Mar 122011

Indian Cricket Team lost against South Africa in Cricket World Cup 2011.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni bad luck did not allow him to score victory during the league cricket match in Group B.  And, it was also mentioned very clearly in vedic astrology readings for Mahendra Singh Dhoni horoscope for 12 March 2011.  The vedic astrology readings for Dhoni Horoscope were given here on 8 February 2011 and for the comfort of the viewer the same are reproduced below.

12 March 2011, Saturday – Indian Cricket Team will play against South Africa in this day-night cricket match.  The exalted Moon in Taurus sign in transit does give some good support and favor of luck to Dhoni on this date.  But, overall his performance may suffer significantly.  He may take some wrong decisions and fail to implement his strategy on the ground.   Vedic astrology readings are denoting that the chances of Dhoni loosing this match are quite prominent.

Vedic astrology horoscope of Dhoni matches exactly with the actually happening on the day in this cricket match in Cricket World Cup 2011.  Dhoni did have some good support from the performance of Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag.  But Dhoni himself failed to perform up to the mark; and when it was looking very easy for Indian Cricket Team to score a total of more than 350 Runs, the whole Indian Cricket Team went back to pavilion within just 300 Runs on the Score Board. Even while defending the reasonable total of 296 Runs, Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not strategize the plan and kept defensive attitude on the field. Ultimately, South Africa Cricket Team registered  victory in this match of Cricket World Cup 2011.

Vedic astrology horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar was observed to be quite strong for the day and the astrology readings for Sachin Tendulkar horoscope for this cricket match against South Africa Cricket Team were also posted much earlier over here on 4 February 2011.  For the convenience of the reader the same are reproduced below:

On 12 March 2011, Saturday – India will be playing against South Africa in day night match.  And, besides Sachin Tendulkar – every other player of Indian Cricket Team may remain under tremendous pressure to perform. The Moon will be transiting in its exaltation sign Taurus in the ninth house of Sachin Tendulkar horoscope.  And, Sachin is also likely to perform exceptionally well during the day.  Vedic astrology readings are indicating that his contribution will be significant in overall matters including batting, bowling and fielding.

Sachin Tendulkar horoscope matched absolutely with what has happened in the cricket ground.  In this cricket match against South Africa in Cricket World Cup 2011, Sachin Tendulkar performed exceptionally well and scored 99 Century in his One Day Cricket Career.  Sachin Tendulkar gave a very strong opening foundation for the Indian Cricket Team; although the inauspicious planetary position in vedic astrology horoscope of Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not let Dhoni win against South Africa in Cricket World Cup 2011.  However, India’s chances of entering into quarter final in Cricket World Cup 2011 are reasonably secured.

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