Mar 052011

-When will I get married?-


Quite often people approach astrologers for getting answer of the question mentioned above.  My experience of vedic astrology readings says that this question is not very relevant and useful.  The appropriate query should be, “when should I get married”, in place of , “when will I get married”.

The period chosen for entering into marriage should be clean and safe for other important aspects of life such as profession, finance, health and social relations.  If at the time of marriage, there appears to be some problem in any of these aspects, one should not get married till the negative influences of planets are over.  Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can indicate this aspect very well and you can choose the best time of getting married.

I receive around 30 percent of the queries for vedic astrology readings regarding, – when will I get married – and I always try to answer it in rational terms about what is the best suitable period for entering into marital bond.

marriage-compatibility-horoscope-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-1There have been instances when people entered into marital bond and suffered, despite the vedic astrology readings being negative for marriage celebrations for that specific period of time.  Operation of inauspicious planetary period at the time of marriage can cause severe troubles.  The initial phase of married life is very important for the couple.  And, if one has to deal with professional, financial or some other issues during initial period of the marriage, the whole celebration becomes sour for the couple.

As a general rule, sub-period of a planet which is debilitated, combust, afflicted or badly placed should be avoided for celebration of marriage.  And, this is to be considered in both horoscopes of the lady and the gentleman willing to get married.  In addition to this, antardasa of cruel and malefic Mars, Ketu and Saturn should also be avoided; if these planets are related with second or seventh house of vedic astrology horoscope.

Therefore, while seeking vedic astrology readings for your horoscope for marriage, one should try to get the answer for the best suited time of getting married in place of the general query, “when will I get married”. For getting vedic astrology readings of your horoscope in terms of marriage email me at or

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