Why additional information is required?

Why am I being asked to provide the additional information, when only the date, time and place of birth are required to generate a horoscope and give astrology readings?

Yes, you may feel uncomfortable, when you were asked about some additional details besides your birth details.  But there is no clandestine purpose.  The additional information is required to match the horoscope with the provided birth details; so that it can be ascertained that correct horoscope is being analyzed to provide astrology readings.

Most of the people are actually totally unaware of the scientific basis of vedic astrology.  Some people are even not aware of the difference between Moon Sign, Sun Sign and Name Signs etc. and try to treat them on equal basis.

The complete horoscope consists of planetary details, natal chart, moon chart and divisional charts.  In addition to this, the planetary period operating on the person is also required to ascertain the timing of events indicated by the overall planetary placement in the horoscope.  Some people only consider the natal birth chart or Lagna Chart for delineating the results of the planets, which is not an appropriate method of analyzing the horoscope.   It will be easy to understand the rational with the aid of practical example horoscope.

Suppose, one person is born on 1 January 2000 at 11.00 AM, Delhi-India.  And, the same person approaches some astrologer for astrology readings regarding marriage, general fortune and profession.  On the basis of the provided birth details, the natal chart (Lagna Chart), Navamsha chart, Saptamsha Chart and Dasamsha Chart for that person are given below.


On the basis of the birth details ( 1 January 2000, 11.00 AM, Delhi-India), this will be the Natal Birth chart of the person.  The Navamsha (D-9), Satamsha (D-7) and Dasamsha (D-10) respectively are given below.


Navamsha, Saptamsha and Dasamsha charts are the divisional charts of the basic natal chart.  There are many other divisional charts which are required to be analyzed for specific and related astrology readings; like for specific astrology readings regarding health, Shashtamsha (Division-6) is also to be analyzed, for specific astrology readings regarding financial gains Hora and Ekadasamsha (D-2 and D-11) are also to be analyzed.  Usually, Navamsha (D-9), Saptamsha(D-7) and Dasamsha (D-10) charts are most commonly used divisional charts as most of the people query about general fortune, marriage and profession.

Now, what if the actual time of birth differs for a few minutes?  And, it can happen due to many reasons.  There is a general tendency of rounding off the data, the clock or watch used for noting the time of birth may be fast or slow etc.  There are incidents when even the time of birth recorded in the birth certificate differ from the time of birth noted by the family members to the extent of 10 minutes.  And, it may happen without any deliberate intention on the part of the hospital authorities.

Sometimes, it is after the delivery of the baby, that the authorities were to write the time of birth on the certificate.  And,  it may happen that (being ignorant about the usefulness of correctness of time of birth) they quote the time of birth by guesswork.  Anyway, my point is that there could a difference of a few minutes between the actual time of birth and the provided time of birth.  But does it make any difference, let us see.

In the given example, if the time of birth is taken as 10.58 AM in place of 11.00 AM – the Saptamsha (D-7) chart will be different while other charts will remain the same.

D-7 with 10.58 AM time of birth

Therefore, if astrology readings are given without judging the correctness of the birth time; and on the basis of the 11.00 AM only, the  astrology readings for marital aspects of the native may differ because within two minutes difference the divisional chart (D-7) related with marriage and post marital happiness is different.

And, if the time of birth differ to be 3 minutes earlier i.e. at 10.57 AM in place of 11.00 AM not only Saptamsha (D-7) but Dasamsha (D-10) will also be different.  With time of birth being 10.57 AM, the Dasamsha Chart will be as under:

D-10 chart with time of birth 10.57 AM

Now if the vedic astrology readings were given on the basis of time of birth being 11.00 AM without matching the horoscope, the provided readings may not be useful because of being based upon incorrect divisional chart.

Therefore, the information provided by you is used to identify if the correct horoscope (in toto) is being analyzed to provide the astrology readings to you.  Besides, marriage and post marital happiness, Saptamsha (D-7) is also used to identify the virtuousness of the person concerned.  Similarly, there are other divisional charts which reflect different aspects of a personality.  With the aid of additional information provided by you, I try to match the overall horoscope with the events and physical attributes provided by you.  So that, irrespective of astrology readings being under paid or free services, I can provide best possible astrology readings.  I may not be completely efficient and knowledgeable in astrology, I may not be able to decode each and every horoscope and I may also make mistake in my understanding of your horoscope; as such being human it can happen with any astrologer.  But, at least, I always try to give all my best and to the best of my knowledge.