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Ben-Affleck-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-predictionsGolden Globe and Academy Award winner –  Ben Affleck was born on 15 August 1972, when Gemini was rising in his Ascendant.  He was born in California and his mother Christine Anne was a school Teacher. His father, Timothy Byers Affleck was a social worker and former actor.  The parents of Ben Affleck divorced in 1984 and he started working as a child actor on television somewhere around that time. Thereafter, Ben Affleck worked in many movies including, “School Ties”, “Dazed and Confused” etc. however, he grabbed the massive attention with his work in “Good Will Hunting” released in 1997.  Ben Affleck received Golden Globe and Academy Award for his work in “Good Will Hunting”.  Thereafter, it was no looking back for him. His younger brother Casey Affleck is also an actor. The vedic astrology birth chart of Ben Affleck clearly indicates his steep rise and fame in his horoscope.

In Ben Affleck horoscope, the Ascendant is Gemini, which is occupied by the Venus under aspect of Jupiter. This combination in Ben Affleck horoscope blessed him with his cute and sharp features and an attractive physique; besides making him successful in acting and other related activities.  The role of Venus, Saturn and Moon is significant in deciding the success in acting.  The strong Jupiter in seventh house is also generating Hamsa Yoga in Ben Affleck horoscope.  The Ascendant lord Mercury is conjunct with third lord Sun and South Node in second house; and Saturn, placed in twelfth house,  has its aspect over the union of Sun + Mercury + Ketu.  The Moon is placed in fifth house devoid of any other influence over it.  The mutual aspect relationship between Venus with seventh lord Jupiter, placement of Moon in fifth house and the aspect of Saturn over Ascendant and third lords (Mercury and Sun) made it possible for Ben Affleck to claim the abundant fame and riches of his life.

Because of the placement of Ninth lord Saturn in twelfth house; and malefic aspect of Mars over ninth and tenth houses of Ben Affleck horoscope – his parents separated, when he was under Rahu Mahadasa. Ben Affleck made his debut role as a child performer at the age of seven, when he was under Venus antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa. And, during Jupiter Mahadasa, he worked as a child artist in TV serials.

The strong Jupiter in seventh house and having benefic aspect of Venus from Ascendant has blessed him with plenty of fame and riches to Ben Affleck including the Golden Globe and Academy Awards.  The second house of Ben Affleck horoscope is occupied by Sun, South Node and combust Mercury, which also resulted into his Alcohol and Smoking problems.  However, due to presence of Jupiter in Seventh house, which has its influence over the Venus placed in Lagna, Ben Affleck is able to deal with these issues.  The placement of second lord Moon in fifth house; and the placement of  fifth lord Venus in Ascendant of his birth chart has also made Ben Affleck quite lucky in speculation and gambling too.  He is a master Poker player and won Poker Champion in 2004 during Saturn/Mercury Bhukti.  He got married to Jennifer Garner and having two children. The strong seventh lord has also blessed Ben Affleck with happy marriage and relationships.

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