Jul 152011

With so many big opportunities in Entertainment Sector, very many people are looking to try their luck in acting, singing, modeling, and other sub-sectors in Entertainment Industry.  Apparently, it may seem to be the easiest and/or simplest thing to do; though, in reality,  it demands much more hard work, patience and talent than any other business or profession.  in particular, acting requires a lot more than looks and/or physique.  Acting is an art as well as the talent, which requires to be groomed up for having the favorable results of one’s endeavors.  Career in acting is almost like being speculative; you may or may not be successful without any apparent logic or cause.  Then, how will you know if acting is suitable for you and if you should really look forward to have a career in acting.  Vedic Astrology readings of horoscope is one of the ways to find out the potential and chances of success in acting. 

Career in acting requires a very healthy physique, mental and emotional stability, years of hard work in grooming and patronizing, learning new skills, ability to accept failures, identifying the opportunities,  and last but not the least the favor of the luck to bless you with success.  The disposition of Saturn, Venus and Moon in a vedic astrology horoscope are the determining factor.  In addition to this, the strength and relationship between third, seventh and twelfth houses of vedic horoscope are also to be analyzed to conclude if career in acting is suitable or otherwise.

The strength of Saturn in a vedic astrology birth chart is of paramount importance.  While pursuing for career in acting, you have to be persistent and patience.  Even if one is born gifted; strong physical efforts and continuous hard work are must for polishing the talent.  Career in acting depends a lot on physical and mental strength; and, strong Saturn in the vedic astrology horoscope can really help a lot in this regard.

A well placed and strong Venus in vedic astrology horoscope is giver of the artistic abilities and skills required for fine expression of feelings.  Career in acting is directly and mainly based upon the physical expressions of feelings. And, without suitable disposition of Venus in your vedic astrology horoscope, chances of having a successful career in acting are very less.  A strong and well disposed Moon in vedic astrology birth chart will generate the inclination and interest toward acting.  Specifically, when career in acting does not come under regular professions – one has to have a strong interest and deep spirit for acting.

In addition to Saturn, Venus and Moon; the relationships of third, seventh and twelfth houses with planets and houses related to profession are must to ensure success in acting. These three houses should be having strong and favorable connection with Saturn, Venus and Moon in your vedic astrology birth chart.  Astrology readings of third house of your vedic horoscope are useful in identifying the strength and persistence of efforts require for having a successful career in acting.  And, this is to be seen in accordance with the strength and placement of Saturn in the vedic astrology birth chart.

The astrology readings in respect of twelfth house are useful for connecting the professional aspects of your vedic horoscope with acting. Besides other things, the Twelfth house is also related entertainment; and reasonably represents the scope of acting (and similar activities related to entertainment) in birth chart. The auspicious relationships of Venus, Moon and Saturn with twelfth house always act as a booster to give advance inclination of your potential and interest for having a career in acting. Astrology readings of your seventh house will provide a clue if you are going to have independent career in acting or may end up acting as an extra or sub-ordinate performer.

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