Apr 242011

Even an apparent small deed performed in the state of anger can change and destroy the whole course of life. In the fast growing modern era, people are left with very less time to give to their personal relations including family.  The children are left at their own to think, analyze and decide as per their less matured understanding of the life.  Teenager’s crime ratio is also increasing day by day.  Most of the crimes done by teenagers are either due to anger or due to greed.  Sometimes, the child may not understand how to react and deal with the anger in a way that it does not cause any serious problem in his life.  People with disturbed placement of Mars and sixth lord, in their vedic astrology horoscope, are the worse sufferers in this case.

Reasons for anger and violent behavior as per Vedic Astrology

As per vedic astrology, anger is related and signified by Fire element.  When vedic astrology readings of the horoscope denote negative placement of the planets and zodiac signs related with Fire Element – the concerned person becomes prone to inauspicious results during operation of unfavorable planetary period.  Vedic astrology readings of a horoscope can easily identify the nature as well as the requirement of anger management.  Usually, it is the Mars which causes the severe problems.  The strength and positive displacement of Mars is must to make a person strong and mature to deal with unfriendly situations. Most of the times, it is the negative disposition of Mars in the vedic astrology birth chart, which causes the person to suffer on account of criminal activities performed in anger.  Though, the symptoms of such persons are quite evident during their initial childhood, yet it is not easy for the parents to identify.  It is mostly the teachers, fellow students and friends who are first to notice.  The involvement of Nodes always acts as a catalyst to generate hyper-sensitivity and anger bursts.  Strong and well placed Jupiter, Mercury and Moon in the vedic horoscope always act as a protective shield against the negative influences of Mars, Rahu and sixth lord.

Given below is the vedic astrology horoscope of a personal who is very short tempered in his nature and also suffered a lot in his profession because of his anger. Despite his best efforts, it becomes difficult for him to control his spontaneous violent behavior with his colleagues on small issues.


Fiery sign Aries rises in the ascendant and the same is occupied by exalted Sun and debilitated Saturn.  Ascendant lord Mars is strong in eighth house as the same is placed in its own zodiac sign; however the union of debilitated Moon with Mars is not auspicious for domestic peace and nature.  Second house is occupied by Mercury (lord of third and sixth house) and Mercury is having its aspect over ascendant lord Mars and Moon.  Jupiter is placed in sixth house along with Ketu.  The native can not control his urge to become physical with his colleagues and subordinates.  During Mooon/Saturn, he faced severe problems in his professional career due to his very angry temperament.

This vedic astrology birth chart belongs to a lady, whose whole life is spoiled because of her severely hot temperament.  And, it was only after severe financial losses and marital problems that she could understand the reason behind it.  Presently, she is under astrological consultation and trying to improve her life as much as possible.  Though, complete negation of negative planetary influences is not possible; but at least she knows her negative points and with the aid of vedic astrology remedies trying to get at least average results in her personal and professional matters.


The ascendant is Virgo and ascendant lord Mercury is united with  Sun, Venus and Saturn in eleventh house.  Mercury, Saturn and Venus are combust and hence, lost most of the positive attributes related to them.  As lord of sixth house, the union of combust Saturn with combust ascendant lord is not positive.  Mars is placed in twelfth house and under aspect of Ketu placed in eighth house.   The Jupiter has its aspect over the ascendant, which is giving some support to help her understand and apply vedic astrology remedies.   Mars mahadasa started when she was just eleven years old and spoiled most of the significations including education, health and relationships.

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