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After getting the job, the next and foremost requirement is about having security and stability.  Many times, it so happens that despite having a job, certain unwarranted problems causes lack of job satisfaction.  And, sometimes the job problems are so severe that it becomes difficult to decide whether to continue the current job or look for another job.  Besides, the nature of job may also cause tension.  No matter how well paid job you are doing, but if the job is not permanent and lacking security, it will be difficult to put your full potential.  And, there will always be a psychological fear of losing the job.  Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can not only identify the job problems but can also provide a reasonable solution to deal with the issue.

The movable signs and operation of negative planetary periods causes job problems like  instability and/or changes in  job.  The influence and/ or operation of sixth lord main or sub-period generates fear of losing job or causes disciplinary/ legal problems.  The influence and/ or operation of eighth house lord main or sub-period causes obstruction and delays in professional matters.  While the influence and/or operation of twelfth house lord causes changes and losses in job.  The planets having relations with sixth, eighth or twelfth houses may also cause job problems during their planetary dasa.

Example horoscope -1

job-problem-vedic-astroloy-horoscope-astrologerIn this vedic astrology birth chart, tenth lord Mercury is exalted in tenth house creating Bhadra Yoga.  Lord of second and third houses Saturn is exalted in eleventh house.  Despite this the native faced job problems and his health also suffered during the main-period of Saturn.  The reasons behind is the placement of ascendant lord Jupiter in twelfth house, operation of Saturn’s MD when Saturn is not only a Maraka planet for Sagittarius ascendant but also exalted in Movable sign.  In addition to this, the first house is also under aspect of Saturn and eighth lord Moon. The job problems surfaced during the Rahu AD which is exalted in sixth house of the vedic astrology horoscope.  Planetary period of two strong negative planets did not allow the native to get settled.

Example horoscope -2

job-problem-vedic-astroloy-horoscope-astrologerIn this horoscope, tenth lord Venus is placed in sixth house in moveable sign Capricorn  along with exalted Mars, which is a Yogakaraka planet for Leo ascendant.  The ascendant is under aspect of four planets namely the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars of which except Mercury the remaining planets are strong and favorable.  The strength of lagna has always observed to be extremely positive in a horoscope for dealing with difficult situations.  Till 35 years of age, the native was running under main period of Jupiter which helped him getting timely settlement in job.  The Saturn MD did cause some changes and job problems, but strong lagna helped him again in getting out of the problems.

Example horoscope -3

job-problem-vedic-astroloy-horoscope-astrologerThree planets namely the Moon, Mercury and Saturn are combust in this vedic astrology horoscope.  Exalted Venus is placed in first house creating Malavya yoga; but despite this the native never had any job satisfaction in his life. Tenth lord Jupiter is placed in dual sign and having mutual aspect with Venus and the Moon.  Being lord of third and eighth houses, Venus is a negative planet for Pisces ascendant.  However, the influence of Moon and Jupiter over Venus reduces some of its negativity.  Astrology readings for the Second house, which is occupied by Sun, Saturn and Mercury, are not favorable for second house significations like family, wealth and status. Native remained under main period of Venus from 15 to 35 years of age.  And due to positive influences over Venus, the native did get job during Venus MD, but most of the time he suffered from job problems like humiliation and obstructions.  The union of Sun + Saturn + Mercury did not allow native to have reasonable rise in his professional career despite his being reasonably hardworking and intelligent.

Example horoscope -4

job-problem-vedic-astroloy-horoscope-astrologerCapricorn rises in Lagna and ascendant lord Saturn has gone to eighth house along with positive planet Mercury.  Tenth lord Venus is placed in ninth house along with Mars and Rahu.  Astrology readings for the union of Mars with Venus are not very positive.  First house is under aspect of eighth lord Sun and Jupiter, which rules over third and twelfth house.  The native faced job problems during Jupiter AD in Venus MD.  As such, tenth lord is placed in fixed sign and tenth house is having aspect of benefic planet Saturn, the gravity of the job problems was not severe.

Appeasement of negative planets causing problems; and strengthening of relevant positive planets in your horoscope can provide reasonable support in getting through the adverse circumstances in your job and profession.  For paid professional vedic astrology readings of your horoscope you can mail me at contact@horoscopeastrologer.com

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