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“when will I go abroad” is one of the most common queries during current era.  The advancement and modernization of technology and transportation has now made is quite easy for a person to think about exploring his luck and potential in foreign lands. Traveling overseas depends upon a lot of factors in vedic astrology birth chart of a person.  The third, seventh and twelfth houses of horoscope are of much significance while determining the possibilities of traveling overseas or foreign travel in a birth chart.

As per Brihad Parashara Hora Shashtra, vedic astrology readings of tenth house indicate authority, profession, honor, father, debts and living in foreign lands. And, therefore, the relationship of tenth bhava with any of the above mentioned quarters may result in traveling overseas and foreign travel. While doing the vedic astrology readings for foreign travel, the nature and strength of planets involved is also to be considered.  Movable signs viz. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn adds to the possibility of traveling overseas during operation of favorable planetary periods.

Further, the strength of first and fourth bhavas is also very important. The relationship of Ascendant lord with third, seventh and twelfth houses generate inclination towards traveling overseas; and the relationship of fourth house with third, seventh and twelfth houses indicate residence in foreign lands or change of residence. The role of luck is supreme in everyone’s life; and hence, the strength of ninth house is of paramount importance in deciding the success of efforts for foreign travel.  The relationship of ninth house with third, seventh and twelfth houses also suggest the possibilities of fortune in foreign country or distant places.    In addition to this, while delineating the possibilities of traveling overseas in vedic astrology horoscope, the strength and disposition of planets in divisional charts should also be given due consideration.

For the ease of the reader, some of the example horoscopes are analyzed below to have more clarity on the issue.

Identify Foreign Travel – Example Birth Chart 1

arngop-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-predictionIn this vedic astrology birth chart, third lord Mars is conjunct with Jupiter (lord of fourth and seventh) in fifth house.  Venus (lord of second and ninth) is exalted and united with twelfth lord Sun in seventh house.  Apparently, the horoscope does indicate possibility of traveling overseas country – however, nothing such has taken place.  The reason behind is weakness of Jupiter (debilitated), Venus (combust),  ill placement of Lagna lord in sixth  house and absence of any positive influence on the union of Mars + Jupiter.  In addition to this, the native remained under mahadasa of  Venus till 24 years of age which is followed by Sun Mahadasa for next 6 years.  There was a short distance stay in another city for educational purpose, which took place during Venus Mahadasa and Mercury Antardasa.

Identify Foreign Travel – Example Birth Chart 2


In this vedic astrology horoscope, the lagna lord Saturn is conjunct with Jupiter (third and twelfth lord) and Mars (fourth and eleventh lord).  The union of Saturn + Jupiter+ Mars is in eighth house and indicate obstructions and delays in the result of the union.  Lord of sixth and ninth houses is Mercury, which is placed in seventh house along with Rahu.  And, seventh lord is positioned in tenth house.  Yogakaraka Venus is well placed in fifth in its own zodiac sign.  Due to conjunction of Saturn with  Jupiter, the native was having strong inclination towards foreign country.  Due to the involvement of fourth lord Mars, his intention was having permanent residence in foreign country.  However, due to the union being in eighth house, there was obstructions and delays in his endeavors for having overseas employment and residence.  During Saturn Mahadasa and Mercury Antardasa, the native was able to take strong initiatives and blessed with fruitful results of traveling overseas.

Identify Foreign Travel – Example Birth Chart 2


In this vedic astrology birth chart, the Lagna lord Moon is exalted and united with Saturn (lord of seventh) in eleventh house.  Mercury rules over third and twelfth houses and is conjunct with fourth lord Venus in sixth house.  Tenth lord Mars is ill placed in eighth house and is also under aspect of seventh lord Saturn.  The native had and still having frequent foreign visits due to his business.  Due to the ill placement of both Mercury and Venus, there were some obstructions during initial level; however, with the aid of astrology remedies, the native succeeded to have business relationships in foreign countries.

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