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On the basis of vedic astrology the expected performance of Yuvraj Singh during Cricket World Cup 2011 – group B matches was given over here. And, as expected Yuvi blasted during the last cricket match in Group-B league matches in cricket world cup 2011 against West Indies. For the convenience of the reader the vedic astrology prediction for Yuvraj Singh Horoscope for 20 March 2011 is reproduced below:

20th March 2011: This will be the last match of Group B and is falling on Sunday.  Well, this will be the Yuvraj’s Day. The Mercury is out of combustion.  The transit Moon is in Virgo in eleventh house.  The Mars is in Aquarius in fourth house having its aspect on tenth house.  Yuvraj Singh is very likely to do exceptionally well in the ground.  And, the crowd may see the boll remaining out of the ground, when Yuvraj Singh will be batting on the pitch.

During quarter final against Australia in Cricket World Cup 2011, Yuvraj Singh performance is of too much importance.  Yuvraj Singh is the main strength in middle order and except Yuvraj Singh, no other cricket batsman in Indian Cricket Team can be depended upon for scoring runs in the middle order. The skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not undergoing favorable planetary position in his vedic astrology birth chart, hence if Yuvraj Singh also fails to perform, it will significantly impact the overall performance of Indian Cricket Team.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Yuvraj Singh is given below.  At present, Yuvraj Singh is under main period of Jupiter and sub-period of the Sun.  The Sun is reasonably well placed in first house of Yuvraj Singh horoscope and is placed in second house from the mahadasa lord.



The transit position of planets on 24 March 2011 during the quarter final cricket match against Australia in Cricket World Cup 2011 can be perused below.



The union of Sun + Jupiter + Mercury in fifth house in vedic astrology transit birth chart of Yuvraj Singh is indicating reasonably favorable results during the day.  Though, the debilitated Moon in the ascendant can be of some concern. The Jupiter has also gone combust since 23 March 2011,  and hence its strength is not clearly positive.  But, there are no specific negative indications for Yuvraj Singh for the day.  The weakness of Jupiter and transition of debilitated Moon over first house of Yuvraj Singh vedic astrology horoscope can only cause health issues.  And, with the help of transit Sun strength, Yuvraj Singh is  likely to emerge as a great savior for Indian Cricket Team during this match against Australia.  Vedic Astrology Readings for Yuvraj Singh horoscope for 24 March 2011 are reasonably strong and he is likely to contribute significantly in making/implementing proper strategy for Indian Cricket Team to score another victory over Australian Cricket Team.

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