Vedic Astrology readings of Malavya Yoga

In Indian Vedic Astrology, the five planets other than the  luminaries namely, the Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn creates Panch Mahapurusha yoga.  The great combination i.e yoga takes place when any one of these planets is strongly placed in cardinal houses of the vedic astrology horoscope. There are four cardinal houses namely the first , fourth, seventh and tenth Bhava.

Panch, is a hindi term which means five and Mahapurusha means great human.  Therefore, when anyone of these above stated planets is strong and is also placed in cardinal house of a vedic astrology birth chart, one of the Mahapurusha yoga will take effect.

Malavya Yoga – This is the fourth among Panch Mahapurush Yoga.  This yoga takes place when the Venus is strong and placed in the Cardinal house of a vedic astrology birth chart.  The Venus owns Taurus and Libra zodiac signs and is exalted in Pisces zodiac sign. 

Therefore, if Venus is placed in Taurus, Libra or Pisces zodiac sign and at the same time also placed in any of the cardinal houses of the vedic astrology birth chart – it generates Malavya Yoga.   The person born in Malavya Yoga will be very beautiful and attractive, prominent nose, intelligent and highly educated, rich and prosperous and be blessed with beautiful woman.  Venus is a planet of luxuries and materialistic prosperity, therefore, a strong and un-afflicted Venus in Cardinal house of vedic astrology horoscope blesses the native with all sorts of materialistic pleasures and richness in life.

However, the strength of the yoga will also depend upon the influences of other planets over the Venus.  If the Venus is creating Malavya yoga and is devoid of any influence of any other planet in vedic astrology horoscope, full results of Malavya Yoga will be there.  If, such Venus is under benefic influence, the positive results will be more pronounced and appear in early years of life.  While, if such Venus is under negative influence of malefic planets, then the positive results of Malavya yoga will not be permanent.

In addition to this, the nature of Venus is also to be taken into consideration as per vedic astrology.  If Venus is lord of positive houses in the vedic astrology horoscope, it will give extreme positive results of Malavya Yoga.  However, if Venus is lord of malefic  houses and creates Malavya yoga –only partial positive results will be there.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Dr Jayalalitha

jaya-lalitha-politics-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-venusThis is vedic astrology horoscope of former Chief Minister Dr J Jayalalitha also called Amma by her followers.  Before joining politics, Dr Jayalalitha was a popular flim star in Tamil and Telugu Cine Industry of India. In her vedic astrology birth chart, Venus is a positive planet and the same is placed in tenth in its exaltation sign.   In addition to Malavya Yoga created by strong Venus, Dr J Jayalalitha is also blessed with strong Hamsa Yoga as such Jupiter is also placed in Kendra/Cardinal house in Sagittarius zodiac in her vedic astrology horoscope.  The presence of two great Raj Yogas has blessed her with all positive aspects of both the yogas.  In addition to these two yogas, there are many other Rajyogas in vedic astrology horoscope of Dr. J Jayalalitha.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Sania Mirza

sania-mirza-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-venusIn this vedic astrology birth chart, Venus is placed in its own zodiac sign Libra in tenth house.  Venus is conjunct with ninth lord Mercury creating another Rajyoga in vedic astrology horoscope of Sania Mirza. Exalted Mars in her ascendant is creating Ruchak Yoga. Sania Mirza is famous Indian Tennis player who started her tennis career in 2003 and in 2004 she was awarded with Arjuna Award by the Govt. of India.  Presence of so many great yogas, including Malavya yoga, blessed her with early success in his sport career.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Sh R K Dhawan

RK-dhawan-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-VenusThis is vedic astrology horoscope of Senior Congress Leader and Rajya Sabha member Shri R K Dhawan.  Shri Dhawan was former personal secretary to Indian Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. Venus is placed in Taurus zodiac sign in tenth house of his vedic astrology horoscope, has conferred almost all results of Malavya yoga present in vedic astrology horoscope of Shri R K Dhawan.  The conjunction of debilitated Ketu with Venus, however, has diluted some of the positive impact of the great Malavya Yoga.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope of Smt. Sonia Gandhi


One of the most powerful woman in the world, Smt. Sonia Gandhi has Venus in fourth house of her vedic astrology horoscope.  Venus is placed in its own zodiac sign Libra and also united with benefic Jupiter.  There are no other influences on this most auspicious union of planets in her vedic astrology birth chart.  Smt. Sonia Gandhi is the President of Indian National Congress Party, which is one of the major political parties of India.  Smt. Sonia Gandhi is the longest serving president of Indian National Congress Party in the 125 year history of the Congress in India.

Therefore, strong and positive Venus when  placed in Kendra Bhavas of vedic astrology horoscope of a person,  blesses  a person  with all sorts of materialistic gains and power, besides making him intelligent and educated  in his life.  For professional astrology readings of your horoscope – you can mail me at