Mar 172011

From 26 January 2011 onwards, Saturn has gone retrograde in Transit and it will remain retrograde till 13 June 2011. As Saturn is going retrograde in sixth zodiac sign i.e. Virgo; the Mundane Vedic Astrology Readings are highly inauspicious for this short span of period between 26 Jan 2011 to 13 June 2011.

The Vedic Astrology Predictions of similar future incidents have already been posted over here, well in advance, on 10 January 2011. For the convenience of the reader, the same are reproduced below:

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The Saturn will be retrograde from 11.11 AM – 26th January 2011, Delhi, India timings. And, it will remain retrograde till 13th June 2011 10.12 AM, Delhi, India timings. As such, the Saturn is transiting over sixth sign of natural zodiac, this may cause and/or create political conflicts in some countries of the world. Those countries facing sensitive issues related with Army and borders; may be more vulnerable.
The retrograde Saturn may generate unusual fluctuation in the prices of Gold and Oil. The general mass overall the world may show relentlessness in their nature; and there may be fear of spreading diseases.

As has been mentioned in the Mundane Vedic Astrology Predictions made on 10 January 2011 – the retrograde Saturn is showing its negative traits in almost full capacity. The Egyptian crisis of people rebelling against the administration was already causing grievous problems in the world; and then Libyan problem arose. And, now it is Japan which started facing the wrath of retrograde Saturn in Transit. The vedic astrology overview of Egyptian problem was posted over here, and things took place exactly as has been indicated by the planets in transit.

The prices of Oil shoot above 100 $; and currently there are occurring unusual and strong fluctuations in the prices of Gold and Oil. There is a strong fear of spreading diseases due to Tsunami and Earthquake causing severe harm to nuclear reactors in Japan. Hundreds of people have already reported to be severely suffered due to Earthquake and nuclear blasts in Japan.

And, it has only been one and half months of Saturn being retrograde in Virgo. Saturn will remain retrograde for around next three months. As per Indian Vedic Astrology Readings, the current Transit position of planets is appearing significantly troublesome for next couple of weeks.

On 25 March 2011 at 6.40 PM, Delhi India timings, transit Mars will come opposite to Saturn in Pisces zodiac sign. And, in transit, there will be four planets in Pisces zodiac sign namely the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. Specifically, the these three planets in Pisces zodiac and in opposition to retrograde Saturn are very inauspicious for overall world matters including economy, peace, health and nature. The transit position of planets after change of transit Mars in Pisces can be seen in the vedic astrology muhurat birth chart given below.


The involvement of transit Mars in mutual aspect relationship with retrograde Saturn in Transit can generate negative Mundane events related to the significations of Virgo, Pisces, Mars and Saturn. Mars, when taken in negative terms, is related with army, thieves, fire, destruction and battle. Saturn represents masses, rebel, politics and draught. Pisces zodiac sign is twelfth zodiac and in mundane vedic astrology, Pisces represents sea, travel, hospitals, jails, law agencies, and religious places.

Taking all factors along i.e. Virgo and Pisces signs and involvement of retrograde Saturn and Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in those signs, the Indian vedic astrology readings for the world are very negative. There can be accidents, fire and battles in the world. There can be negative events and accidents related to air and water transport. The influence of Retrograde Saturn over conjunction of Sun + Mars + Mercury in Pisces indicates specific involvement of criminals and anti-social elements. The behavior of masses will be strongly rebellious; the diseases may take shape of an epidemic and the Mother Nature may generate more troubles. As per Indian Vedic Astrology, the involvement of Mercury and Mars in the negative combination of planets is specifically and highly undesirable for  schools, educational institutions, sports, sportsman and related things during this period. The criminal and cruel activities will be more pronounced in the general masses and people will strongly react. Vedic Astrology Readings suggest that One should exercise extreme caution while at public places for next couple of weeks at least.

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