Can I become a Writer? Vedic Astrology

The demand for creative writer and author has significantly increased during the past few years. May it be business or entertainment – if one has got good command on language and is ready to work hard, becoming an author or writer is not very difficult.  Many web based business establishments need full time article writers for promotion and even hire writer to get quality content.  Vedic astrology readings of a horoscope can easily indicate, if there are any such combination or placement of planets which may help you in becoming an author or writer.

Becoming an author or writer is basically related with third house of vedic astrology birth chart. Communication, initiatives and courage are some of basic significations which are analyzed through third house.  And, when the initiatives of a person are influenced by planets denoting intelligence, emotions and mind – the chances of becoming an author or writer are strong.  In addition to third, the fifth house of vedic astrology horoscope should also be considered.  Fifth house is related with intelligence and intuitive abilities.  Therefore, if one is blessed with active third and fifth houses and Venus is also involved – he or she can become an author.  The planets Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury when having relationship with third and fifth houses of a vedic astrology birth chart can provide you significant support to become an author or writer.  As such, creativity is must for becoming an author or writer, the role of Venus is most important in deciding if a person can become successful author or otherwise.

Astrology Readings of Salman Rushdie Birth Chart

salman-rushdie-author-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-reading-predictionThis is vedic astrology horoscope of famous author Salman Rushdie. Astrology readings of third house of his vedic astrology horoscope indicate that lord of third house is Mercury, which is placed in third in its own zodiac sign Gemini.  Mercury is not combust and united with Moon and fifth lord Sun.  This union of Sun + Mercury + Moon is under aspect of ninth lord Jupiter.  In his Dasamsha Chart, third lord Venus is placed in ninth house and has its aspect over third house.  While in natal birth chart, Venus is placed in its own zodiac in second house and united with Rahu.  The relationship between third and fifth houses; and positive involvement of Mercury, Moon, Jupiter and fifth lord Sun has blessed Salman Rushdie with great success in authorship.  Mars placed in its own zodiac sign Aries in first house of Salman Rushdie horoscope is also creating Ruchak Yoga, which has also blessed him with enormous courage to express himself through his writings without any fear.

Astrology Readings of Shobha De Birth Chart

shobha-de-writer-author-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-reading-predictionThis vedic astrology birth chart belongs to famous Indian novelist Shobha De.  Astrology readings of third house indicate that third lord Saturn is placed in eighth house.  However, Saturn is retrograde and hence sustain reasonable strength even after being in eighth house.  Lord of fifth and twelfth houses Mars is placed in ninth house and has its positive aspect over third house of her vedic astrology horoscope.  Third lord Saturn is having mutual aspect relationship with Venus.  Saturn is also under aspect of Lagna Lord Jupiter.  In her Dasamsha Chart, Venus rules over third house and has its aspect on its own zodiac sign Libra in third.  The relationship between third lord Saturn and Venus, influence of fifth lord Mars over third house and the union of ninth lord Sun with tenth lord Mercury in her ascendant has blessed her with success in the field of creative writing.  Though, being placed in eighth house, Saturn did created certain problems and obstructions in her professional career as a writer.