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There are times when we suffer from stress and fear in our job. Sometimes, even the health starts deteriorating due to our job profile. It appears as if the job is making our life miserable and we fail to find any room for growth.  Sometimes, the job fails to provide any satisfaction and the official requirements are totally mis-matched with our personal values. We starts thinking as if we are wasting ourselves.  Generally, such circumstances  compel to find new job or some change in job.  Some of us succeed in changing careers and getting new job; while some continue to suffer. It becomes difficult to decide and take initiatives,  specifically when we are observing hundreds of failures around us. The newspapers are filled with news regarding people going broke, committing suicide, and facing legal problems.

Under such circumstances, vedic astrology readings can offer very suitable and sensible support and advise.  Quite often, it is the third house and its lord in your vedic astrology horoscope,  which generate such compelling situations and makes you think about changing careers.  The planets and houses related with third house or its lord also create similar conditions.  If the involved planets are strong and well placed in the vedic astrology birth chart, the efforts to find new job or changing careers are successful and fruitful.  While if the third lord or third house are weak and under negative influence of planets,  you may suffer obstacles and failures in your efforts regarding change in job or profession. Vedic astrology readings of following horoscopes may help in clarifying the issues related to career and job change.

 Example Horoscope -1ajlaw-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-prediction

This vedic astrology birth chart belongs to a person who left well established govt job to pursue independent profession of a lawyer.  During Mercury/Jupiter, the native got selected for a reputed post in government.  But, from the very on start of Saturn AD – the native started feeling lack of  satisfaction in his job and decided to leave the job.  His decision was not welcomed and supported by most of his close relations.  However, finally the native quit the job in Ketu Mahadasa and started his independent profession.  Presently, the native is successful, happy and satisfied in his profession.

In his vedic astrology horoscope, Jupiter and Mercury are well placed in tenth house.  The ascendant is occupied by Mars and Moon – positive planets for Pisces Lagna.  There is an exchange between third and twelfth lords; and during the antardasa of Saturn placed in third house, which is negative planet for Pisces ascendant, the native was severely against being in the job.  Ketu (South Node) is placed in fifth house and Saturn placed in third house is having its aspect over it.  It was the strength of first and tenth houses, which resulted into success in his independent profession.  While during the initial phase of establishing his independent profession, the native did remained worried and troubled.

 Example Horoscope -2horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-prediction

Vedic astrology readings of this horoscope indicate that the third lord is placed in eighth house along with Mars and Saturn.  The ascendant is occupied by Ketu and under aspect of ninth lord Mercury.  Yogakaraka Venus is well placed in fifth house in its own zodiac sign.  During Jupiter/Venus, the native got selected for govt job at lower level.  However, right from his joining the post – the native never felt comfortable and satisfied with the working and environment of his job.

During, Saturn/Saturn the native approached the author for consultation and he was suggested to leave the job and try opportunities in overseas countries.  As usual, most of his close relations and family members were totally against the decision and till Saturn/Saturn, the native was trying to gather the courage to make the big move.  Due to certain issues in family, the native was not able to even perform the astrology remedies and wear suggested gemstones.  He was suggested to continue his efforts and expect some favorable developments during Mercury AD.  And, during the Mercury AD, somehow the family understood the need of the hour and the native quit the established govt. job and went Australia where he is doing reasonably good in his professional and financial matters.

 Example Horoscope -3horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-prediction

In this vedic astrology horoscope, the ascendant is Libra and the same is occupied by strong Venus and Mars.  Tenth lord Moon is placed in fifth house while the yogakaraka Saturn is placed in eighth house.  Third house is occupied by Jupiter and Rahu creating Guru Chandal Yoga.  Venus placed in lagna creates Malavya yoga, however, the native could not enjoy the strong and positive results of the Malavya Yoga due to operation of negative planetary period and the union of Jupiter and Rahu in the third house.

The native got selected in the govt job during Saturn/Mercury; and within a few months after joining his post – native started feeling uncomfortable.  During Saturn/Venus, the native was also told and suggested to look for some independent professional setup as such the upcoming ADs of Rahu and Jupiter in Saturn were observed to be highly unfavorable for job.  As such, at those times, the native was able to adjust despite being uncomfortable – the astrology readings was not given any importance.  As soon as, the Rahu AD started, the native met with an accident.

Since then, he remained severely troubled on account of many problems in his job profile.  Due to being overstressed in his job, the native also get addicted to alcohol.  He was looking to somehow complete minimum service required to get pension benefits.  However, he and his family members were clearly informed that the planetary period is significantly harmful and that he should not continue the job.  But, due to certain reasons the vedic astrology readings were not attended properly; and in Saturn/Jupiter, the native suffered severely on all aspects of his professional and financial matters.  He even remained severely troubled due to frequent health issues and presently bed ridden for the past one year.

 Example Horoscope -4arngop-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-prediction

Virgo rises in this vedic astrology birth chart and ascendant lord Mercury is placed in sixth house under aspect of Saturn.  The seventh house is occupied by exalted Venus and the Sun.  Due to being combust, the Venus has lost most of its strength to protect and promote its significations.  The eleventh lord Moon is ill placed in eighth house.  Third lord Mars is exalted and united with debilitated Jupiter.

The native started his business during Venus/Ketu and the business was good till Sun MD.  During Moon MD, the native started feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied with his business.  During Moon/Mars and Moon/Rahu the native tried to change his business.  Although, he was suggested not to make any such attempts; but he was adamant on proving something beyond his control.

Ultimately, all of his endeavors about changing the business were ended into failures and he lost substantial amount of money.  Then, again during Moon/Mercury, the native approached for advise.  He was looking to re-create his professional career through job. He was again advised not to attempt any such thing and try continuing in his current business.  However, the native was desperate and  highly unsatisfied with his current business; and therefore, again made strong efforts for getting success in job.  Being highly qualified, he did get the job – but could not continue.  Now, the native is back in the old business, though after loosing significant amount of money and time; which he could have given to his current business for getting positive results in place of ending up in losses.

Most of the times, we do not want to listen and understand what is correct and favorable for us.  On one side, we are looking for help and genuine advise, while on the other side we always want the advise as per our understanding.  Though, it is not always possible.  Sometimes, apparently favorable decisions may end up in total loss.  That is why, people are being cheated by some fake astrologers who feed the people with false hopes.  If followed meticulously, vedic astrology readings can be of immense help for almost all aspects in our life.

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