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Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Skipper of Indian Cricket Team failed to win the cricket match against England on 27 February 2011.  In my vedic astrology predictions for Mahendra Singh Dhoni horoscope for 27 February 2011, it was specifically mentioned that Dhoni is likely to encounter bad luck on the day.

Vedic astrology readings of Dhoni Horoscope given for the day were as under:

27 February 2011 – Sunday.  Vedic astrology readings for the day are not likely to be favorable and fortunate for Dhoni at all.  He may not be able to perform well in overall sections of cricket.  His performance as a batsman may not be satisfactory at all, and his decisions as a Captain may not yield expected results.  Vedic astrology readings are predicting that even wicket-keeping skills of Mahendra Singh Dhoni may encounter a downfall on the date.

mahendra-singh-dhoni-cricket-world-cup-2011-vedic-astrology-horoscope-prediction-2And, despite his best efforts Dhoni faced problems and could not generate a strategy to win the reasonably easy cricket match against England.  While playing first, Indian Cricket Team put forward a huge challenge of 339 for England Cricket Team.  And, after completion of batting innings of Indian Cricket Team, most of the cricket fans were quite assured of Indian Cricket Team victory against England.  That was second cricket match of Indian Cricket Team in Cricket World Cup 2011 and winning this match would have secured Indian Cricket Team position for quarter final of Cricket World Cup 2011.

As per vedic astrology readings of Dhoni horoscope, his performance as a batsman were not to be satisfactory against cricket match against England Cricket Team.  And, the exactly the same did happen.  Dhoni came to bat in 39 Over after Sachin Tendulkar got dismissed at 120.  At that time the Indian Cricket Team score was 236 and more than ten Overs were pending to be played.  Everyone expected Dhoni to stay on the crease and add as much Runs as possible.

But unfortunately, the planets in Dhoni horoscope did not let him play carefully and remain on the crease.  Just after dismissal of Yuvraj Singh, Dhoni attempted a risky shot and got dismissed in 47th Over.  And, after that there was none who could have stayed on the crease and added runs.  Dhoni scored 31 only, while as per the opportunity – he could have easily scored his half-century.  The influence of negative planets over vedic astrology horoscope of Mahendra Singh Dhoni made him restless and take unnecessary risk at that time.

Even after that the Indian Cricket Team total was reasonably strong to be defended by Indian Cricket Team.  The negative influence of malefic planets in Dhoni Horoscope did not let him attack the opposition even after having such a strong defending total.  And, Dhoni could not develop and implement a strong and attacking strategy against England Cricket Team.  Most of the time, the field set-up on the cricket ground remain defensive and this allowed the rival team to snatch the victory out of Dhoni’s weak hands.

The misfortunes in vedic astrology horoscope of Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the day can be easily understood with the very fact that despite the Howkeye indicating that Ian Bell was out LBW – the decision of third Umpire went against Dhoni and Indian Cricket Team.  And, this is what planets can make a person feel and suffer when they are not in favor.

Though, the cricket match against England Cricket Team ended into a Tie; but the implications of losing such a winning game may really cause concern to Dhoni and Indian Cricket Team in future.


Vedic astrology horoscope of Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the next cricket match against Ireland in Cricket World Cup 2011 has also been posted over here.  And, for your convenience the same is reproduced below:

6 March 2011, Sunday – India will play against Ireland in a day-night cricket match in Bengaluru.  And, apparently it wouldn’t be difficult for Dhoni and Indian Cricket Team to win this match.  Dhoni is under Mercury antardasa in Mahadasa of Rahu and around 8.25 PM – Mercury will change its transit sign to Pisces.  As per vedic astrology prediction, this transit conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Moon in seventh house of Dhoni natal birth chart is not favorable in the light of ongoing Mercury’s antardasa. And, after 8.25 PM, Dhoni may face difficulty in taking fruitful and best suited decisions.  Vedic astrology predictions are suggesting that performance of Mahendra Singh Dhoni may also not be up to the mark as he may tend to take things lightly.

I wish this time, the skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni manages to take strong and logical decisions on the cricket ground.  Though the vedic astrology predictions for Dhoni are not appearing favorable; but the dedicated and strong soul can move the mountains and so can our great Dhoni.

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