Apr 012011

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Mahendra Singh Dhoni



Transit Chart on 2 April 2011 for Dhoni Horoscope



mahendra-singh-dhoni-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-1Mahendra Singh Dhoni is under Rahu MD and Mercury AD.  Unlike Sachin horoscope, the transit of five planets in seventh house of Dhoni Horoscope is not much favorable.  Till now, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has failed to perform during Cricket World Cup 2011.  And, even during the final match of Cricket World Cup 2011, the planets are unfavorable for Dhoni.  Vedic astrology readings for Dhoni are indicating that Dhoni may try a little bit better this time, but his performance is again likely to remain below average during the day.  As has been reported by some media channels, that Mahendra Singh Dhoni might be visiting Shani Temple on 2 April 2011; therefore, it may be that the retrograde Saturn may bless Dhoni with some success.  Though, the vedic astrology readings of natal and transit position of planets  are not in favor of Mahendra Singh Dhoni during the final cricket match against Sri Lanka in Cricket World Cup 2011.

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