Apr 152011

elvis-presley-horoscope-birth-chart-astrology-readings-predictionsAmerican Pop Singer, one of the most successful and famous entertainer in history – Elvis Presley was born on 8 January 1935.  Presley was born and brought up in somewhat humble circumstances and the family often relied upon help from the govt. and/or neighbours. In 1938, the family lost their home and Elvis father Vernon was jailed for eight months. Presley started his career in 1954 and his first RCA single, “Heartbreak Hotel(1956)” became number one hit.  Elvis Presley is regarded as best selling solo artist and he was nominated for 14 Grammy Awards of which he won three.  On 16 August 1977, the legend died of heart attack.  Vedic Astrology Readings of Elvis Presley horoscope contain ample clues about poor and troubled childhood,  rise from rags to riches and death in just 42 years.

As per vedic astrology readings, the ascendant is Scorpio and Mars is placed in eleventh house.  The second lord Jupiter has gone to twelfth house.  Jupiter also rules over fifth house.  Placement of Jupiter in twelfth house has weakened the significations of second and fifth houses.  The Sun and Mercury are placed in second house.  Mercury also rules over eighth house and, therefore, as per vedic astrology readings, this placement of Mercury in second house is not completely favorable.


Elvis Presley was born during the main period of  Rahu(North Node).  Rahu is placed in third house in Saturn sign and is united with Marka Venus, which rules over second and twelfth houses.  Vedic astrology readings of cruel and malefic planets period during early childhood causes problems on numerous fronts.  During Rahu/Saturn in 1938, the family lost their home and Elvis father was jailed.  Saturn is a malefic planet for Scorpio Ascendant and its union with ninth lord Moon created lots of troubles for Elvis Presley.

However, as per vedic astrology readings – the Saturn is creating famous Shasha Yoga in Elevis Presley birth chart; but for the significations related to Moon, the results were significantly negative. It was only during the main period of benefic Jupiter that the luck smiled on Elvis Presley and he became the King of the Rock.  However, the union of Moon and Saturn in fourth, placement of Jupiter in twelfth and union of Venus with Rahu in third house did not blessed Elvis with complete life span.  Elvis Presley died on 16 August 1977, when he was under sub-period of afflicted Moon in main period of cruel Saturn in his vedic astrology horoscope.

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