Ross Perot | Rags to Riches | Astrology

perot-ross-vedic-astrology-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart Ross Perot, an American Business and founder of EDS was born on 27 June 1930.  Ross Perot started his career in Navy and entered the United States Naval Academy 1949.  In 1957, he left the Navy and become a salesman for IBM.  In 1962, Perot left IBM and founded EDS (Electronic Data System) in Texas, USA.  In 1968 EDS went public and Ross Perot became the fastest richest person from Texas.  In 1984, Perot sold EDS to General Motors.  Perot had also fought election for Presidency for two elections, in 1992 and 1996.

Vedic Astrology Readings of  Ross Perot birth chart give clear clue of his financial and social success.  The Gemini ascendant is occupied by second lord Moon, Jupiter and the Sun.  The Moon however lacking Paksha bala, yet it is placed with friendly planets like the Sun and Jupiter. The union of Sun, Jupiter, and Moon is under auspicious aspect of Saturn from Seventh house. As per vedic astrology, second house of horoscope rules over wealth, family and status.  And the same is occupied by Venus, which is highly auspicious planet for Gemini Ascendant.  Most significant union is of Rahu with the Mars in eleventh house of gains and income.


The weakness of Moon due to being close to the Sun has not blessed Ross Perot with success in presidency elections; however, the strong Mars and Rahu has blessed him with significant and enormous financial gains in almost all endeavors made by him.

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