Job or Business | Which Career is Suitable?

Selection of career between job and business is very crucial and important decision of life.   In accordance with the planetary strength of your horoscope, vedic astrology readings are reasonably useful to help you in selecting best option between job and business.  In brief, the following aspects of a horoscope are to be analyzed to find out best suitable option between Job and Business.

Astrology Readings of Ascendant: Strong Ascendant has always observed to be extremely supportive for professional career of a person.  Usually, the weakness of first lord may cause a person to choose a safer option like job.

Astrology Readings of Tenth Bhava: Strong tenth house is very helpful in blessing the native with early and easy success in his professional endeavors. The relationship of tenth house with second, fifth, eighth and eleventh houses usually gives inclination towards job and skilled profession.  And, if strong third lord also gets involved, the person goes for independent profession including business.

Astrology Readings of Third Bhava: In addition to the tenth house, vedic astrology readings of third house are also very important in selecting best suited career option between job and business.  Astrology readings indicating weak third house may hamper one’s initiatives for independent business. While afflicted third house may cause one to be over confident.

Astrology Readings of Fifth Bhava: Fifth house is also related with knowledge, education, intelligence, intuition, high positions, and easy financial gains through calculated speculation. Astrology readings indicating weak fifth house may result in financial losses due to wrong decisions and may also cause one to be over speculative.

Astrology Readings of Seventh Bhava: Weakness/affliction on the part of seventh house may cause problems in  professional relationships and business partnerships.  Usually, planets related with seventh indicate trading and selling/purchasing of things and services like shop, showroom, and independent skilled professions.

Nature of planets involved: Astrology readings of nature of planets involved are also very important while deciphering the suitability among Job and Business. Royal planets viz. the Sun and Moon, blesses one with good opportunities to have independent business.  Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu, when strong and well placed; indicate high positions in job and society.  Strong Jupiter, Mercury and Venus give inclination towards skilled and independent professions.

Role of Divisional Charts: Astrology readings of relevant divisional charts like D-9 and D-10 are also very important while deciding the best option between Job and Business. If relevant planets become weak in D-9 and/or D-10; it can hamper the professional endeavors and can give negative results in your job or business.

Planetary Period under operation: Astrology readings of planetary period can, sometimes, overrule all the indications evident in your vedic horoscope.  The fruitfulness of the planetary placement in your vedic horoscope come into action through operation of relevant Dasa/Antardasa.  During operation of negative planetary period, even strong and favorable planetary position in respect of professional matters, may not be able to bless the native with concrete results.  While, sometimes, during operation of a strong and favorable Dasa/Antardasa, even the weak planetary placement can bless the native with success in job or business.

Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can indicate the best suited career in terms of job or business. Astrology readings can also suggest if you can enjoy smooth success in your job or business ventures.  Your vedic horoscope is like a blue print of your nature and overall life; and if one can understand – appropriate measures can be taken in advance, which can help in taking good and fruitful decisions in your career.