How to seek astrology readings

The subject may appear weird, but the reality is that almost 90% of the people do not know how to get astrology readings.  The reasons may be different but ultimately it affects both i.e. the seeker and the astrologer.  In this small article, I would like to clear some very simple but equally important aspects to get maximum out of vedic astrology.

First and foremost requirement is of complete and proper birth details including date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.  Around 10% of the queries being received do not contain the complete birth details. And, without complete birth details vedic astrology horoscope can not be created. Therefore, while submitting your query, please ensure that you have provided complete birth details in clear format to avoid any confusion.

Second requirement is about the source of birth details.  The astrology readings may  differ significantly even with a difference of one or two minutes in time of birth.  This is to because natal horoscope remains the same within 2 hours,  but the divisional charts will change after every 1-2 minutes. Most of people from India usually go by the memory for their time of birth.  And, once some local pandit ji have made their horoscope; they tend to quote the birth time given in their local made horoscope as their authenticated time of birth.  Sometimes, the school certificate date of birth is used for having astrology readings, which is totally baseless.

You need to understand that information given in your school certificate or locally made horoscope cannot be trusted blindly to provide any useful astrology readings.  Your fate and fortunate is related with the horoscope based upon your actual date, time and place of birth; and not with the horoscope based upon the fictitious date of birth mentioned in school certificate etc. which may or may not be correct. In addition to this, sometimes even hospital records were found incorrect.  There is a tendency of rounding off the time of birth in hospitals and sometimes, the clocks are not working properly.  Therefore, while submitting your birth details, also mention the source of your birth details i.e. whether your date and time of birth is based upon hospital records or not.  At least, the time based upon hospital records can be depended upon to be accurate within 5-6 minutes.

Matching of your horoscope: After receiving your birth details, the matching of the horoscope is must. This is required to ascertain that the correct horoscope is analyzed to give you astrology readings.  For this purpose, some information is required from your side to match with your horoscope.  Usually, the physical attributes are found to be quite useful and appropriate.  However, I find it better to double check the correctness of the birth details by also matching one or two past events of your life.

Submitting your query: Submitting your questions for having astrology readings is also very important.   Usually people use key words like career, profession, marriage etc. to get astrology readings.  And, it is left upon the astrologer to design questions on their behalf.  And some times, the questions picked up by the astrologers do not meet the actual requirement of the person needing astrology advice. Like, many people ask me, “please tell about my marriage”.  Now marriage and post marital life is such a big subject that it cannot be fully covered even after writing books on it.

Therefore, submit your questions clearly and specifically to get maximum benefit.  If you are not married you can ask two/three relevant questions about your marriage like when your marriage will take place,  what is the most auspicious period for getting married and how will be your married life etc.  Or if your are already married and having some issues in your marital life, you can provide some brief about the problems and ask like, when you can overcome your marriage problems, how you can improve your marital life, what remedies are required to improve your marital life, is there any permanent solution to your problems etc.  With clear and specific queries, It becomes relatively easy to provide potent astrology advice.