Mahadasa are some of the reasons behind.  The influence of Rahu and third lord Sun over Mercury in twelfth house are also to be considered for enhancing the malefic influence and relationship between first, third and sixth houses.

In this vedic astrology horoscope (given below), Ascendant lord Venus is exalted in sixth house.  Venus, however, is conjunct with Sun and this union of Venus + Sun is under aspect of Jupiter and Rahu placed in tenth house.  Jupiter rules over third and sixth houses in Libra Ascendant and is a strong negative planet.  The union of Jupiter + Rahu in tenth house generates, Guru Chandala Yoga – and its impact have become significantly inauspicious as such Jupiter is a strong malefic and exalted in tenth house.  Third house is under aspect of Mars, which is placed in ninth house.  The Moon is placed in eleventh house and is not having any relationship with first, third or sixth houses.


This vedic astrology birth chart belongs to noted criminal Charles Shobraj.  He was a serial killer and also known as “The Serpent” and, “the Bikini Killer”.  Charles Shobraj allegedly committed 12 murders and currently serving prison in Nepal. The influence of Jupiter + Rahu union over Lagna lord Venus; and the impact of Mars over ninth, twelfth, third and fourth houses has made him a dreaded criminal.  The mahadasa of Mars started from March 1959 ( 15 years of age) and thereafter, Charles Shobraj remained under main periods of Rahu and Jupiter till 56 years of age.

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