Apr 012011

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Yuvraj Singh


Transit Chart on 2 April 2011 for Yuvraj Horoscope



Five planets are transiting in fifth house of Yuvraj Singh Horoscope.  Vedic astrology readings for Yuvraj Singh Horoscope are in favor of Indian Cricket Team during the final match against Sri Lanka in Cricket World Cup 2011.   Retrograde Saturn has changed its Navamsha sign to Gemini zodiac sign; and this is very likely to prove highly beneficial for the Punjab Lion Yuvraj Singh.  Vedic astrology readings are indicating that Yuvraj Singh may give match winning performance during the final cricket match in Cricket World Cup 2011.  Yuvraj Singh may remain off mood for some time and may have a slow start; but as per his vedic astrology horoscope for the day, his  overall performance is very likely to be strong and he will be able to put all his efforts for Indian Cricket Team.

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