May 312011

rajinikanth-horoscope-birth-chart-astrologer-vedic-astrology-readingsSuperstar Rajinikanth was born on 12 December 1950 in Leo ascendant.  The Padma Bhushan Awardee Rajinikanth is one of the very few veterans of Indian Cinema who are able to rise bigger than life. Despite being born in an average family, Rajinikanth could attain the stardom and popularity which is beyond imagination.  The Horoscope of Rajinikanth contains several indications about the struggle and success of his life. In vedic astrology birth chart of Rajinikanth, the Lagna lord Sun is placed in fourth house under aspect of Saturn.  The lord of fourth house i.e. Mars is exalted but placed in sixth house in union with the Moon, which rules over twelfth house indicating losses, pain and sufferings.  The affliction of Saturn over the Sun and afflicted Mars in sixth house resulted into early demise of mother.  Rajinikanth was around 5 years old when his mother expired.  In vedic astrology birth chart of Rajinikanth, he was under the mahadasa of the Moon during that period.


The union of second lord Mercury with tenth lord Venus in fifth house and aspect of fifth lord Jupiter over Lagna is the main reason behind enormous success in financial and professional matters.  The aspect of Jupiter over Lagna in Rajinikanth Horoscope has also made him wise, spiritual and quite humble in his attitude.  The aspect of Saturn over lagna lord Saturn; and the aspect of Mars over the Lagna resulted into hair loss; though, the aspect of Jupiter over Lagna has reduced the impact of hair loss caused by influence of Fiery and Airy planets in Rajinikanth Horoscope.

The vedic astrology horoscope of Rajinikanth contains Saturn and Ketu in second house; due to which Rajinikanth had to struggle a lot during his childhood and early youth.  Rajinikanth had to do jobs like coolie and bus conductor; and it was during the Rahu/Mercury when he was advised by his friends to try his luck in movies.  The union of Mercury with tenth lord Venus has amply rewarded Rajinikanth of his dedication, efforts and sincerity.  The best period of Rajinikanth was the operation of Jupiter Mahadasa (March 1983 to March 1999) during which Rajinikanth was able to acclaim the commercial stardom in Indian Cinema.

As per vedic astrology, the second and seventh lords are considered as Maraka planet.  In Rajinikanth horoscope, the seventh lord Saturn is united with Ketu in second house and hence, a strong Maraka planet.  And, due to this, during Saturn/Moon Bhukti (March 2010 to September 2011) – Rajinikanth is facing severe health issues.  The twelfth lord Moon is ill placed in sixth house of Rajinikanth vedic horoscope.  However, the union of Yogakarka Mars over the Moon reduces the negativity to some extent and is likely to help Rajinikanth in his health issues.

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