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Given below is vedic astrology horoscope of very famous American actor, producer, writer and director -Tom Hanks. Coming from a very normal family, Tom Hanks has achieved remarkable heights in his professional career. Tom Hanks is the only second person to be consecutively rewarded for the most prestigious Academy Award for best actor.  Tom Hanks was awarded with Academy Award for best actor for his role in the movie, “Philadelphia” in 1993 and Academy Award for the best actor for “Forest Gump” in 1994.


Tom Hanks -vedic astrology -horoscope

Vedic astrology readings indicate that Tom Hanks was born on 9 July 1956 when Virgo zodiac sign was rising in the ascendant of his birth chart.  Ascendant lord Mercury is placed in its own sign in tenth house along with the Sun.  The placement of Mercury in its own zodiac sign Gemini in the Kendra Bhava (tenth house) of vedic astrology horoscope of Tom Hanks is creating Bhadra Yoga. However, the shadbala of Mercury is just average, due to which Tom Hanks to struggle very hard during initial period of his professional career as an actor. In addition to this, Mercury, positioned in tenth house of his vedic astrology horoscope, is combust too.

tom-hanks-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-1The Yogakaraka Planet Venus is placed in its own sign in ninth house of Tom Hanks Vedic Astrology Horoscope and is under mutual aspect with his strong friendly planet Saturn.  And, this speaks of the potential in Tom Hanks vedic astrology horoscope.  As per vedic astrology readings, strong Ninth lord has always been found to bless the native with sure success in overall matters of life.  Tom Hanks started his career around 1979 but could not do much well during initial years of his acting career.  It was only in 1984, when Tom Hanks tasted first success in his acting career in the movie, “Splash”. At that time, Tom Hanks was under antardasa of the Sun in the mahadasa of strong ninth lord Venus in his vedic astrology horoscope.  The positive placement of Venus in his vedic astrology birth chart has blessed him with great professional success during the sub-period of the Sun placed in tenth house of his horoscope.

Thereafter, next few movies of Tom Hanks could not do well till he remained under AD of Mars in MD of Venus.  According to vedic astrology readings, Mars is placed in sixth house of Tom Hanks Vedic Astrology horoscope.  And, for Virgo Ascendant people, Mars is the most negative planet and its placement in sixth house is Tom Hanks Horoscope is highly undesirable.   Therefore, even during the main period of strong ninth lord Venus, Tom Hanks faced failures during AD of Mars, which rules over eighth and third houses of his vedic astrology horoscope.

tom-hanks-big-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chartIt was, then, during the antardasa of Rahu in 1988 that Tom Hanks was against blessed with great success in his acting career with the super-hit movie, “Big”. And, during sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Venus in his vedic astrology birth chart, Tom Hanks was blessed with enormous success in his acting career.  It was during this period only when he achieved two consecutive Academy Awards in 1993 and 1994. The benefic aspectual relationship between Venus and Saturn in Tom Hank Horoscope is highly auspicious as Saturn and Venus both rules over fifth and ninth houses respectively.  The fifth and ninth houses in vedic astrology readings, are known for giver of extremely positive results during their main/sub period. Only thing required is good placement and strength of the planets concerned in the horoscope. tom-hanks-samantha-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-1Tom Hanks first marriage with American actress Samantha Lewes ended in divorce in March 1987. According to vedic astrology readings, Tom Hanks was under sub-period of malefic Mars at that time.  And, Mars is placed in sixth house of his vedic astrology horoscope.   The lord of seventh house in Tom Hanks birth chart is Jupiter, which is placed in twelfth house.  And the mutual aspect between Mars and Jupiter in vedic astrology horoscope of Tom Hanks clearly indicates more than one marriage in his life.  The second marriage of Tom Hanks took place during sub-period of Rahu in the main period of Venus.

At present, Tom Hanks is under sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Moon till April 2012.  And, because Saturn is a positive planet in vedic astrology horoscope of Tom Hanks, he is very likely to enjoy great success and fame in overall matters of his life till April 2012.  The next sub-period of Mercury is also good, though it can create some minor problems in health and relationships of Tom Hanks.

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