May 132011

Besides being a social union of two people, Marriage is a very important aspect of human life. Marriage has its influence over all aspects of our life be it personal, emotional, social, financial, spiritual and religious.  Delay in marriage can cause severe problems  including lack of contentment and happiness in one’s life, which one would have if married at the right age. Vedic Astrology Readings of a horoscope can easily indicate about the marital aspects of a native.  This also includes identifying if there is any delay in marriage.  In general, the following combination and/or placement of planets can cause delay in marriage.

  1. Placement of seventh lord in eighth house can obstruct and delay the marriage. Placement of eighth lord in seventh house can also cause obstruction in getting married.  In short, the relationship between seventh and eighth houses indicates delay in marriage.  However, the influence of positive planets over seventh house and its lord can reduce the malefic influence.
  2. Combustion of seventh lord has been observed to cause inordinate delay in marriage, sometimes leading to complete denial.
  3. Placement of seventh lord in debilitation or inimical zodiac sign also hinders timely marriage.
  4. Above three conditions are also to be analyzed for Venus and Jupiter.  In male horoscope, the Venus and in female horoscope it is the Jupiter which act as Marriage giving planet
  5. Saturn and Mars, when having negative influence over seventh house and/or its lord can also cause delay in marriage.  Saturn is a natural significator of delay while Mars is a natural significator of destruction.  The malefic impact of Saturn may not allow fixing of marriage while of malefic Mars may result in break and/or separation during very initial stages of relationships.

In addition to above, astrology readings regarding the placement of relevant planets in divisional charts and operating planetary dasa are also to be considered to judge if the native is blessed with timely marriage or there may be delay in marriage. Given below are vedic astrology readings of some example horoscopes, where the native suffered on account of delay in marriage.

delay-marriage-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-prediction-2In this vedic horoscope, the lord of seventh is Jupiter which is placed in third house along with debilitated Moon and has its aspect over seventh house.  Jupiter is placed in the sign of eighth lord Mars.  The Karaka for Marriage i.e. Venus is  united with the twelfth lord Sun and Ketu.  Venus is also combust and under malefic aspect of strong Mars, which rules over eighth house.  The native has been under main period of combust and afflicted Venus since 24 years of age and till the age of 40 years, he was not married.  Thereafter, he is not in contact with the author and nothing can be said about the present situation.

delay-marriage-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-prediction-1This vedic horoscope belongs to a lady, who is still unmarried at the age of 45 years.  Astrology readings of the horoscope indicate that seventh lord and Karka for marriage i.e. Jupiter is placed in ninth house along with exalted Rahu.  The seventh house is occupied by eighth lord Mars and debilitated Lagna lord Mercury.  Mars is combust too.  Moon is ill placed in twelfth house while the sixth house is tenanted by combust Saturn and the Sun.  During marriageable age, the lady remained under main-period of ill placed Moon (22 years to 32 years) which is followed by main-period of malefic Mars placed in seventh house (32 years to 39 years).  Despite best efforts put by the family, the lady could not get married.  After Mars, the next Mahadasa is of Rahu which is currently operational.  As such, Rahu is exalted and united with seventh lord Jupiter, the lady is expected to get married during Rahu Mahadasa via application of astrology remedies.

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